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The 'Doria patron has cleared the confusion over quotes attributed to him which claimed their was something more behind Cassano's Italy exclusion...

Sampdoria president Riccardo Garrone has moved quickly to correct his earlier suggestion that there was "an ugly story" behind Antonio Cassano's long term exclusion from the Italy team.

The chief claimed he knew the reasons behind Marcello Lippi's exclusion of Cassano, suggesting there was something sinister behind the scenes.

However, after raising eyebrows at the Italian FA, who will not sanction the president, Garrone has set the record straight with a statement on the club's official website.

"In relation to the first page of Il Corriere Dello Sport's morning edition, which referred to quotes I had given to Radio Capitale, I would like to state that there does not exist any grave reason behind Antonio Cassano's exclusion from our national team," he explained.

"It was not my intention to put Lippi, the FA or Cassano into difficulty. Marcello Lippi has the right to call who he wants for the team as he knows best for his project. I have expressed my disappointment in the past for Cassano's exclusion, but that was based on his good performances on the pitch."

The Italian FA have already confirmed they will not take any action against Garrone.

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