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Serie A

  • November 28, 2010
  • • 14:00
  • • Stadio Olimpico, Roma
  • Referee: G. Gava
  • • Attendance: 22451

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 6'
    AND IT IS OVER! Most of the action happened in the injury time of the first and the second half, but it was a game worth seeing nonetheless. Alvarez put Catania in front in the 44th minute and Hernanes levelled the scoring in the final moments of the first half. Both teams had chances after the break, but could not put them away, and Lazio will feel they should have taken the three points after they created so much chances. Another draw for Lazio and a vital point for Catania. It is good night from me, Vasil Kotsev! Join us later tonight for's live coverage of the most exciting games from Europe's biggest football leagues. Bye, for now!
  • 90' + 5'
    Antenucci and then Hernanes! The Catania man sent in a low, tame shot as the visitors were attacking on the break, and moments later Hernanes sent in another stinger, which Andujar forced wide for a corner kick on the right. Catania managed to break away after this set piece and in a two-on-two situation, Potenza's delivery from the left side of the box is cut out by Biava just before it could reach the striker. Dramatic ending to this game.
  • 90' + 4'
    MARTINHO! The substitute sent in a good shot from tight angle from near the byline on the left, but Muslera claims the ball.
  • 90' + 3'
    Catania are defending in sixes in their own half as Lazio are pushing forward for a winner.
  • 90' + 1'
    There will be five minutes of injury time .... FOGGIA! Zarate cleverly controlled the ball on the left side of the box and crossed for Foggia on the opposite side of the penalty area, but the ex-Milan man put his finish over the bar. That was a good chance.
  • 90'
    Comical situation as a Foggia shot from the right, just outside the box, is blocked by Christian Brocchi in an offside position inside the penalty area.
  • 88'
    Catania's defence have been very good today and credit to them for keeping Lazio at bay in this game. They are playing even more negatively now.
  • 86'
    Zarate wins a free-kick on the left wing. Hernanes takes it ... head away by Mariano Izco, who was part of the wall. That sure hurt a lot and the substitute is on the ground, probably dazzled a little bit.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionSergio Floccari Tommaso Rocchi
  • 84'
    Tommaso Rochi takes to the pitch and replaces Floccari. He might be the man to turn the game around and win it for the Rome outfit.
  • 82'
    Matuzalem sent in a piledriver from 35 yards out, but it flies high and wide. Should have done better on this occasion.
  • 80'
    Tommaso Rocchi is warming up on the sideline. Can the captain make the difference today?
  • 78'
    ZARATE GOES FOR THE TOP CORNER! The striker found himself on the end of a good cross by Foggia and let it fly from the right side of the box, but the ball sailed over Andujar's top right corner.
  • 77'
    Foggia is tripped down by Pablo Ledesma on the right wing. Can something come out of this?
  • 74'
    SubstitutionTakayuki Morimoto Mirko Antenucci
  • 74'
    Morimoto is replaced by Antenucci. The Japan international had an indifferent game today.
  • 73'
    Pablo Ledesma wins a foul after being pressured by Christian Brocchi. The ex-Milan man has been walking a fine line so far.
  • 72'
    Substitute Foggia with a good cross from the right wing, but Floccari just could not head in from just outside the six-yard box.
  • 70'
    Twenty five minutes since the restart and still no clear-cut chances for either side. The tempo of the game has somewhat dropped.
  • 68'
    Alejandro Gomez again tries to do too much by himself and sends in a badly placed low shot wide of the left post from just outside the box, following a good run through the centre.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionCristian Ledesma Matuzalem
  • 66'
    SubstitutionStefano Mauri Pasquale Foggia
  • 66'
    The game has become increasingly scrappy as now Morimoto is lying on the ground with a leg cramp.
  • 64'
    Now the referee blows his whistle for a ridiculous dive by ex-Milan man Christian Brocchi. The resulting free-kick from Hernanes on the right results in nothing.
  • 62'
    Alvarez scythes down Lichtsteiner with a tough lunge. He did not even touch the ball and should have received a yellow card.
  • 60'
    Pablo Ledesma is on the ground after he collided with Andre Dias. He does not seem to be that hurt.
  • 58'
    Morimoto received the ball near the left touchline, but is crowded off the ball by Brocchi and co. for a throw-in.
  • 56'
    Morimoto and Andre Dias with a shirt-pulling spat on the left wing. The referee will not hand out warnings, thought.
  • 54'
    MARTINHO! The man that just came on for Mascara send in a good shot from the left side of the box, which Muslera somewhat overconfidently let go past him for a goalkick. Gomez was ghosting in the box and that could well have been a big mistake from the goalkeeper.
  • 53'
    SubstitutionGiuseppe Mascara Martinho
  • 53'
    SubstitutionCristian Llama Mariano Julio Izco
  • 53'
    Llama will not be able to continue and is replaced by Mariano Izco.
  • 52'
    ZARATE! WELL, THAT IS ONE HELL OF A RUN FROM THE STRIKER! The Argentinian received the ball on the left wing and cut in to the penalty area semi-circle with a hurricane of quick turns, flicks and dribbles, going past four players before sending in a looping shot which Andujar somehow managed to tip over the bar. That could have been one of the best goals I have ever seen.
  • 50'
    Christian Llama is on the ground after a horrible clash with Hernanes in the centre of the pitch. He might have to leave the pitch as he seems to be hurt.
  • 48'
    There were no changes at half-time. Admittedly, both sides could use some freshening up, especially in defence.
  • 46'
    The second half begins ...
  • 45' + 3'
    The referee blows his whistle for the end of the first half. Oh my, what a finish to this period! Two goals in three minutes just before half-time! Silvestre broke the deadlock in the 44th minute and Lazio answered swiftly with a fine strike by Hernanes moments later. If this is a sign of things to come, I am hooked! Join us after the break for the second half of this exciting game.
  • 45' + 2'
    Assist Cristian Brocchi
  • 45' + 2'
    Goal Hernanes
  • 45' + 2'
    GOAL! LAZIO EQUALISE IN THE FINAL MOMENTS OF THE FIRST PERIOD! HERNANES WITH A WONDERFUL STRIKE! The Brazilian received the ball around thirty yards in front of Andujar and sent in a precise, but powerful low shot in the bottom left corner to draw the game level. There was nothing the goalkeeper could do! A wonderful goal from the Brazilian.
  • 45' + 1'
    Well, this goal sure come against the run of play. How will Lazio answer to that one? There will be one minute of injury time.
  • 44'
    Assist Cristian Llama
  • 44'
    Goal Matías Silvestre
  • 44'
    GOAL! IT IS IN! CATANIA TAKE THE LEAD JUST BEFORE HALF-TIME! Silvestre the goalscorer! The defender jumped the highest on the right side of the box and headed in! What was Biava doing there standing? Game on!
  • 43'
    GOMEZ! WHAT A SCORCHER FROM DISTANCE! The striker received the ball just inside Lazio's half, took a couple of steps and let it fly from around 35 yards out, but Muslera managed to palm the shot away for a corner kick on the left.
  • 42'
    A Pablo Ledesma miskicking of the ball almost spells disaster for Catania as they concede a corner on the left. Hernanes takes it, but Avarez heads the ball clear at the far post, just ahead of Floccari.
  • 40'
    TERLIZZI! The defender raced into the box for a corner kick on the right and just could not reach the ball to volley it home from the just outside the six-yard box. He tried and kicked the air, though.
  • 38'
    Mauri fouls Potenza on the left wing for a free-kick deep in Catania's half. The Italy international has been somewhat quiet so far.
  • 37'
    Yellow Card Hernanes
  • 36'
    Floccari is taken down in the centre of the pitch. Moments later Morimoto tackles Ledesma in a nearby position and is booked for this offence.
  • 35'
    Yellow Card Takayuki Morimoto
  • 34'
    In the other games today in Serie A Cagliari is three goals up against Lecce and Napoli are trailing behind Udinese, courtesy of a goal from Antonio Di Natale from the spot.
  • 32'
    Catania's best player Maxi Lopez is suspended for this game, so we will not be able to behold his qualities today. This certainly takes some of the edge off the visitors' attack, but still they can cope without him and they have proven this many times.
  • 30'
    Ledesma took it, but it hit the wall before going out for a corner kick on the right. Nothing came off that set-piece.
  • 29'
    HERNANES! WHAT A RUN FROM THE MIDFIELDER! The Brazilian received the ball in the centre of the pitch and ran all the way to the penalty area semi-circle, skipping past four players before finally being stopped with a pull by Silvestre after a delightful backheel flick. Yellow card for the defender and a free-kick in a dangerous position for Catania.
  • 27'
    Yellow Card Matías Silvestre
  • 27'
    Hernanes with a free-kick from around 35 yards out, in front of Andujar's goal ... Hits the wall for a corner on the left. That set-piece amounted to nothing.
  • 25'
    Well, well .... not a sign from Lazio's tame performance against Parma. If the Eagles continue to attack like that, we might see the go-ahead goal soon.
  • 23'
    Ledesma again with the delivery from the a free-kick on the right for Mauri on the left wing, just outside the box. The playmaker let it fly on the volley, but his thunderous shot stopped in the side-netting.
  • 21'
    GOAL! NO! OFFSIDE! Ledesma crossed from a free-kick on the right for the onrushing Biava in the box, the centre-half headed past Andujar, but it was ruled out for offside.
  • 19'
    FLOCCARI! WHAT A MOVE FROM LAZIO! Stefan Radu went on a a blistering run down the left, skipping past three players, before finding Floccari in the penalty are semi-circle. The striker made a fake move to neutralise Terlizzi, but Andujar pulled off a miraculous save to deny the ex-Genoa and Atalanta man!
  • 17'
    WHAT A MISS FROM HERNANES! Best chance of the game for Lazio so far! Andre Dias put in a high cross from the left wing for either of Floccari or Hernanes on the right side of the box, the Brazilian jumped the highest to control on his chest, but puts his low finish from seven yards out wide of the near post! A great chance went begging!
  • 15'
    Alejandro Gomez tried to latch onto a ball on the left wing, but was superbly closed down and dispossessed by Dias near the right corner flag.
  • 13'
    Still, Catania seem to be more willing to attack. Just second ago Alejandro Gomez sent in a thunderous shot from the left wing, just outside the box, but Muslera blocked the shot superbly.
  • 11'
    Both teams seem to be waiting for the opposition to make a mistake and this does not look like happening any time soon as some water-tight defending has been the order of the day so far.
  • 9'
    MORIMOTO! The Japanese ran down the left and tried to put in a low cross for Mascara in the box, but his delivery was cut out by Stefan Radu.
  • 7'
    Zarate is caught in an offside position after Hernanes tried to release him just outside the penalty box. That was a great pass, indeed.
  • 5'
    Pablo Alvarez concedes a corner after he tried to dispossess Zarate on the right wing, near the byline.
  • 3'
    Mauri with a try to sent Zarate through in the box, but his mishit pass ends in Andujar's hands ...
  • 1'
    The first half begins ...
  • Hello and welcome to's live coverage of today's clash between Lazio and Catania. It promises to be an exciting affair, so stay tuned!