Torino Did Not Deserve To Lose Against Juventus - Novellino

Torino coach Walter Novellino felt his team deserved better than a 1-0 defeat against Juventus tonight.

Following their 1-0 defeat by Juventus in the Turin derby, Torino coach Walter Novellino was disappointed and felt his team could have got a better result.

"I think a draw would have been right, we did not deserve to lose," was his first reaction to Datasport.

Defender Giorgio Chiellini scored Juve's winner from a set-piece in the 81st minute, so Novellino's bitterness is understandable.

"We played a very good first half, we only suffered a bit on their long balls," Novellino continued. "We could have taken better advantage of some situations. Unfortunately a dead-ball situation led to the goal, but we are healthy, we showed we are there.

"It's too bad because we really didn't deserve to lose. They put in less effort than us but they have more quality up front. Their individual qualities put us more in difficulty than their team play, but we won't always meet Juve.

"Playing like this, Toro should have no problems staying in Serie A."

The Granata are currently one point above the relegation zone, but they may fall back into it following tomorrow's results.

Danilo Pochini,