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Serie A

  • February 20, 2011
  • • 11:30
  • • Stadio Comunale Via del Mare, Lecce
  • Referee: P. Mazzoleni
  • • Attendance: 9000

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 4'
    FULL TIME!!!! A deserved win for Lecce over one of the giants of European football. What a boost that is for their hopes of staying in Serie A next season. A good gameplan well carried out has seen them through.
  • 90' + 3'
    Chiellini gets the ball stuck under his feet as he looks to tee up his left foot, instead gifting Lecce the ball back. Every home touch being greeted by cried of 'Ole' now. And they have a corner as Aquilani closes off Coppola.
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionAndrea Bertolacci Manuel Coppola
  • 90'
    Del Piero commits a foul on the right flank to release the pressure on Lecce momentarily. This is going to be a big win for the Salentini as they continue to pull away from the bottom three.
  • 88'
    Lecce still holding firm at the back as Juve ask more questions. Time very short now for the Turin side.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionDjamel Mesbah Andrea Rispoli
  • 84'
    HOW DID THAT STAY OUT??? Del Piero's free-kick from the right catches a deflection on its way to Iaquinta at the far post, but the striker gets only the slightest of touches as it flies just wide. This very much seems like Lecce's day today.
  • 84'
    HOW DID THAT STAY OUT??? Del Piero's free-kick from the right catches a deflection on its way to Iaquinta at the far post, but the striker gets only the slightest of touches as it flies just wide. This very much seems like Lecce's day today.
  • 83'
    Del Piero crosses from the left of the box, but it's too high for Felipe Melo... time running out for the Old Lady, and with no real sign of a comeback on the cards.
  • 81'
    Lecce seem pretty comfortable really. Rosati hasn't had any real saves to make, and his back four have been superb throughout this one.
  • 79'
    RIDICULOUS ALL ROUND!!!! Storari plays a clearance straight at a yellow and red shirt, but with all the time in the world, Chevanton looks to bury an overhead bicycle kick and shoots wide. He could have taken that down, had a cup of coffee, and then slotted it home.
  • 77'
    Munari makes progress down the right and holds the ball up well before winning a free-kick in the corner as Chiellini tugs him back.
  • 75'
    Del Piero's free-kick is cleared by Munari, who then holds his head as Chiellini half raises a foot... teh Giallorosso's canny play wins his side a free-kick. Chiellini is not happy with that call.
  • 74'
    Del Piero does well... Matri has half a sight of goal... Ah OFFSIDE! It was well dealt with by the covering Fabiano anyway.
  • 72'
    CHEVANTON ON THE BREAK!! Well cut out by Juve as they defend in numbers for once. And Chevanton commits a foul to boot.
  • 71'
    Can Juventus make the most of being back to an equal complement? They've started to lay siege to the Juve back line now.
  • 70'
    Yellow/Red Giuseppe Vives
  • 69'
    Bertolacci does well to hold onto the ball on the left, but then as Lecce ship it right Juve win the ball back and Chiellini is fouled by Vives.... IT'S A SECOND YELLOW FOR VIVES!!! OFF HE GOES.... 10 AGAINST 10!!! BOTH SKIPPERS HAVE BEEN SENT OFF!
  • 67'
    Yellow Card Giuseppe Vives
  • 67'
    Chevanton does well to get clear down the left, but his cut-back is behind his supporting attackers and when Vives commits a foul in the centre he’s shown a yellow card.
  • 66'
    Bonucci tries a deep long ball, but Lecce's defence are dealing with that kind of threat much better than Juve's back line. The back four is deep and watchful as Rosati takes the abll unfussed.
  • 64'
    Del Piero stands and considers a cross before delivering towards the far post, but Matri was offside as Brivio cleared. Matri is eventually flagged, but for a second offence.
  • 62'
    Juventus finally seem to have stemmed the flow somewhat, though Aquilani prodcues a second airshot of the game as he tries a right-foot stab from the edge of the area.
  • 60'
    With Iaquinta now on for Sorensen, Juve are going for broke. It's a 3-4-3 now for the Bianconeri.
  • 58'
    SubstitutionF. Sørensen Vincenzo Iaquinta
  • 58'
    Juve need to steady themselves. They're conceding far too much space at the back. Yes, they need to get back into the game, but they won't do so by conceding a third, which is on the cards at this rate.
  • 56'
    Another chance!!! Will Lecce be made to pay? Brivio does well to get to the bye-line down the left, but when he squares it beyond Chevanton, Grossmuller shins it into the side-netting. Juve playing a very dangerous game once more.
  • 54'
    This is getting embarrassing. Felipe Melo is robbed of possession, but Bonucci does just enough to cut out the trhough ball looking for Grossmuller. Lecce look closer to a third than Juve do to a first.
  • 53'
    SubstitutionDavid Di Michele Ernesto Javier Chevantón
  • 53'
    Chevanton looks set to replace Di Michele, who is struggling with a pull of some sort by the looks of it. And here comes the change. Great performance by DDM.
  • 51'
    NOW THAT REALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN 3-0!!! Somehow Juve escape a four versus one (yes, 4v1) break. Munari has his shot saved by Storari, who had basically been left stranded by a useless Juve back four.
  • 50'
    DI MICHELE IS AWAY AGAIN!!! He progresses down the left, but Barzagli covers as the striker looks to duck inside. Could have been a third!!
  • 48'
    Assist David Di Michele
  • 48'
    Goal Andrea Bertolacci
  • 48'
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! 2-0!!! Lecce have a throw-in from the right with Donati, and a ball is delivered into the centre for Di Michele, who heads back across goal for Bertolacci to slot home ahead of Storari. How did Barzagli lose the aerial challenge against his tiny former Palermo team-mate? Who knows... but it's 2-0 Lecce.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionLuca Toni Alessandro Del Piero
  • 46'
    Referee Mazzoleni gets us underway. Del Piero will play just off Matri in a 4-3-1-1. And immediately Matri causes trouble, before Chiellini sees his snap-shot blocked. Good intentions from the start for Juve,
  • Hello again... so David Trezeguet reckons Milan & Inter both wanted him in January? His old club Juventus come maybe do with him right now. Instead, they have Alessandro Del Piero, who is on for Luca Toni as we get ready to start the second half.
  • What a great first half for Lecce. They caused Juve's defence problems from the first minute, and when Buffon was forced to race out for the third time, he was sent off for his handball.Djamel Mesbah scored a deserved goal on 33 minutes and then Storari made a very good save to avoid a second goal for the same player. Juve have come close to creating something, but they're second best in all honesty.... How will this one develop? Come back in 15 to find out, and in the meantime check out the day's main football news on
  • 45' + 3'
    Marchisio plays a dangerous game in trying to keep the ball in, but has to concede a corner. It comes to nothing though and it's half-time... Lecce deservedly lead by a goal to nil.
  • 45' + 2'
    Toni tries to toe-poke the ball through for Matri, but a magnificent piece of covering by Vives sees the Lecce skipper carry the ball away from danger. Superb stuff.
  • 45' + 1'
    Ferrario trudges off holding his jaw as Sorensen's throw-in is returned to Rosati.
  • 45'
    That's got to hurt!! Ferrario challenged Toni in the air, but fell awkwardly on the ground and Rosati claimed the ball before landing straight on the defender! It seems a bit of blood is escaping, so the two minutes of stoppages may run into a third.
  • 43'
    OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Should have been an equaliser. Chiellini crosses low from the left, but Aquilani scuffs his left-foot effort... and Lecce break.... MESBAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Great save diving to his right by Storari as Lecce threatened to hit Juve with a sucker punch.
  • 42'
    Bonucci plays a left-footed clearance straight at Munari, but when he crosses to the far post nobody is advancing and Storari can pluck it out of the air.
  • 41'
    Juve try to break right through the centre thanks to Matri, but when he loses his footingh Aquilani attempts to get in behind after a one-two, but Ferrario clears acrobatically.
  • 39'
    The Old Lady is still losing her footing. The Bianconeri just can't get into the game here. Lecce dominating in midfield for the most part.
  • 37'
    Grossmuller gets in behind Chiellini, but shoots wide across goal with Felipe Melo raging at his having to cover.
  • 35'
    Juventus can't say they weren't warned. They've been caught out over and over again, even before Buffon's red card. And they just haven't learned their lesson. Their four centre-halves have made for a very square back four, and Lecce have exploited the fault superbly.
  • 34'
    Yellow Card Djamel Mesbah
  • 33'
    Assist Gianni Munari
  • 33'
    Goal Djamel Mesbah
  • 31'
    Toni slips as a ball comes over the top for him and Rosati can collect, then up at the other end Di Michele is caught offside. I think Gigi Del Neri would probably take 0-0 at half-time right now.
  • 29'
    Good break by Lecce, they're 5 v 3... Di Michele gives the ball to Munari on the right, but his cross is blocked too easily by Bonucci. A waste really for the home side.
  • 28'
    Another ball over the top, again Juve are flat-footed, but again it runs just ahead of Di Michele... surely it's only a matter of time before Lecce make one of these connect.
  • 26'
    The Salentini are quick to react again in midfield. Juve haven't been able to dictate this game one bit so far.
  • 24'
    Juve look an absolute state at the back right now. Bonucci doesn't seem to know whether to clear it or leave it before eventually allowing Storari to collect. Lecce rebuild down the left from where a cross comes in which Di Michele can't get enough contact on to volley goalwards. It was an overly ambitious effort, truth be told.
  • 22'
    Chiellini's cross doesn't quite fall for Toni, before Matri is caught by the flag as Juve look to rebuild the attack. Finally the Bianconeri are putting some football together though.
  • 20'
    Mesbah is caught offside from another ball through the channel. Gigi De Canio has clearly sent out his men with a particular tactic in mind, and it's worked pretty well so far.
  • 18'
    Bertolacci does superbly to rob Felipe Melo of the ball, but Marchisio wins it back and Juve win a free-kick.
  • 16'
    Matri and Toni will likely have to take it in turns now to drop in and help out the outnumbered midfield as Juve reshape their 10 men. Strangely, the intensity has gone out of Lecce's play since the red card.
  • 14'
    Off comes Krasic to allow Storari to replace Buffon in goal, as Lecce's free-kick goals straight into the wall. Worrying times for Gigi Del Neri.
  • 13'
    SubstitutionMilos Krasic Marco Storari
  • 13'
    Juve have been so badly exposed by that ball over the top that it was bound to cause them trouble eventually. Storari is coming on, but who will he replace?
  • 12'
    Red Card Gianluigi Buffon
  • 11'
    Buffon races out to react to yet another ball over the top by Lecce, and as Di Michele gets there first, the Italy skipper handles outside the area.... OFF, SURELY..... Yes, it's a red card for Gigi Buffon. JUVE DOWN TO 10!!
  • 10'
    OOOOOOOHHHH!!! Mesbah should have at least hit the target as Grossmuller pulled back from the right, but the little No. 11 couldn't keep the ball down. A chance wasted.
  • 9'
    The home side are still bossing possession for the large part. Juventus need to settle.
  • 7'
    Juve caught out again, with Buffon this time getting to the ball just ahead of Mesbah from Vives' throughball.
  • 5'
    Juve are all over the place at the moment. Bonucci loses out in a tackle and they're forced onto the back foot momentarily before a scrambled clearance by Barzagli.
  • 3'
    OOOOOOHHH!! Lecce so close to an opener. A great cross from the left is met at the far post by Grossmuller, who aims for the far post, forcing Buffon into a stretching save and Bonucci's low header completes the clearance. This is a very encouraging start for the Salentini.
  • 2'
    Juve's high defence was very nearly caught out by a simple straight ball, with Buffon having to race from his area to head away from the onrushing Di Michele.
  • 1'
    Annnnnnnnd.... we're off. Toni goes for a shot within 20 seconds of kick-off, but shoots well wide. An early goal kick for Rosati then.
  • Juve have the same team out which beat Inter last week. Del Neri persevering with Chiellini at left back and Sorensen on the other flank behind Milos Krasic. Lecce will start in a 4-1-4-1 with Vives given the holding role at the base of midfield.
  • You've got to love Sky Calcio... they've just been in the Juve dressing room watching Alessandro Matri taping up a bunion... Too much information chaps! The Bianconeri players look relaxed, their opponents looks quite pensive in comparison.
  • Happy Sunday everyone. Wide awake yet? No? Well, it's still early I guess. We'll get used to these unusual kick-off times eventually. In the next 10 minutes the players will be heading out of the tunnel at the Stadio via del Mare as Lecce host Juventus. The home side have picked up some important results of late, while Juve have beaten Cagliari and Inter as they attempt to get back on the Champions League trail. Stay with us here on for full play-by-play updates on all the action. And get involved by tweeting @krisvoakes with your thoughts/predictions/general ramblings.