Roma and Lazio Ultras Using Stadio Olimpico As An Explosives Factory - Report

A steward working at the stadium believes more needs to be done to ensure everyone is safe inside the ground after another weekend of tension...

The Stadio Olimpico in Rome is being used as an explosives factory according to a steward who has uncovered the pitfalls and security issues still affecting the stadium, despite a radical overhaul of redevelopment in 2007.

Sergio Pinata, a steward instructor working on behalf of Lazio, has highlighted a number of flaws still affecting overall security at the stadium. He claims fans are still finding it too easy to bring homemade explosives into the ground. Failing that, Pinata claims the ultras are making the explosives inside the ground by smuggling in equipment past security.

"The power of the stewards is very limited," he told La Stampa.

"This guys are paid just €30 per game and they risk losing a limb which is what [nearly] happened the other night between Roma and Lazio.

"The homemade bombs? They can even make them inside the stadium. Someone brings a string, another comes with the newspaper and there you can you control this?"

Pinata's revelations suggest serious security questions at the stadium that underwent a renovation programme two years ago which included better safety measures being taken. The Olimpico is recognised by UEFA as an elite stadium and it held the 2009 Champions League final.

However, it seems there is still a deeper underlying issue related to the fans. Roma and Lazio were fined €40,000 each after supporter unrest caused Sunday's Rome derby to be temporarily stopped 13 minutes in.

Salvatore Landolina,