Napoli defender Hugo Campagnaro accused of aggravated involuntary manslaughter after car accident

The Argentine player is facing legal action for the car crash which killed three people last week.
Napoli defender Hugo Campagnaro has been charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter by Argentine authorities after he was involved in a car accident last Thursday which left three people dead.

Prosecutor Walter Guzman leveled an accusation of 'homicidio culposo agravado' against the player. Homicidio culposo refers to unintentional killing, while the agravado part renders the charge more serious than a simple case due to there being more than one person killed.

Guzman opted to charge the player based on "the number of victims of the accident and reckless driving of a vehicle."

Campagnaro was involved in an accident between the towns of Coronel Baigorria and Espinillo in the Argentine province of Cordoba. The other passenger in the defender's vehicle, along with two other people who were in the other car, were killed in the crash.

Guzman is still waiting for the toxicology results to determine whether Campagnaro was driving under the influence, which could aggravate his charge even further if the test comes positive.

Campagnaro's bail has been set at approximately €338,000. The Argentine defender, who was discharged from hospital on Saturday, will have to report back to court this week.

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