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EC Qualification

  • October 8, 2010
  • • 21:00
  • • Estadio El Helmántico, Salamanca
  • Referee: G. Rocchi
  • • Attendance: 16800

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 3'
    The referee brings the game to a close!! No surprises in Salamanca... although Lithuania did pull a goal back to give the hosts nervy two minutes before they went ahead again. Three more points for Spain in the Euro 2012 qualifiers to take them top of Group I with Scotland to come on Tuesday. But it ends 3-1 to La Furia Roja tonight against Lithuania.
  • 90' + 1'
    ADURIZZZZZ..... DRAGS A SHOT WIDE FROM 12 YARDS OUT!!! Pablo did brilliantly to fight off two defenders and tee up a shot for his Valencia team-mate to score on his debut!
  • 89'
    Spain making a late flourish to find a fourth. They will have three minutes of injury time to do so.
  • 88'
    INIESTAAAAAAA... fires in a low drive from the edge of the box towards the bottom corner but Karcemarskas makes a superb block!! Capdevila then runs onto Silva's through ball and smacks a shot from a tight angle but it could only ripple the side netting!!
  • 86'
    Pablo darts past two defenders and glides to the byline but his dinked cross was easily gathered by Karcemarskas.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionEdgaras Cesnauskis Robertas Poskus
  • 84'
    The game has died down a bit as the substitutions start rolling in and La Furia Roja taking their foot off the gas.
  • 83'
    SubstitutionSergio Ramos Arbeloa
  • 82'
    SubstitutionTomas Danilevicius Kestutis Ivaskevicius
  • 81'
    Sergio Ramos' contribution is over. He is taken off for Alvaro Arbeloa.
  • 79'
    Goal David Silva
  • 78'
    SILVAAAAAA.... GOLLLL GOL GOL GOLLLLLLL!!!! WHAT A HEADER FROM CHINO SILVA!! Sergio Ramos again with another precise cross and Silva, right on the penalty spot, towers over his marker and glances a superb header right into the top left corner!! 3-1 and game over now surely with ten minutes to go!
  • 77'
    SubstitutionFernando Llorente Aritz Aduriz Zubeldia
  • 76'
    SubstitutionDavid Villa Pablo Hernández
  • 76'
    There will be no record tonight for David Villa as he is taken off for Pablo Hernandez. Two-goal hero Llorente is also off as Aritz Aduriz makes his Spain debut.
  • 74'
    Silva pumps a long ball into the box for Llorente, who does well to chest it down but Karcemarskas was quick off his line to smother the danger, with the help of his defender.
  • 72'
    Villa easily breezes past Stankevicius onto the byline before pulling it back... but the ball has gone out of play! If there's one thing Villa is doing well, it's skinning Stankevicius time and time again!
  • 70'
    Silva floats a lovely ball across field to Villa on the left, but the Barcelona striker miscontrols and it runs out of play! Not for the first time this evening! Villa does look somewhat anxious to get on the scoresheet! Nothing he's trying is coming off.
  • 67'
    Cesnauskis drills in a low freekick from the right flank, hoping for a team-mate to connect with it infront of goal but it's Busquets who gets in the way to block the shot.
  • 65'
    Llorente now tries to show his bag of tricks as he pirouettes past his marker and flicks the ball up towards Villa, but Kijanskas jusut beats El Guaje to the ball to hack it clear!!
  • 62'
    VILLLAAAA.... scuffs his shot right infront of goal!! Silva goes in for the follow up but Karcemarskas makes a brilliant reflex stop!!
  • 60'
    Silva tries to release Villa towards goal with a delicate through pass, but it's just overhit! Lithuania look like they've had their spirits zapped. They are leaving more and more spaces at the back.
  • 59'
    SubstitutionSaulius Mikoliunas Deividas Cesnauskis
  • 58'
    VILLAAAAAA.... arrows in a fierce dipping shot from 20 yards but it sails just over the bar!!
  • 56'
    LLORENTTTTTE GOLLLL GOL GOL GOLLLLL!!!! SPAIN BACK INFRONT IMMEDIATELY!! Cazorla shows some fancy footwork to get past Radavicius and whip in a cross to Llorente at the back post, who makes no mistake with a bullet header past Karcemarskas, who was out of position yet again!!
  • 56'
    Goal Fernando Llorente
  • 54'
    Goal Darvydas Šernas
  • 54'
    SERNAAAAAASSSS.... GOLLLLL GOL GOL GOLLLL!!! LITHUANIA ARE LEVELLED!! Spain's defence caught napping, not for the first time in this game, and and Sernas just runs onto a through ball, waits for Casillas to dash out and slots it into the bottom corner!!
  • 53'
    Lithuania just can't get the ball out of the final third as Ramos, Silva and Cazorla just hunt down their opponents to win possession back every time.
  • 51'
    Silva blitz his way past a row of defenders as he cuts into the middle from the right before being brought down right outside the box. Villa steps up for the freekick but hammers it hard over the bar!!
  • 49'
    Danilevicius almost takes the ball past Puyol after an awkward bounce, but the Barcelona veteran coolly flicks the ball over the head of the Lithuanian striker to dispossess him! Expert defending there!
  • 47'
    Goal Fernando Llorente
  • 47'
    LLORENTTTTTE... GOLLL GOL GOL GOLLLLLLL!!!! Sergio Ramos hooks in a casual cross from the right and the Athletic Bilbao big man rises high to nod it past a hideously out of position Karcemarkas!! 1-0 Spain... they have done in one minute in the second half what they couldn't in the first 45!
  • 46'
    We're back for the second half. It's the visitors who get us underway again.
  • 45' + 1'
    There goes the half-time whistle! Spain, despite all their domination, simply cannot find a way through! They hit the post twice, they've played some good passes towards goal, but they just lack that Xavi killer pass! 0-0 at the break!
  • 44'
    VILLLAAAAAAA.... HAMMERS A REBOUND ONTO THE POST FROM TWO YARDS OUT!! How did he miss that?! Llorente's header is pushed away by Karcemarskas and Villa was all open with the goal at his mercy!!! Unbelievable!!
  • 42'
    Spain caught in possession in midfield and Lithuania break forward with speed! Mikoliunas charges forward down the left channel, but with no support in the middle, he goes for goal from a tight angle and blazes his effort high and wide!
  • 41'
    DANILEVICIUSSSSS.... SNEAKS IN BETWEEN TWO DEFENDERS and drills in a shot, but Casillas was alert enough to palm it away!!
  • 39'
    Spain have another freekick in a good position from 25 yards out. Villa will take it... VILLLLAAAAA bends it over the wall but it was just a shade too high!!
  • 36'
    INIESTAAAAA... clips a vertical cross towards the far post for Llorente, but Kijanskas leaps full stretch to nod the ball away!!
  • 34'
    Silva threads a lovely through ball to Cazorla, but he is shepherd all the way by Radavicius and his low cross is easily blocked off. And it bounces off Santi for good measure for a goal kick!
  • 32'
    Silva again is released intot he box, but he just takes too many touches cutting in and out past defenders and he is eventually outnumbered three to one!
  • 30'
    CAPDEVILAAAAAAA.... HAMMERS IN A HALF VOLLEY BUT KARCEMARSKAS TIPS IT OVER!! Flag has gone up anyway for offside!! ONLY just offside according to the replays!
  • 27'
    Cazorla slips in a gorgeous through ball to Silva... SILVA CHECKS THE BALL PAST A DEFENDER ONTO HIS LEFT FOOT... but his shot is smothered by a crowd of defenders!!
  • 26'
    Lithuania slowly coming into the game now, piecing a few decent passes together while Spain still can't find a clear-cut opening.
  • 23'
    Sernas releases Danilevicius through on goal... but Capdevila does well to shield him away from goal before pinching the ball off him and Puyol mops up!!
  • 21'
    RAMOSSSSSSS..... THUMPS A HEADER OFF THE POST!!! Well delivered corner from Iniesta, Ramos' effort looped over the stranded goalkeeper, seemed destined to ripple the net, but it pings off the woodwork!!
  • 20'
    Villa shows Stankevicius a clean pair of heels... VILLA SUPERBLY STOPS THE BALL DEAD AS SKERLA COMES LUNGING WITH A SLIDING TACKLE... but his cutback is easiliy cleared again!!
  • 18'
    SILVA AGAINNNNNN.... jumps to meet Capdevila's cross but he just misses the free header!! Llorente was standing just behind him, unmarked, but he was caught off guard when the ball bounced right infront of him but he fails to react in time!!
  • 17'
    SILVAAAAAAAA... rifles in a left foot piledriver but it's straight into the arms of the goalkeeper!!
  • 16'
    Freekick for Spain just outside the box. Sergio Ramos is taken down when he tried to check past Mikolunas. Silva and Villa standing over the ball... perfect position for a left footer...
  • 13'
    Other than Sernas' surge towards Casillas' box on the counter, Lithuania have not been able to take the ball past the halfway line. Typical domination, possession football by Spain. Villa lets one fly from 25 yards out on the left channel but the ball sails into the stands!!
  • 11'
    SILVAAAAAAA... picks up a pass from Cazorla on the right, checks to his left foot and thumps in a sizzling shot which was comfortably palmed away in the end by Karcemarskas!!
  • 9'
    VILLAAAAA... skips past Stankevicius onto the byline and drills in a cross-cum-shot which just fizzled over the bar!! He claims the goalkeeper got a touch to it... but goal-kick says the referee.
  • 7'
    Villa flicks the ball with the outside of his left boot to nutmeg a defender before slipping into the path of Capdevila. But the left-back's centre to Llorente is intercepted!! A lot of the attack going through Capdevila at the moment.
  • 5'
    Sernas launches into a quick counter-attack after a Spain freekick was easily gathered by goalkeeper Karcemarskas. But Busquets doubles back quickly to mop up and pick the ball off the Lithuania No. 10 inside the box.
  • 3'
    Capdevila again does well to whip in a cross but Skerla makes a full stretch to hack it away. Behind him, Kijanskas collides with Llorente, who goes down clutching on to his nose! Spain wasting little time taking the game to the visitors.
  • 2'
    Capevila does brilliantly to nutmeg Stankevicius before slipping past another down the byline but his low cross is easily cut out in the end.
  • 1'
    Referee this evening is Gianluca Rocchi from Italy and he signals for Spain to get the game underway! Remember this is only La Furia Roja's second game in these qualifiers and it's Lithuania's third.
  • Not only is this a homecoming for the players but it is also a hero's welcome for La Seleccion coach Vicente del Bosque. His squad has been ravaged with injuries for this qualifiers, but there's still plenty of depth. He starts with Casillas in goal; Sergio Ramos, Puyol, Pique and Capdevila acros the back; Cazorla, Iniesta, Busquets and David Silva will make up the midfield, with Llorente and David Villa leading th attack.
  • Welcome to's LIVE commentary of the Euro 2012 qualifiers. We're at the Estadio Helmantico in Salamanca this evening as Spain return home for their first football match after being crowned world champions when they host Lithuania.