Gigi Riva Surprised By Huge Difference Between Italy & Brazil

The legendary Italian would have never imagined that the technical gap between the two teams was so big...
Italy legend Gigi Riva was left bewildered following yesterday's 3-0 thrashing of the Azzurri by Brazil, both in the result and performance.

Riva has called for the addition of young blood to rejuvenate the team, as he believes that it is the way forward with just one year to go before the start of the 2010 World Cup.

"After the third goal, they slowed down, but we wouldn't have deserved the qualification," declared the former Italian international player to

"I did not expect such a huge difference. It's the same team we faced in London, apart from the central attacker, and sincerely they did not impress me back then.

"There are young players who could be brought in, but it's not easy. We must only thank those whom we have available.

"It was very difficult to a bone structure, we must try to add some elements of value."

For Italy this was a disastrous Confederations Cup, where they also suffered their first ever defeat against Egypt.

Glenn Debattista