Juventus Ultras: There Was No Mario Balotelli Racism

The Bianconeri tifosi have claimed that they were not being racist towards the young Nerazzurri star...
Juventus were slapped with a one-match home ban by Italian sports judge Giampaolo Tosel on Monday, due to alleged racist chants by Bianconeri fans towards Inter striker Mario Balotelli during the 1-1 draw on Saturday evening in Turin.

However, a high-profile Juventus Ultras Group, called Drughi, have released a statement suggesting they will not apologize for their actions towards Balotelli, claiming their chants had nothing to do with racism.

"Do not ask us for an apology for Balotelli, because the chorus against him was due to his provocative attitude and not because of his origins," the statement began.

"[Patrick] Vieira and [Sulley] Muntari, the same colour as their team-mate, were not even booed."

The Nerazzurri starlet was a key figure in the match, emerging from the tunnel late at half-time, scoring a goal, and earning Bianconeri midfielder Tiago a red card.

"Balotelli was involved in a series of disrespectful actions towards the fans, including coming onto the field two minutes after everyone else was ready," continued the statement.

"We wish to remind you, that among our ranks is [Mohammed] Sissoko. A champion that we are proud wears our kit. So, we can not apologize."

A number of Calcio personalities have given their view on the subject during the past few days and Juventus submitted an appeal to the suspension on Monday evening.

Adam Scime, Goal.com