Inter's Adriano Antics Revealed - Report

A Brazilian paper has accused the Inter hitman of rebellious behaviour over the last week...
Allegations of drunken behaviour, late nights out, and hanging around with dangerous friends are just a few of the headlines surrounding Adriano in the Brazilian press this morning.

The Inter striker has been back to his old antics following his stay in Brazil last week. Although Adriano has been silent over what really happened, Isto e Independente has revealed what went on.

The Brazilian paper claims Adriano spent a few nights dancing in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro drinking beer with his friends from when he was younger. The report suggests 'L'Imperatore' was staying at his uncle's house, but he was often seen sneaking out to enjoy the good life with friends who are allegedly drug dealers.

The player was also spotted dancing the night away last Saturday with an unknown girl until the early hours of the morning. Brazilian reports suggest it was only thanks to the intervention of Adriano's mum Dona Rosilda that the player returned to his home in Barra da Tijuca.

Inter are waiting for the striker to return to Milan in order to carry out their own investigation over why Adriano has gone off on a tangent.

Salvatore Landolina,