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Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti talked about Antonio Cassano, the Italian national team, Paolo Maldini, and the chances of coaching a national team one day.

Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti has never hidden his ambition to coach a national side. He has also frequently been tipped as a possible future coach of his home country of Italy.

In an interview to Sky Ancelotti talked about the Azzurri, and the rumours linking him to the Ivory Coast coaching job.

"Will I coach the Italian national team? That's one of my ambitions, to coach a national team, especially preparing for a World Cup," he said.

"[Antonio] Cassano? He is having an excellent season, but [Italy coach Marcello] Lippi has the right to make his own choices, to build a group that will be competitive also at the 2010 World Cup."

Asked whether there have been any developments concerning the Ivory Coast post, he commented, "No, at the moment they already have a coach who is bringing them to the World Cup, so it's only right that I don't bring this up anymore as a matter of respect towards another coach."

On the possibility of Milan captain Paolo Maldini playing a goodbye match with Italy, Ancelotti said, "It certainly wouldn't be a match to improve his image, which will always remain intact. If he wants to play this match for fun, I think it's his choice. In any case, nothing will take away from the fact he has had an extraordinary, inimitable, and unmatchable career."

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