Udinese-AC Milan set to go on despite snow

Reports indicate that Udinese-Milan will be played as scheduled, despite the recent trend of matches being postponed in Italy due to snow
The mouth-watering duel between second-placed AC Milan and third-placed Udinese is unlikely to be affected by adverse weather.

A number of Serie A matches have been postponed recently due to heavy snow around the country, including Roma's recent victory over Inter, which had to be rescheduled from February 3rd to the 4th.

However, reports from Ansa indicate that such an occurrence is doubtful on Saturday. The weather forecast predicts merely "extremely faint" snow between Friday night and the following morning in Udine.

According to Udinese delegate Andrea Poncato, the home side are taking precautions nevertheless.

"We have already salted the entire stadium to prevent the accumulation of any snow that falls on either access routes or escape routes. We have done everything possible to have the game proceed regularly," noted Poncato.

Should the snow hold off as predicted, the game will take place on Saturday at 18.00 CET.