Adriano-Inter Divorce Inevitable - Legend Luis Suarez

The Brazilian has reached the point of no return, according to the Spanish legend...
Inter scout, and legend, Luis Suarez believes the only way to solve striker Adriano's problems is for the club to cut all ties with him and kick him out.

The hitman is still in Brazil, as conflicting reports squabble over when he is due back in Milan. Adriano's recent behaviour has not been appreciated by Inter. Although the club have not taken any severe measures yet, Suarez believes it's time to stop the rot once and for all.

"An unavoidable divorce? From what I understand yes," Suarez told

"This is not the first time Adriano has shown such behaviour and disappeared.

"I think this could be the decisive time for an inevitable divorce. We cannot speak about a loan or little motivation as the player has not been influenced in a negative way by the club or players."

Suarez believes the player has a psychological problem. His comments come just 24 hours after a Sao Paulo-based doctor said the same thing.

"His has a mental problem, but it is not an easy thing to manage. It's complicated and delicate," added the scout.

Salvatore Landolina,