This Is The Worst Italy I Have Seen Since Taking Charge - Marcello Lippi

Italy coach Marcello Lippi has spoken the morning after the Confederations Cup debacle, and he has strongly criticised the team...

The coach is clearly not impressed at the World Champions crashed out of the tournament in dramatic style following the 3-0 humbling at the hands of Brazil.

Lippi has spoken after spending the night trying to analyse what went wrong. The former Juventus man admits it's time for a revolution of the squad as he tries to forget about the Confederations Cup and think about an action plan for South Africa 2010. The coach woke up to an expected storm of criticism from the Italian press, and he agrees with it.

"This is the worst period I have seen since taking charge of the team," Lippi told Sky Sport Italia.

"I have never said this is the team that will go to the World Cup. There will be adjustments.

"The project of renovation in underway and this is just a moment of our reconstruction.

"We have to continue to analyse and make provisions. The heart and spirit is there, but something else is missing."

Lippi is now expected to take his summer holiday, and he will have time to begin thinking about what needs to be done if his Italian side are to stand up next year.

Salvatore Landolina,