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The Brazilian’s night out on the town was cut short by irritated supporters…

Following the sale of Kaka to Real Madrid, it has been made very clear that Milan are relying on Ronaldinho to be the team’s creative force and, if this is to happen, he will need to rediscover his world-beating form of a few years ago.

The 29-year-old had a rather disappointing first year at San Siro, with some people claiming that the playmaker was not focused enough on his football, instead spending too much time out on the town enjoying himself.

Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi reportedly made Ronaldinho stand on top of a table in front of shocked team-mates a few weeks ago and promise everyone that he would be a model professional and lead the club to success.

Rossoneri fans are also well aware of the club’s wishes, and according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, took matters into their own hands when they saw Ronaldinho partying in Milan deep into the early hours of Thursday morning.

Ronaldinho had been out on the town with compatriot Nelson Dida at the Festival Latinoamericano where famous Brazilian samba singer Neguinho had been performing.

After the show ended, at gone 01:30 AM, Ronaldinho and Dida were spotted talking, having fun and dancing with friends.

Some supporters asked the duo for autographs, but another group were visibly angry and started shouting at Ronaldinho and Dida to return home and go to bed because it was late and they had to train in a few hours.

The pair listened to the advice of the tifosi, and returned to their homes rather than stay and risk a nasty situation.

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