Uefa representative defends San Siro pitch after Barcelona complaint

Giorgio Marchetti insists the surface of the Milanese stadium is "acceptable" and should not have warranted a complaint, but agreed it suffers from intermittent microclimate issues

A Uefa representative has defended the pitch at San Siro in the wake of Barcelona's decision to lodge an official complaint earlier in the week.

The Blaugrana opted to contact the European football body on Thursday following a 0-0 draw with AC Milan in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie, alluding to the fact the quality of the playing surface negatively impacted on the team's chances of winning.

However, director of competitions at Uefa, Giorgio Marchetti, has since played down the state of the turf laid on the Giuseppe Meazza, stating that both Milan and Inter do their utmost to tackle the ongoing problem of the stadium's microclimate.

"The pitch in Milan is a recurring problem of the microclimate inside that stadium and there is nothing more the two clubs can do," he told RadioCalciomercato.

"Inter and Milan try to get through the problem by re-laying the turf, but many games are consequently played in less than ideal conditions.

"Having said that, the Stadio Meazza playing surface was acceptable. It's only normal that there is a difference between acceptable and ideal."

The two teams meet again on Tuesday at Camp Nou for their second leg encounter.