Inter 'Keeper Julio Cesar Accepts Adriano Departure

The Nerazzurri stalwart hopes that 'The Emperor' will soon return to ruling the pitch...
Adriano officially terminated his contract with Inter on Friday and his club team-mate and compatriot Julio Cesar is sad to see the player leave after his recent troubles.

"I think that he has made the best choice for himself. I'm sorry, because I wish he was still here with us," sighed the shot stopper to Sky Sports.

"We must leave him alone, he is considering what to do now and I don't know if he will resume playing right away. We all know Adriano's capabilities, he has great strength and I hope he returns to play football as soon as possible."

Julio Cesar's performances have been a key aspect of Inter's success this season. The former Flamengo keeper has made nearly 40 appearances for the club in all competitions

Earlier on Friday, Adriano's agent explained the current situation of the striker and claimed that he has no specific plans at this time, but clarified that the ex-Parma man would not return to Serie A in the future.

Adam Scime,