Totti Sings His Own Praises

Following Roma’s hard fought 2-1 victory over Bologna, Francesco Totti kindly dedicated his brace to his biggest fan...himself.

Speaking to SkyItalia after the game Er Pupone left a parting shot at his critics: “I’d like to dedicate both goals to myself, mainly because of all the criticism I have received. I am pleased with what I have achieved, but there is always room for improvement.

Then he went on to congratulate himself a little more.

“Many nasty things have been said about me, but I am happy with what I’m doing for myself and the team," continued the Roma skipper.

"I still have much to give and I hope to stay on field of play for many years to come.

“I am happy with our [Roma’s] display this afternoon, especially coming off the back of a couple of negative results. We are still behind Fiorentina and Genoa, but we will try and take as many points as we can from now until the end of the season.”

When questioned on news of a future contract renewal he reassured fans that he isn't going to be leaving any time soon.

“The renewal should be decided in the not so distant future," said Totti.

"The club and I need to discuss a few matters, but I can’t foresee any problems.”

Stefano Federici,