Shocking Proposal: Torino Fans Want Primavera Squad To Face Roma

The Granata fans seem certain that their team will be relegated on Sunday and have therefore asked the club to protest by making a significant gesture.
Torino fans have lost all hope of seeing their side survive in the Italian top flight this season as they head for the final match of the season against Roma on Sunday.

The fans believe that there is a conspiracy to relegate their team to Serie B football and have been circulating a provocative sms (short message service or text) in the past few hours.

"Since the football lords have decided to send us to Serie B, let's respond with the most disparaging gesture that the rules allow us to do: on Sunday we send the Primavera on the pitch," cited the sms, as reported by La Repubblica.

Other Torino fans on internet forums do not want to be taken for a ride by those high up as they stated on these websites.

"They can relegate us, but they will not make fun of us: we're Torino."

However, it is highly unlikely that the Toro president Urbano Cairo will accept the idea of his fans, even though he admitted that he was annoyed by Bologna's attitude at the end of the goalless draw against Chievo Verona on Sunday.

"I don't understand why Bologna have already celebrated, maybe they already know that they will win on Sunday against Catania," he stated.

"We shall play until the end. We hope that even the other games are for real."

Even a win might not be enough for Torino if Bologna win their three points too, due to a better head-to-head record.

Glenn Debattista,