Fabio Capello: Calciopoli Still Affects Juventus & Milan

Juve and Milan's inability to challenge is because they are still carrying the Calciopoli ball and chain, according to Capello...
England coach Fabio Capello believes Juventus and Milan still haven't recovered from the 2006 Calciopoli scandal. The Italian, who has coached both teams in the past, feels the scandal has made them unable to challenge Inter.

Juventus have gone another season without any silverware following their return to Serie A two years ago after their Calciopoli-fuelled demotion. Milan have also been unable to challenge this term, ending it with nothing to show on any front. Both teams have had their fair share of problems and times are looking tough. Juve have sacked Claudio Ranieri and there is constant speculation linking Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti away from the San Siro.

Capello, who left Juve in the wake of Calciopoli, feels neither team has recovered from their involvement in the scandal.

"Juventus have not recovered from Calciopoli. Going to Serie B like they did created an internal fracture which only time and managing good signings can heal," Capello told La Repubblica.

"Juve's demotion, Milan's penalties, Calciopoli is still being felt."

The coach believes Inter have taken full advantage of their adversaries’ woes off the pitch and he has hailed the newly crowned Italian champions.

"When you create a big gap then it's difficult for the opponents to catch you. Inter have been the strongest team over the past few years without a doubt and they have deserved the Scudetto," added the coach.

"Inter have been leading from the start and they had no challenges. The only organised club which could have challenged was Roma, but they disappointed."

Salvatore Landolina, Goal.com