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The Verona mayor has defended the Chievo fans from Balotelli's outburst...

The Mayor of Verona has hit back at at Mario Balotelli after the Inter striker claimed the city was disgusting - alleging he he suffered a degree of racial abuse.

Balotelli scored the winner over Chievo Verona at the Bentegodi in Wednesday's early kick off. After the match he criticised the Gialloblu fans, claiming, "Every time I come to Verona, the city disgusts me even more."

Mayor Flavio Tosi has retaliated to Balotelli's comments and has launched a scathing attack on him.

"Balotelli is just a little kid who is immature and presuming. He will never be a champion," thundered Tosi to La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

"The real champions are those who show humility and have good sense. Balotelli doesn't have these qualities.

"Taking things out on the Chievo fans, who are among the best in Italy, is a paradox. Poor Balotelli will never be a champion."

Salvatore Landolina,