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The coach claims he will find a job within a week if Inter sack him while he throws his fists towards Milan and Juve...

Inter coach Jose Mourinho has stirred up the rivalry with Milan and Juventus, while boasting about his own abilities, claiming it won't take him long to find a new job if Massimo Moratti pulls the trigger.

The Nerazzurri are flying high in Serie A as they lead their nearest rivals by seven and eight points respectively. Inter face a struggling Juventus side in the derby d'Italia on Saturday, and the 'Special One' has done his best to criticize the Old Lady.

"Losing to Barcelona was bad for Italian football? Yes, but not as bad as losing to Bordeaux away or Zurich at home," he told the press, referring to previous European performances by Juve and Milan as reported by Italia.

Reports around the peninsula last week suggested Mourinho was in the last chance saloon. The coach disagrees. In any case, if he does get sacked he is not bothered, claiming new employment will not be in short supply.

"I read that my replacements have already been found, but it's no problem for me. If I get sacked I will be back in work within a week," he concluded.

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