Juventus Ace Alessandro Del Piero: Consistency Is Key To Success

The Juventus legend has asked for more consistency as he lobbies for perfection against Bayern Munich...
Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero has given his side adournment and guidance ahead of their Champions League clash against Bayern Munich.

The Old Lady needs to earn a point to progress to the last 16 of the Champions League. Sounds simple, but Del Piero is well aware of the pitfalls involved. He has asked for consistency as he gives the team advice on how to meander around the dangers.

"There are games you just have to win regardless of everything else," Del Piero told his official website.

"We had the right attitude against Inter on Saturday. We were compact and had the right anger inside us.

"However, we still have to do plenty of work to improve and we have to win the Champions League clash against Bayern Munich.

"We have analysed what we need to do. We need consistency. Once we have this, we will take big leaps forward."

Salvatore Landolina, Goal.com