Berlusconi knows and understands football, says Allegri

The Rossoneri coach has spoken of his good relationship with the controversial 75-year-old, and stressed that he does not have a problem with Alexandre Pato
AC Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri believes that club president Silvio Berlusconi has an excellent understanding of the game, and added that the two often speak about football.

Berlusconi criticised Allegri after the Rossoneri's Champions League exit against Barcelona, but the 44-year-old has no complaints about his relationship with Italy's former Prime Minister.

"I listen to Berlusconi and I follow him. He knows and understands football," Allegri stated at a press conference.

"I've been to his villa in Arcore three times. The first time was May 25, 2010. He listened to me and his simplicity surprised me.

"Berlusconi always calls me before the matches. He always asks me about the players. He is affectionate, like a fan.

"He once told me to fix myself up a bit after a press conference where I didn't look good. Now I always have a comb with me."

The Rossoneri trainer then went on to deny rumours that he has a troublesome relationship with Alexandre Pato.

"There's no friction between Pato and I. The fact that he's with Barbara Berlusconi has no effect on my decisions.

"I feel sorry for Pato that he has spent more time in the infirmary than on the pitch."

Allegri then admitted that he used to be a Juventus fan when he was younger.

"I started playing at a club when I was nine. I adored [Michel] Platini and I supported Juventus back then."

Milan are currently trailing Juventus by one point in the race for the Serie A title.