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Africa Cup of Nations

  • January 30, 2013
  • • 17:00
  • • Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
  • Referee: D. Bennett
  • • Attendance: 7500

Live Commentary

  • FULL TIME! TOGO GO THROUGH! For the first time in their history, they're in the quarter finals of the Africa Cup of Nations! Tunisia will be left ruing a missed Mouelhi penalty!
  • Thank you for tuning into's LIVE coverage of Togo's 1-1 draw with Tunisisa in the Africa Cup of Nations! That was quite a match! Controversy, drama, goals, penalty misses, it had everything! I've been Simon Harrison, and I hope to catch you all next time!
  • A hardfought game with neither side really deserved to lose, making a draw the fair result! The referee has had an unforgettable afternoon, but Togo won't mind! The west African nation will be without a couple of key players for their next match through suspension however!
  • 90' + 5'
    SubstitutionEmmanuel Adebayor D. Womé
  • 90' + 4'
    Adebayor looks to try and win a penalty, after being nudged over, but the referee gives nothing! Msakni has a chance up the other end of the pitch, and Agassa watches the ball trickle wide! End to end!
  • 90' + 3'
    Darragi whips a free-kick into the box, and Hammami gets his head to it! He diverts the ball wide! Unlucky!
  • 90' + 2'
    CHANCE! Agassa now comes to Togo's rescue, making another save and Ben Youssef goes close again! Unbelievable!
  • 90' + 1'
    Oooh! Ben Youssef almost manages to turn the ball home through Agassa legs, but he manages to make himself big enough to get an important touch!
  • 90'
    There could be a large amount of stoppage time here, there's been plenty of controversy after all! Tunisia win a corner, Agassa rushes out to claim the ball and misses it! Fortunately for him, the referee gives a freekick.
  • 89'
    SubstitutionFloyd Ayité Sadat Ouro-Akoriko
  • 88'
    SubstitutionMejdi Traoui Fakhereedine Ben Youssef
  • 88'
    Ayite speeds down Togo's left flank, and shoots from a ridiculously tight angle! Adebayor looks a little frustrated, I think that he fancied the ball there - he was probably already imagining the headlines!
  • 87'
    Ben Youssef is thrown on for the last few minutes of the match and Trabelsi will hope that his forward can make a difference!
  • 86'
    Yellow Card Floyd Ayité
  • 86'
    Togo are sitting very, very deep now. Complete contrast to Tunisia who are still sticking with their high line. The ball is being exchanged essentially from goalkeeper to goalkeeper. Still time for a moment of inspiration!
  • 85'
    Whatever happens in the last five minutes will be overshadowing by the referee, that's for sure! Neither side are carving out chances, and are instead lumping the ball forward desperately at any given opportunity.
  • 83'
    Daniel Bennett won't be receiving many positive comments after this match, I don't think! The South African referee has given a host of bizarre decisions, with the help of his linesman.
  • 82'
    This game is unpredictable! It's impossible to predict who will qualify, it remains end-to-end! Surely there can't be any more drama?
  • 79'
    This game has sprung into life yet again! Refereeing decisions take the attention from the actual football itself, but this is quite a spectacle!
  • 78'
    Missed Penalty Khaled Mouelhi
    Mouelhi has HIT THE POST! No goal, he's missed!
  • 77'
    Yellow Card Kossi Agassa
  • 77'
    There was minor contact from Gakpe who clipped the heels of his man slightly, but the Tunisian player dived, surely? Agassa is booked too.
  • 76'
    Yellow Card Emmanuel Adebayor
  • 76'
    Yellow Card Jonathan Ayite
  • 76'
    I cannot believe what's happening. PENALTY TO TUNISIA!
  • 75'
    SubstitutionSerge Gakpe Jonathan Ayite
  • 74'
    Adebayor looks to be Togo's man of the hour, he's really up for this game now! The frustration from the penalty decision seems to be spurring him on, and he's battling for every single ball.
  • 72'
    That is a poor decision, I'm sure of it! Adebayor looked to be taken down by Ben Chrifia! The Tottenham striker touched it around the keeper and was clearly caught! Bizarre!
  • 71'
    TOGO THINK THEY HAVE A PENALTY! But it's not given! The referee has given a corner, it seems? I don't know what the referee Bennett is doing here!
  • 70'
    OH! OFF THE BAR! Adebayor rises majestically to nod Ayite's cross towards goal from ten yards out, and it strikes the angle of the goal! So close for Togo!
  • 68'
    Shaky few minutes for Togo, they've had to rely on Agassa after some uninspiring defending from the defence in front of him. Adebayor remains dangerous for the west African side, however!
  • 67'
    Agassa makes two saves in as many minutes to deny Tunisia a second goal, the latter being a comfortable save from a long range Msakni effort! This is a great match!
  • 66'
    I had no idea over what the referee had given for a moment there! Bennett decided to book Nibombe for the foul, when he wasn't involved at all, meaning that he'll miss the next match if Togo progress through suspension!
  • 65'
    Yellow Card Daré Nibombe
  • 65'
    I think anyway, it's a bit of madness! No, no, it's a freekick instead!
  • 64'
    PENALTY TO TUNISIA! The referee has booked the wrong player too!
  • 63'
    Adebayor robs Abdennour of the ball by the byline, cuts inside and tees up Amewou! The midfielder is put under just enough pressure by a host of Tunisian defenders however, and fails to get a shot away! Great play by the captain!
  • 62'
    SubstitutionWahbi Khazri Zouheir Dhaouadi
  • 61'
    Just as I was saying Togo had disappeared, they've burst back into life over the past five minutes! Ayite remains the danger man, whenever he gets on the ball his side seem to create some sort of opportunity!
  • 59'
    Ayite gets in behind Tunisia again moments later, he appears to have the goal at his mercy, but he messes around for too long and Abdennour recovers well to block his eventual shot!
  • 58'
    Another penalty claim turned down, this time for Togo! I think that should've been given! Adebayor got beyond Hichri and the Tunisian defender looked to pull him down!
  • 57'
    Yellow Card Serge Gakpe
  • 56'
    Tunisia are definitely enjoying the better of possession at the moment, Togo look to be on the ropes a little. Six may look to change things a little bit with a substitute, but more importantly Togo need to get tighter to Msakni and Khelifa.
  • 54'
    At the moment, the game looks to be Tunisia's to win. After the opening half an hour, Togo have disappeared from the game a little bit, with Khelifa really coming to the fore for Trabelsi's side.
  • 52'
    Yellow Card Wahbi Khazri
  • 52'
    Togo are very lucky, that should have been a second Tunisian penalty. The game continues as you were, with Togo still maintaining a foot in the next round.
  • 50'
    Penalty appeal! The referee looked to think about pointing to the spot, but then changed his mind! Bossou tried to clear, but ended up kicking Darragi instead of the ball. That should have been another penalty!
  • 49'
    Darragi manages to clear a Togo corner, and Khelifa breaks into midfield before being stopped in his tracks by Amewou. The opening minutes have been a midfield battle.
  • 47'
    Tunisia are still persevering with their high line, I'm quite surprised that Trabelsi didn't have a re-think at half time. The pace of the Togolese attack is extremely worrying and if they manage to get in behind, it's plausible that they could end the game as a contest.
  • 46'
    And we're underway!
  • Although Togo started well by exploiting their opponent's high defensive line, Tunisia have managed to drag themselves back into the game after Nibombe gave away a needless penalty. A very interesting second half awaits!
  • Half time whistle goes! There is definitely everything to play for in the second half! Despite a poor start, Tunisia are within touching distance of another goal which would take them into the next round of the tournament.
  • 45' + 1'
    Hammami swings a ball in towards Khelifa, who manages to get the ball under control in the Togolese box, but Tunisia's resultant shot is deflected out for a corner. Nothing comes of it, however.
  • 44'
    Togo pick up a freekick in a dangerous area, but Darragi manages to head the strike clear. The ball is whopped into the back post towards Ayite as a result, but the forward can't get his head on it.
  • 42'
    A goal before half time would certainly do wonders for this match! Tunisia have definitely come back into the equation following their equaliser, this game is very finely balanced!
  • 40'
    Khelifa is appealing for handball! The Tunisia forward gets in behind, trying to use his tricky to get in on goal, but he's claiming that the ball struck a Togolese hand!
  • 39'
    Yellow Card Youssef Msakni
  • 39'
    Msakni has been booked for a frustrated challenge, so if his side manage to progress, he'll miss the next match anyway. Silly challenge to make, too. He could regret that!
  • 38'
    Ooh! Khazri goes close! He manages to make a darting run past his marker, and attempts to head the ball home at the back post, but the delivery evades him.. just!
  • 36'
    Ooh! Romao almost catches out Ben Chrifia with a long range strike. The midfielder catches it sweetly, but it arrows over the Tunisian crossbar.
  • 34'
    Ooh! Ayite almost manages to get on the end of a lofted ball forward, but it evades his control and Ben Chrifia is able to come out and pick it up.
  • 32'
    Tunisia didn't deserve their goal, but they're back in the game! If things stay as they are however, Togo still go through!
  • 30'
    Penalty Goal Khaled Mouelhi
    GOAL! Tunisia level from the spot thanks to Mouelhi! He sends Agassa the wrong way coolly, caressing the ball into the bottom corner. The penalty was given for a Nibombe push, silly foul.
  • 29'
    PENALTY TO TUNISIA! The referee has seen a push in the box, I think!
  • 28'
    Mouelhi almost finds Msakni will a long ball in behind, but the number 7 is wrongly given as offside. Tunisia are still sleeping, they really need to get going, and fast.
  • 26'
    Khazri tries an ambitious effort from a long range free-kick, but the ball harmlessly bounces through to Agassa. Tunisia are yet to trouble the Togo goalkeeper.
  • 24'
    Whereas Tunisia look uninterested, Togo couldn't look more different. Whenever Amewou, Adebayor, Gakpe or Ayite pick the ball up, they're aware of their options or are capable of holding onto the ball. Aside from Msakni and Khelifa, Tunisia look void of ideas altogether!
  • 22'
    Ayite and Gakpe are causing Tunisia all sorts of problems. Togo could easily be two goals ahead, and if that happens Tunisia will have an absolute mountain to climb.
  • 21'
    Oooh! Tunisia carved open again thanks to their high line! Gakpe is played down the right flank, and is kept onside by Hammami. He races to the byline, squares the ball to Adebayor at the corner of the six yard box, but the Tottenham man fires the ball wide!
  • 19'
    Togo have looked far more solid than Tunisia in the opening 20 minutes. Trabelsi's men have looked uncomfortable with the pace of Gakpe and I'm not sure they're too comfortable with their high line either.
  • 17'
    Msakni! Agassa is forced into an easy save for Togo. That was a little disappointing from the wide man, he can certainly hit them far better than that, and he was in a great position 19 yards out from goal.
  • 15'
    Togo have a deserved lead, that's for sure. They've looked far more lively than their opposition, and Gakpe was also a deserved goalscorer. Tunisia need to get the ball to Darragi and Msakni, so far they've been their only players of quality.
  • 14'
    Definite suspicions of offside as the goalscorer was played in behind by Adebayor, but with Tunisia playing such a crazily high line they were asking for trouble. Togo go through as it stands.
  • 13'
    Assist Emmanuel Adebayor
  • 13'
    Goal Serge Gakpe
    GOAL! Gakpe gets in behind the Tunisia defence after being played through by Adebayor, before lashing the ball beyond Ben Chrifia!
  • 12'
    Yellow Card Khaled Mouelhi
  • 11'
    Tunisia are playing a ridiculously high line, and could find themselves giving away an easy goal if Gakpe is allowed in behind. Meanwhile, Msakni and Khelifa almost combine well to carve out a good chance, but the latter misplaces his pass.
  • 10'
    Save! Ayite tests Ben Chrifia from six yards out, but the keeper manages to parry it away, Adebayor collects the rebound and drags his effort wide of the post! Close..
  • 8'
    Slow start from both sides, although Togo have had more meaningful possession. Gakpe looks to be a good outlet his side, and he could exploit Tunisia's makeshift right-back of Hammami.
  • 6'
    Ooh! Togo enjoy some nice possession, before Gakpe manages to get in behind the Tunisian defence and centre the ball to Ayite! The 24-year-old couldn't turn it home however!
  • 5'
    Low tempo start here, as both teams look reluctant to give away that early goal which could have so much impact on their Africa Cup of Nations fate.
  • 3'
    I for one, am glad to see Darragi starting for Tunisia. The number 10 has looked very tidy in his nation's past couple of games after coming off the bench and he's deserving of a chance in the starting eleven.
  • 2'
    Ohhh! Useful first involvement for Agassa! A Tunisian ball is whipped in behind Togo's lines, and their keeper is quick of the mark to head the ball clear.
  • 1'
    And we are underway!
  • Tunisia must WIN to go through to the quarter finals, Togo can either draw OR win to progress. The pressure is certainly on Six's men however, as they're yet to make it past the group stages in their history.
  • As it stands, with Ivory Coast through to the next round and Algeria out of the tournament, this game will decide who follows Les Elephants into the latter section of Africa Cup of Nations! Plenty on the line, and although the pitch will be poor, I can't wait!
  • Tunisia starting line-up: Ben Chrifia, Hichri, Abdennour, Chemmam, Mouelhi, Traoui, Hammami, Khelifa, Darragi, Msakni, Khazri.
  • Togo starting line-up: Agassa, Nibombe, Akakpo, Mamah, Bossou, Djene, Amewou, Romao, Adebayor, Gakpe, Ayite.
  • I'm Simon Harrison, and I will be keeping you updated with all of the thrills Mbombela Stadium, as Togo and Tunisia clash with a place in the next round of the competition at stake.
  • Hello and welcome to's LIVE coverage of Togo vs Tunisia, in Group D of Africa Cup of Nations!