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Serie A

  • February 2, 2011
  • • 19:45
  • • Stadio Renzo Barbera, Palermo
  • Referee: E. Morganti
  • • Attendance: 25000

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 3'
    Palermo hang on to claim a magnificent victory. Questions will now surely be raised in Turin after yet another defeat. Palermo defended well and in the limited opportunities they had looked dangerous. Stay tuned to for all the reaction, reports and player ratings. That's all from the Barbera... good night.
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow CardPajtim Kasami
  • 90' + 2'
    Paolucci commits a foul in the centre circle. Free kick Juve, but it comes to nothing.
  • 90' + 1'
    Miccoli conducting the crowd from the bench. You get the feeling it is just not going to happen from Juve, as Pastore takes the ball into the corner flag but is dispossessed by Melo.
  • 90'
    SIssoko stupidly heads the ball out of play when under no pressure whatsoever. Palermo fans are in full voice and can sense the win. They only have three minutes to hold out.
  • 88'
    Del Piero with a free kick on the right 20 yards out but Bovo heads clear and Pastore races clear, but Juve regain the ball thanks to Barzagli. Chiellini has now gone upfront permanently.
  • 87'
    SubstitutionFabrizio Miccoli Michele Paolucci
  • 86'
    Holding a high line, Juve have pushed both full backs well up the park Now we are seeing former Juventus striker Paolucci replacing another former Juventus striker in Miccoli.
  • 84'
    Martinez!! No, denied by Sirigu!! Juve putting real pressure on again, they are fighting for a point.
  • 82'
    MICCOLI!!!! NO he puts a golden opportunity over the bar. Played through he takes the ball round Buffon who recovers well, only to be taken out the play by Miccoli and Kasami but the striker hoofs over the bar from 18 yards.
  • 81'
    Krasic in behind Darmian once more but this time the fullback recovers to make an excellent tackle.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionFabio Grosso Hasan Salihamidzic
  • 79'
    Salihamidzic on for Grosso and his first contribution is to pass the ball out of play.
  • 77'
    Pastore has the ball on the right, plays a cross field pass to Miccoli whose shout, round Grygera from just inside the area on the left, is held by Buffon.
  • 75'
    Pastore advances on the right followed by Grosso and Melo, he intelligently plays the ball off Melo for a throw in deep in the Juve half. Palermo can't make anything of the thrown and Juve again have possession.
  • 73'
    Fabio Brosso advances on the left, but his deep cross is easilt gathered by Sirigu with Martinez lurking.
  • 71'
    Juve now, keeping the ball well moving from right to left then back right again but as Krasic attempts a cross from the goal line the ball rolls out and it is a goal kick.
  • 69'
    Palermo with a neat passing move but Nocerino's final pass to Pastore is cut out by Grygera.
  • 67'
    Del Piero tries a though ball for Krasic but the Serbian isn't fast enough to catch an unusually over hit pass as the ball runs out of play.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionAlessandro Matri J. Martínez
  • 66'
    SubstitutionAlberto Aquilani Mohamed Lamine Sissoko
  • 65'
    Looks like Juve could be preparing a substitution. Sissoko is being brought on for Aquilani and Martinez on for Matri.
  • 63'
    Chiellini battling with Pastore in the air, with only one winner. Nocerino comes forward for Palermo on the left but loses possession.
  • 61'
    Chiellini is at the referee once more as Pastore picks the ball up after being fouled. Free kick goes in Palermo's favour, swung in by Miccoli and is headed wide.
  • 59'
    SubstitutionJosip Iličič Pajtim Kasami
  • 59'
    Darmian has been targeted by the Bianconeri as they launch attack after attack down his flank.
  • 57'
    Penalty!! NO!! Marti seemed to have been brought down in the box but the referee says no. Juve are really upping the pressure now.
  • 55'
    Juve with a free kick floated in but Chiellini is beaten in the air by Bovo who head the ball away.
  • 53'
    Krasic though is really enjoying himself against Darmian as he takes on the full back before eventually winning a throw deep in Palermo territory.
  • 51'
    The home side are taking control of the midfield once more as Bacinovic again wins the ball.
  • 49'
    Palermo have lost their way a little at the back but they regain possession with Illicic and Darmian exchanging passes on the left. However Illicic's ball over the top is too long.
  • 47'
    Juventus starting this half with more purpose, Krasic on the right striding forward gets to the by line and cuts back for Matri....... he side foots the ball wide from 7 yards out, with almost the whole goal to aim for. €2.5 million well spent so far.
  • 45'
    Were back at the Stadio Barbera as Juventus get the second half underway...
  • 45' + 2'
    Del Piero!!! The veteran gets on the end of a cross but is stretching and cannot direct the ball on goal from 6 yards out. The referee blows for half time in what has been an excellent game so far. Join us in 15 minutes for the second half.
  • 45'
    Miccoli with a free kick from the right, but Barzagli heads it clear. Juve now break forward with Grygera whose cross is over hit and eventually cleared.
  • 44'
    Pastore!! first time!! NO!! he puts his shot from 28 yards wide. He could have had a touch before letting fly.
  • 42'
    Juve getting some kind of hold on the game, Krasic his becoming more involved and fancies his chances against Darmian. The fullback looks to have brought him down on the edge of the 18 yard box, but the referee waves play on again.
  • 40'
    Del Piero has the ball stolen from him by Nocerino much to the Juve captains frustration. Darmian then goes in hard on Aquilani on the right side resulting in a free kick almost in line with the 18 yard line, but it doesn't even beat the first man.
  • 39'
    Yellow CardFelipe Melo
  • 38'
    Pastore fouled in the centre circle by Felipe Melo who is booked. Any takers for a sending off?
  • 36'
    GoalClaudio Marchisio
  • 36'
    GGGGOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!! MARCHISIO!!!!!!!!! the midfielder hits a low shot through a body of players to bring Juve back into the game.
  • 35'
    Corner to Juve, by Del Piero. The ball is swung in very close to Sirigu whose punch is very weak and falls to Marchisio on the left edge of the six yards area...
  • 34'
    Yellow CardClaudio Marchisio
  • 34'
    Marchisio protests to the referee after what looks to be a handball by Bovo, but he waves away some very adamant Juve players, booking Marchisio in the process.
  • 32'
    Cassani this time dispossessed by Marchisio who come forward, after a scramble on the edge of the Palermo area, the ball falls to Matri on the left side of the penalty are, and with only the keeper to beat he smacks the ball straight at Sirigu. Poor finish.
  • 30'
    Corner to Juve, delivered by Krasic but headed away by Nocerino. Grosso now down the left but he is dispossessed by Cassani.
  • 28'
    Felipe Melo is down after a challenge by Bacinovic. Palermo are really making their physical presence felt here tonight. Juve haven't threatened Sirigu's goal in just under half an hours play.
  • 26'
    Pastore and Miccoli combine on the edge of Juve's area, but Chiellini can only give a away a corner but it is headed clear.
  • 24'
    The visitors are keeping the ball on the edge of the Palermo box, but the deep cross in from the left by Grosso his headed clear by Bovo. Palermo are easily dealing with everything Juve have to offer.
  • 22'
    Another poor ball by Aquilani, this time fired out wide way behind Krasic and it is a Palermo throw.
  • 20'
    AssistMattia Cassani
  • 20'
    GoalGiulio Migliaccio
  • 20'
    GGGGGGOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!! Migliaccio!!!!!!!! Short corner swung in and the midfielder rose highest, way above Chiellini who just watched the ball, to put the home side 2-0 up. Juve in real trouble now!!
  • 19'
    Bacinovic with another strong challenge in midfield winning ball cleanly this time. Aquilani with a ball to nowhere, played over the top with no one anywhere near it, or even making an effort to run onto it.
  • 17'
    Krasic juggling with the ball in the right corner but loses out to a combination of Bovo and Darmian. Palermo keeping the ball well and putting together a string of passes.
  • 15'
    Chiellini nips in and steals the ball from Pastore who waited for the ball to come to him. Juve are really up for this now as Migliaccio puts in a tough challenge, resulting in a freekick.
  • 13'
    A few tasty challenges going in from Ilicic and Bacinovic, with Juve men Del Piero and Chiellini getting a little frustrated already. Juve on the right with Grygera but his cross from deep is claimed by the Palermo keeper.
  • 11'
    SubstitutionFederico Balzaretti Matteo Darmian
  • 11'
    Felipe Melo's ball to Krasic is cut out by Balzaretti who put the ball out of play so he can come off. Darmian his replacement.
  • 9'
    Pastore getting stuck in again and winning the ball in the centre circle. Balzaretti signaling to the bench, looks like he will be coming off soon.
  • 7'
    AssistJavier Pastore
  • 7'
    GoalFabrizio Miccoli
  • 7'
    GGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!! MICCOLI!!!!!!!!!! A marvelous counter attack. Pastore brought the ball forward before playing a superb ball over the head of Ilicic, into the path of Miccoli who slots home.
  • 6'
    Marchisio with the ball on the edge of the box, tackles well by Andjelkovic who is enough of a presence to make the Juve man misplace his pass to Krasic on the right and the ball goes out for a throw to Palermo.
  • 4'
    Juve passing the ball through the centre, cross by Marti is left by Sirigu and goes out for a goal kick.
  • 2'
    Early corner for the home team as Grosso comes under pressure but it is headed wide by Cassani
  • 1'
    We are underway here in Sicily as Palermo get us underway.
  • Juventus - [4-4-2]: 1 G. Buffon 21 Z. Grygera 15 A. Barzagli 3 G. Chiellini 6 F. Grosso 27 M. Krasic 14 A. Aquilani 4 F. Melo 8 C. Marchisio 0 A. Matri 10 A. Del Piero
  • Here are tonight's teams, first Palermo - [4-3-2-1]: 46 S. Sirigu 16 M. Cassani 66 S. Andjelkovic 5 C. Bovo 42 F. Balzaretti 8 G. Migliaccio 21 A. Bacinovic 23 A. Nocerino 72 J. Ilicic 27 J. Pastore 10 F. Miccoli
  • Welcome to's LIVE coverage of tonight's Serie A match between Palermo and Juventus. Both sides lost at the weekend and will be hoping to please their respective supporters, in a fixture that hasn't finished goalless in almost 50 years when played in Sicily. Stay tuned the kick off is in less than 10 minutes time...