Ancelotti Blames Chelsea Defeat On Attitude

Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti talked about the shock 5-0 defeat to Chelsea in today's friendly at the 'Russian Railways Cup'.

Even if it was only a friendly, today's 5-0 defeat to Chelsea will not be easily digested by anyone connected with AC Milan. After the match, coach Carlo Ancelotti was understandably harsh with his squad.

"We had a wrong attitude for an important friendly like this," he said. "The match was difficult to begin with, but after we went down 3-0 within the first 15 minutes things became more complicated.

"It remains a bad blow to our image, but let's hope the vacations are over for everyone now. There's nothing to salvage, let's look forward instead. We can't complain about our attack because of all the absent players, but we have to work on the defence. Even if we are getting back an important player like Nesta, he cannot solve all our problems alone."

Asked about midfielder Mathieu Flamini's performance, he said: "Flamini was the last player who had to solve our problems in this game. It was his first game and he had to helped to give a good performance, but that didn't happen.

"Concerning the goalkeepers, Dida will play the next friendly, then we will see. There's time to evaluate them until 31 August, then we will decide. Kaká's conditions? There's no news: the medical bulletin referred to an infection, but if the doctors don't talk about it then I certainly won't."

Danilo Pochini