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Delneri obtained his second win against the Nerazzurri in the space of one year, following last season's win when he was still coach of Atalanta.

Sampdoria coach Luigi Delneri analyzed the excellent match played by his side during the 1-0 win against Inter on Saturday evening in the sixth matchday of the Italian top flight, which allowed them to temporarily jump to top place in the standings.

Last season Delneri had led his Atalanta side to a 3-1 win against the Nerazzurri and he admitted that tactically last night's match was inspired by that previous encounter.

"We had a very good ball possession and a very balanced defensive phase," explained the former Atalanta coach to Sky Sport.

"The secret to beat Inter? Let's say that I was also a bit inspired by the match we had when I was the Atalanta coach and we beat the Nerazzurri 3-1 at Bergamo.

"I wanted to attack with intensity, then it can happen that you lose against Inter, but it went well for us. It was also a bit of a lucky win, but still a deserved one.

"Now we enjoy the top of the table, but we must work very hard."

Sampdoria will be hoping that Juventus do not obtain the full points this afternoon in order to maintain the top position in the standings for at least a week.

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