Pato: 'Ronaldo' Morimoto Better Than Inter's Balotelli

The Brazilian youngster also spoke about the reasons for his recent dry spell...
Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, Milan forward Alexandre Pato has dubbed Takayuki Morimoto, the Catania forward, as the most impressive young player in Serie A this season.

When asked which of his fellow rookies had caught his eye this term, the Brazil striker said, "Surely, it's the Japanese player Takayuki Morimoto of Catania. 'Japanese Ronaldo' He reminds me in the movements and his bald head of my idol, Ronaldo.

"In fact they call him the 'Japanese Ronaldo'. Morimoto is very different from me, because he plays closer to the penalty area."

Some may be surprised that Pato did not nominate Mario Balotelli, the Inter wunderkind, but the 19-year-old had his reasons.

He continued, "Balotelli is a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I know him also personally and he seems to be, apart from a very good attacker, also a good lad.

"However, he should be calmer on the pitch, that way he would surely improve his performances."

Pato, who has 14 Serie A goals this season, then explained his lack of success in front of the sticks over the past two months.

"I've been a bit unlucky and especially injured," he said.

"For this reason, it's been two months since I last scored. However, I'm sure to be very useful to my team even though I don't score.

"I play, I move, I always communicate with my team-mates."

Glenn Debattista