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Milan club doctor Jean Pierre Meersseman has eaten a slice of humble pie by admitting there is no serious problem with Kaka. Hours earlier he revealed there was.

On Thursday morning Meersseman seemed to suggest that Kaka didn’t need a recent operation and he described it as being “unnecessary and damaging”.

The doctor has now changed his tune regarding the Brazilian as he tries to reassure everyone at the club.

“There really and truly is no alarm regarding Kaka,” said Meersseman.

“For now he just has to do some precise exercises with his knee.

“We will now have to plan his recovery as per usual when the new season begins.

“He will need just a little time to recover fully.”

Kaka underwent knee surgery in Brazil last month, and that was carried out by the Selecao’s medical staff.

It was this operation which caused Meersseman concern initially.

Salvatore Landolina