Fiorentina Coach Cesare Prandelli Speaks About Juventus' Felipe Melo

The boss spoke about the midfielder's strengths and weaknesses...
Fiorentina coach Cesare Prandelli has spoken about former Viola, now Juventus midfielder Felipe Melo, and what he considers to be the Brazilian's strengths and weaknesses.

Prandelli said that the Bianconeri new signing could handle the simple tasks such as marking a player, but not able to direct the midfield going forward.

"We would give simple tasks to Felipe Melo, in the middle of the park, or on the right," the Gigliati boss told Sky as reported on "Because he is not a director of play.

"He has the physical strength, but he needs to learn what to do with the ball.

"If the opposing player comes too forward and enters a space, he has some difficulty handling him.

"He has the physicality and personality, but not great vision of the game.

"We searched to give him points of reference," Prandelli concluded.

Both Fiorentina and Juventus lost over the weekend, to Inter and Cagliari respectively.

Rick D'Andrea,