Di Natale: Breaking homosexuality taboo in football will be almost impossible

In response to Cesare Prandelli's calls for gay footballers to come out publicly, the Udinese forward has disagreed with the Italy boss on the grounds that it would be difficult
Antonio Di Natale has stated that the taboo of homosexuality in professional football will not be broken any time soon after admitting that the issue is a complicated one.

Earlier in the week, Italy coach Cesare Prandelli stated that gay footballers should come out publicly, but according to the Udinese forward, it would cause a severe backlash from the footballing world.

"Professionally, I admire Prandelli and am fond of the man, but I disagree with him [on homosexuality]," Di Natale was quoted as saying by La Repubblica.

"Breaking the taboo of homosexuality in football is difficult, almost impossible. I wonder how the fans would react?

"I'm sorry, but I disagree with the choice to go public, at least in football because privacy is very important. Our world, in some respects, is very complex."

However, one supporter of Prandelli's beliefs is Inter striker Diego Milito, who claimed that football fans would admire a player for not making their private life such a delicate matter.

"I agree with Prandelli. Personally I would not ever feel that my partner was living with a secret.

"But if so, it would be wrong to remain silent. I'm sure the fans, team-mates and sponsors would love a player not caring about his private life."