David Beckham Speaks Out Over Milan Move

The world's most famous footballer has today spoken of his relief to have sealed his protracted transfer to Italian giants Milan.
In the same week that David Beckham extended his Milanese sojourn he temporarily injured his ankle but the former Real Madrid and Manchester United midfielder was all smiles today as he fielded questions from Sky Sports journalist Bryan Swanson.

The 33-year-old, who won league titles in both England and Spain, expressed his relief at securing a stay that he desperately craved, so much so that Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani even intimated that Beckham had made financial sacrifices in order to seal the deal.

Regarding the ankle injury, Becks mentioned that it is only a minor knock and that he should be fit for the weekend. "It's okay," he said, "I twisted it in training literally just warming up. I've done some work on it; I should be okay for the weekend game."

On the transfer saga that occupied the back-pages of newspapers around the world for many months, he expressed his relief. "I'm glad it's all over and we can move on and I can continue to enjoy my time here,” he stated. “I knew it would happen eventually."

During the 1999 Champions League winner's initial games with the club there were various celebrations made whenever England's golden player scored, including Clarence Seedorf's pat on the Brylcreemed ace's gluteals. Beckham said that because of his warm welcome, it was easy to settle into the dressing room.

"I think I've surprised myself with certain aspects of being here,” he stated. “I knew I'd get on with the players. There are no egos. I was really welcomed and settled easily. On the field I enjoyed playing. To start the games has been incredible. I've enjoyed every aspect of my stay."

On the alleged financial sacrifices that he has had to make, he said, "There's been certain things that I've had to do to stay in Milan and make myself available. To be honest, I didn't even think about it. I just wanted to play football here.

"People may turn round and say that's easy for you to say, but all through my career it hasn't been about the money, I've always wanted to play football. Playing for a club like this, money does not come into it.

"I'm looking forward to returning to L.A [Los Angeles Galaxy]. I've been there for two years but I know what I need to do to make myself available for 2010 [World Cup]. The reaction I've had from my team-mates so far has been incredible.

"The young lads - talented players that they are - sent me messages almost every day, saying, 'Good luck.' From the fans, we'll have to wait and see. People may not understand the reasoning behind it, but there will be criticism of course."

On the subject of playing for his country and making the 2010 World Cup squad, Beckham reiterated his desire to always be available should his country come calling - an ethic that he has maintained since he was a teenager.

"I would never consider international retirement. I love my country," he concluded.

Alan Dawson, Goal.com