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Serie A

  • September 19, 2010
  • • 19:45
  • • Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris, Genova
  • Referee: P. Valeri
  • • Attendance: 23566

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 4'
    AND IT IS OVER! The referee blows his whistle for the end of this exciting clash. Napoli came out deserved winners as they showed great determination after going a goal down with ten minutes to the final whistle to turn the game around and emerge victors. Sampdoria once again paid the price for being too negative and will rue the way they approached the match in the second half. It is good night from me, Vasil Kotsev! Do not forget to join us during the week for the games from the extra round in some leagues in Europe. Good night!
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow CardDaniele Mannini
  • 90' + 3'
    Mannini brings down Cavani with a horrendous tackle. He is booked by the referee.
  • 90' + 2'
    PALOMBO! OH, WHAT A CHANCE! Palombo had the ball stuck between his legs and could not control deep in the penalty area in his stride. Mannini provided the cross, but this was probably Sampdoria's chance for an equaliser.
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionEzequiel Lavezzi José Sosa
  • 90'
    There will be three minutes of injury time. Mazzarri wastes some time, substituting Lavezzi for Sosa.
  • 88'
    Napoli showed great determination tonight, credit to them for the iron will to turn this game around. Serie A needs more teams like Napoli.
  • 86'
    AssistEzequiel Lavezzi
  • 86'
    GoalEdinson Cavani
  • 85'
    CAVANI SCORES! NAPOLI TAKE THE LEAD! Lavezzi ran down the left flank and crossed from near the corner flag for Cavani in the goal area, who stretched his foot to apply a deft touch to the ball, threading the ball between Gianluca Curci to turn the tables completely in favour of Napoli.
  • 84'
    AssistWalter Gargano
  • 84'
    GoalMarek Hamsik
  • 83'
    Napoli win a free-kick 35 yards in front of goal. Gargano takes it ... HAMSIK SCORES! WONDERFUL FINISH BY THE MIDFIELDER! The Uruguayan intelligently spotted Hamsik's run in the box and laid the ball for him near the penalty spot and the young starlet made no mistake from close range, finishing with power in the right corner.
  • 83'
    Yellow CardDaniele Gastaldello
  • 81'
    Cassano reaches a milestone as this was his hundredth goal in Serie A. The goal certainly comes against the run of play as Napoli have been the better team in the second half.
  • 80'
    Yellow CardMichele Pazienza
  • 79'
    Yellow CardWalter Gargano
  • 79'
    CASSANO SCORES! The Italy international places his shot from the spot in the lower left corner, leaving Morgan De Sanctis with no chance.
  • 78'
    AssistNicola Pozzi
  • 78'
    Penalty GoalAntonio Cassano
  • 77'
    Yellow CardPaolo Cannavaro
  • 77'
    PENALTY FOR SAMPDORIA! Cassano received the ball on the right, just outside the penalty area, advanced in the penalty box and crossed for Pozzi, but Paolo Cannavaro is adjugded to have brought down the substitute in the box.
  • 75'
    We are yet to see a goal, but the game is certainly living up to the expectations as it has been a fiery affair so far.
  • 74'
    SubstitutionGiampaolo Pazzini Nicola Pozzi
  • 73'
    GARGANO HITS THE BAR! SPLENDID FREE-KICK ! The Uruguayan curled a wonderful ball over the ball and it hit the bar near the upper right corner! Cavani tried to score with a looping header from the rebound, but Curci denied the ex-Palermo man.
  • 72'
    Yellow CardMarek Hamsik
  • 72'
    SubstitutionFranco Semioli Daniele Mannini
  • 71'
    Lavezzi wins a free-kick near the penalty area semi-circle after going by three challenges. An excellent opportunity for Napoli. There is unrest on the pitch now as Palombo and Guberti seem unhappy with Lavezzi.
  • 69'
    Mannini is warming up and will take to the pitch soon. Can he prove to be the ace in the sleeve for Sampdoria tonight?
  • 67'
    GUBERTI! WHAT A STRIKE! The winger robbed Grava off the ball just outside the penalty area on the right, cut to the penalty area semi-circle, disposing off Pazienza, and let it fly, but it hits the frame of the goal!
  • 65'
    Cannavaro concedes a corner kick on the right. Ziegler takes it, but Lucchini makes a vital interception ahead of Cassano and clears the ball with a header.
  • 63'
    Sampdoria are struggling to combine to a greater effect as Napoli are picking up momentum.
  • 60'
    CAVANI! The young Uruguayan was picked out nicely by Gargano on the right wing, took a few steps forward and shot from outside the penalty area, but his shot fizzled wide of the right post.
  • 58'
    Grava receives a booking as well for a tactical foul deep in Sampdoria's half.
  • 56'
    Yellow CardGianluca Grava
  • 56'
    GARGANO! The midfield enforcer received the ball on the right, outside the penalty area, took a few steps in direction of the goal and let it fly, but his show fizzled wide of the far post. He should have probably curved it a little bit more to the right,
  • 54'
    The games has become a really scrappy affair as this time Lavezzi is brought down by Palombo in the centre of the pitch.
  • 52'
    Lavezzi is shown a yellow card for a terrible tackle on Lucchini. The striker should control his temper or he might be the first to leave the pitch tonight, something that has happened to him before.
  • 51'
    Yellow CardEzequiel Lavezzi
  • 50'
    Lavezzi goes hard on Palombo from behid in the centre of the pitch. He is lucky to escape a booking here.
  • 48'
    Both coaches made no changes to their line-ups for the second half. It will be interesting to see what will Mazzarri change to break up the stubborn Sampdoria defence.
  • 46'
    Napoli start the second half at the Luigi Ferraris.
  • 45' + 1'
    Grava concedes a corner on the left. Dessena takes it, but it amounts to nothing as the referee blows his whistle for the end of the first half. Napoli have certainly been the more aggressive of the two teams so far, but have failed to penetrate a resilient Sampdoria defence. Sampdoria offered very little in attack today and should certainly improve after the break as the two clashes with Werder Bremen and this week's match against PSV showed that the Genova outfit should not risk trying to close up the game early on, because the plan can backfire and result in a loss. Join us after the break for the second half of this exciting game!
  • 45'
    GUBERTI! The winger went on a mazy run on the left skipping by two challenges before unleashing a meek shot from 20 yards in front of goal, but it Grava found himself in the way of the ball, so the danger perished.
  • 43'
    CAMPAGNARO! The defender ran down the left, slipping between Gastadello and Zauri and managed to put in a cross from the byline for the overlapping Cavani just outside the goal area, but the young striker took a step too far and could not reach the ball.
  • 40'
    SEMIOLI! Dessena received the ball on the left, just outside the penalty area, side-stepped past Grava and crossed for the on-rushing Semioli at the far post, but the winger just could not reach the ball!
  • 38'
    Yellow CardHugo Campagnaro
  • 38'
    Huga Campagnaro sees yellow for a horrible tackle in the centre of the pitch.
  • 36'
    The possession statistics tell us that Sampdoria have had the ball 47 per cent of the time, to Napoli's 53 per cent.
  • 34'
    PAZIENZA! Lavezzi held off Lucchini on the right of the penalty box and laid the ball to the overlapping Pazienza, whose first-time shot from outside the penalty area flew narrowly over.
  • 32'
    Ziegler took the free-kick and crossed for Cassano in the penalty box. The striker could not reach the ball before Morgan De Sanctis, but appeals for a penalty for a foul on him by Paolo Cannavaro. No penalty given.
  • 30'
    Cassano is brought down from behind by Paolo Cannavaro in the centre of the pitch.
  • 28'
    Sampdoria seem to have picked themselves up after the initial scare Napoli gave them with their aggressive play in the early minutes.
  • 26'
    CASSANO! The striker dribbled down the left wing and tried to cross for Pazzini in the penalty box, but miskicked the ball from near the left corner flag and it hit the side netting.
  • 24'
    GUBERTI! Cassano spotted the wingers run through the middle and teed up the ball for him in the penalty area semi-circle, but the ex- Ascoli man's first-time shot misses narrowly by the left post.
  • 22'
    In some other interesting fixtures today Juventus overcame Udinese in Udine, while Inter staged a comeback to win against Palermo.
  • 19'
    Napoli have been really impressive so far and look like the more likely to score first. Can Sampdoria prove me wrong?
  • 17'
    HAMSIK! The dynamic midfielder went on a run on the left wing, turning Zauri inside out and subsequently cutting deep in the penalty area and crossing from the byline. However, Lucchini manages to clear the ball at the expense of a corner kick on the left.
  • 15'
    CAVANI! Lavezzi put a delightful chipped through ball from the penalty area semi-circle for Cavani in the goal area after spotting his clever diagonal run. The Uruguayan's first touch was heavy, however, and this wonderful chance went begging. The pass from Lavezzi is a must see.
  • 13'
    HAMSIK! Lavezzi powered through three player just outside the penalty box and found Hamsik just outside the goal area. The midfielder, however, was in an offside position the moment the pass was made.
  • 11'
    LAVEZZI! The striker received the ball on the right wing and raced to near the corner flagged, crossed, but the ball took a deflection off Ziegler and, luckily for Sampdoria, ended up in Curci's hands.
  • 10'
    Yellow CardStefano Lucchini
  • 9'
    Lucchini is shown he yellow after a tackle from behind on Lavezzi. Sampdoria win a free-kick on the right, just outside the penalty area.
  • 7'
    Both teams are trying to settle in the game and try to be less adventurous when going forward.
  • 5'
    Napoli: De Sanctis; Cannavaro, Campagnaro, Grava; Gargano, Pazienza, Dossena, Maggio, Cavani; Hamsik; Lavezzi.
  • 3'
    Line-ups: Sampdoria: Curci; Lucchini, Gastadello, Ziegler, Zauri; Palombo, Guberti, Dessena, Semioli; Cassano, Pazzini.
  • 1'
    And they are off!
  • Hello and welcome to's live coverage of tonight's game between Sampdoria and Napoli. It promises to be a tight affair, so stay tuned!