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Parma fans protested early kick-off times by bringing a packed lunch to the stadium during their match with Roma.

Parma fans decided to hold their own protest inside the ground during their lunchtime fixture with Roma, by eating sandwiches.

Supporters throughout Italy have been angered by the league's decision to move kick-off times earlier for the purpose of television revenue and fans brought their own food to prevent the club making money on food and drink at the venue.

"Seeing as it is lunchtime, especially as this is meant to bring families back to the stadium, we invite all fans to bring a sandwich to the Curva Nord," said a statement that was made by Parma's ultragroup to Football Italia.

Ironically the game finished 0-0 after a lethargic 90 minutes in the 12:30pm kick-off in front of the nation's cameras.

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