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Serie A

  • December 3, 2011
  • • 19:45
  • • Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano
  • Referee: A. Gervasoni
  • • Attendance: 56000

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 4'
    The game is over! Inter lose again at home, for the first time to Udinese since 1957! I hope you enjoyed the match, at least more than Ranieri's men, who are now languishing in the table. Udinese go top along with Milan. Thank you for joining us here on!
  • 90' + 3'
    Samuel heads the ball down for Stankovic in the box, and he takes a volley but skies the shot! How many times has he buried those!
  • 90' + 2'
    Inter are throwing everyone forward- even Samuel is taking on the Udinese defence at the moment!
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionAntonio Di Natale L. Ekstrand
  • 90' + 1'
    Di Natale taken off for Ekstrano. Udinese are still 1-0 up here tonight in what's turned into quite an unbelievable game.
  • 90'
    Yellow/Red Damiano Ferronetti
  • 90'
    FERRONETTI SENT OFF! The defender has been sent off by the referee and both teams are now down to 10 men! These last 10 minutes have been unreal!
  • 89'
    Missed Penalty Giampaolo Pazzini
  • 88'
    Yellow Card Damiano Ferronetti
  • 88'
    INTER WIN A PENALTY! WHAT AN END TO THE GAME WE HAVE!!! Milito goes down in the area after a rash challenge from Ferronetti, though the defender had won the ball.
  • 86'
    Missed Penalty Antonio Di Natale
  • 86'
    Penalty save Julio César
  • 86'
    Yellow/Red Javier Zanetti
  • 86'
    JULIO CESAR SAVES THE PENALTY! Di Natale drives his shot low and to the left but Cesar guesses right and parries it out! Inter are not buried yet!
  • 85'
    ZANETTI SENT OFF! And THAT'S how you know it's all going downhill! The Inter captain gets a second yellow for taking down Asamoah in the box. Classy as ever, he does not complain and shakes the referee's hand. Penalty to Udinese!
  • 84'
    Yellow Card Giampiero Pinzi
  • 84'
    Pinzi booked for an awful challenge on Stankovic that took place earlier. The referee delayed handing out the card to allow play to continue,
  • 83'
    And that's nearly a second there! A fantastic pass is slid across the face of goal and Di Natale somehow failed to get on the end of that. Udinese look more likely to score at the moment.
  • 82'
    Yellow Card Thiago Motta
  • 82'
    Motta's booked for a very cynical challenge on Isla, although the Udinese player definitely drew that from the midfielder.
  • 81'
    Less than 10 minutes left for Inter to somehow salvage this and prevent another awful result in what's turning into a disaster of a season.
  • 80'
    SubstitutionCristian Chivu Dejan Stankovic
  • 79'
    Zarate nearly bursts into the box but that's a fantastic challenge from Udinese to prevent a potential shot.
  • 77'
    It's a full scale assault on the goal now by Inter as Ranieri's men are ferociously chasing for an equalizer.
  • 74'
    Milito tries to immediately respond for Ranieri's men and earns a corner. Handanovic rushes out and parries the corner out for a throw in. Inter have about 15 minutes to respond now.
  • 73'
    Assist Antonio Floro Flores
  • 73'
    Goal M. Isla
    GOALLLLL ISLA! Di Natale was at the centre of that, causing all kinds of headaches for Ranocchia and Samuel. Floro Flores slots a perfect cross to Isla in the box who doesn't miss from a close range! The away side are ahead!
  • 71'
    Thiago Motta rifles an Inter free-kick just over the bar! Moments later Pazzini turns and takes a shot that goes just wide, but replays show he used his hand in the buildup.
  • 70'
    That was nearly the first goal of the match! Isla and Di Natale race through the Inter defense and the latter nearly scores, but his shot was deflected enough by Julio Cesar so that Samuel could clear it. The flag went up very late, so it would have been offside anyway.
  • 69'
    Floro Flores rifles in a shot that pings off a few defenders before being collected by Julio Cesar.
  • 67'
    Inter have a free kick outside of Udinese's box. The first attempt is re-taken as the referee has some words with Samuel, and the second is punched out by Handanovic.
  • 66'
    The captain is far from injured, however, as he races to close down Armero on the left. His tackle gives a corner to Udinese and Basta gets the ball in the box but can't get a shot off!
  • 65'
    Zanetti down again after Pinzi catches him during a slide tackle, and the captain is hobbling a bit as he gets on his feet.
  • 64'
    Yellow Card Pablo Armero
    Armero booked for a poor tackle from behind on Zanetti, who goes down in visible pain. He's back on his feet now, however.
  • 63'
    Another chance for Udinese as Asamoah has acres of space on the left and is in possession. He cuts the ball across the box and it ends up at the feet of Di Natale, who's offside.
  • 62'
    SubstitutionGabriel Torje Antonio Floro Flores
  • 62'
    SubstitutionD. Faraoni Mauro Zárate
    Very nice passing from Udinese nearly cuts open Inter but Zanetti gets a touch to the ball which lets it sail into Cesar's arms. Faraoni is down, looking a bit tired, and Zarate comes on for the youngster who's had a solid match. Floro Flores is coming on for Torje as Guidolin makes his first change as well.
  • 60'
    Solid defending from Ranocchia to deny Di Natale a chance to run up the pitch. Over on the sideline, Ranieri is giving instructions to Zarate who looks ready to come on.
  • 58'
    That's an awful error from Julio Cesar! Di Natale takes another shot from further away, and it's right at the Inter goalie. The keeper tries to gather the ball but it bounces off of his gloves and rolls dangerously on the floor! Luckily, it's spinning away from the goal and the keeper is able to control it on his second attempt.
  • 57'
    The game is being played with a frantic pace in the midfield. Di Natale fools both of Inter's centre-backs and gets a fortunate deflection from Zanetti that allows him to take a shot on goal.
  • 55'
    Almost immediately on the other side, Pazzini has a header of his own after a great cross from Samuel of all players, though his attempt on goal goes wide.
  • 54'
    Torje gets into a great position in the box and fires a header on goal but it's right at Julio Cesar.
  • 53'
    Chivu walks off the pitch and appears to be fine, and he and Torje are both allowed back on the field.
  • 52'
    Chivu is down after colliding in the box and the medics are rushed onto the pitch. The play leading up to that challenge was rather controversial, as it began once Torje nipped the ball away from Pazzini. The striker believed he had won a free kick and was waiting for the referee's whistle.
  • 51'
    Asamoah is taken down rather cynically by Cambiasso and Udinese are awarded a free kick in their half.
  • 49'
    Pazzini drops very deep to help Faraoni beget an Inter attack but it's ultimately futile as Udinese gain possession and attack themselves.
  • 48'
    Yellow Card Javier Zanetti
    Ranocchia plays a very poor pass to Zanetti that Armero easily intercepts in a very dangerous area. The captain has no choice but to make a tactical foul and brings down Armero to prevent him from racing through on goal. The captain gets a rare booking and little comes of the ensuing free kick.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionRicardo Álvarez Yuto Nagatomo
    Yuto Nagatomo has come on for Alvarez, who gets subbed off at halftime once again. Other than that the two teams are unchanged for the beginning of the second half.
  • 45' + 2'
    That'll be a controversial moment should Udinese fail to win, and the whistle is blown for half-time. Inter are marginally on top though the away side look very dangerous whenever they counter. Join us in 15 for the second half!
  • 45' + 1'
    In the first of two extra time minutes, Zanetti tries a belter from 30 yards out but his shot goes high and wide. On the replay it shows that Motta could've conceded a penalty from the last corner- his hands hit the ball- but the referee either failed to spot it or deemed that it was unintentional, as the midfielder was shielding his face. Nevertheless, that easily could've been called.
  • 45'
    It's end to end here now as Torje draws another corner from Samuel. Di Natale takes this one, which takes a combination of Motta and Cambiasso to clear it.
  • 44'
    Tireless Javier Zanetti leads a terrific charge through the midfield and it ends in a corner after the captain himself gets on the end of the ball and just misses a shot. From the corner, Samuel gets a head to the ball but can only direct it right to Handanovic. Nevertheless this is much better from the home side.
  • 42'
    Milito does very well to use his strength and run parallel to the goal before he can play a pass that gets deflected out for a corner. It gets to Alvarez who plays in a great cross. Danilo however clears everything that Inter throw at Udinese.
  • 41'
    Udinese try to get into Inter's box but Basta is flagged offside.
  • 39'
    Pinzi down after a shove from Zanetti and now Udinese have a free kick. With about five minutes to go, the game has been rather cagey, but it's the home side who have had the better chances thus far.
  • 37'
    Cambiasso wins a free kick in Udinese's half after going down from Pinzi's challenge. Alvarez plays it in and it's cleared, but only back to him. He plays it wide to Faraoni who plays a great cross in, but somehow Pazzini stumbles over himself and fails to fire a shot in!
  • 36'
    Chivu tries to take a thrown-in further up the pitch than the referee would like, and he's forced to step back and take it deeper in his half. Samuel does well to intercept a pass that would have sent Di Natale free behind him.
  • 34'
    Pazzini tries a volley on target but he mis-cues the shot and it sails over Handanovic's goal.
  • 33'
    A poor mistake by Motta gifts Udinese possession right near Inter's box, and Torje capitalizes on the opportunity to force a sliding tackle out of Samuel and win a corner. The routine doesn't go as planned and Cesar eventually takes the goal-kick.
  • 32'
    Little comes of the corner and Inter's spell of possession ends when Chivu overhits a cross right to Handanovic.
  • 31'
    Inter well and truly on top now as the side earn a corner from Faraoni's cross. Cambiasso is absolutely bossing the midfield at the moment.
  • 30'
    So close from Inter! Motta plays a fantastic one-two with Milito and gets the return pass just outside the box. He toe pokes his shot right at Handanovic before running into the keeper. That was not far away at all from being the opening goal of the match!
  • 29'
    Inter looking increasingly dangerous now, and Ranieri's men have a free kick yards outside the box. Milito drives in a powerful shot but it misses the crossbar, although not by much.
  • 27'
    Marvelous skill from Pazzini to keep possession and turn away from two Udinese challengers. He goes over easy immediately afterwards and wins his side a free kick.
  • 25'
    Udinese play great football around the Inter box but Di Natale can't get his shot off! Inter try to counter but Armero has made an incredible run back to defend and manages to clear. Moments later Milito is called offside incorrectly as the striker was racing to get on the end of a long ball.
  • 24'
    Asamoah does well to poke the ball away from Pazzini and get possession back from his side. The away side's tactics are working perfectly, as they continually double up on Inter and give the side no time on the ball.
  • 23'
    Another Udinese attack gone begging! Di Natale is marginally offside as he gets the ball in the box, and Inter are left thanking the linesman as the defence is being torn to shreds at the moment.
  • 22'
    A fantastic touch from Di Natale sends Isla clear through on goal, although the striker was offside. It isn't called, and Isla makes it to the box before firing a shot that sails past the near post.
  • 20'
    Better movement from the home side now as Pazzini is drawing defenders out instead of remaining static. Udinese don't seem to mind as their gameplan is clearly to hit on the counter, and they nearly do before Di Natale is called offside.
  • 19'
    Inter truly missing the trickery and passing of Sneijder at the moment. Armero races down the flank, trying to get past Zanetti, but Inter get the ball back soon enough.
  • 18'
    Inter playing solid football and patiently trying to build up an attack, but Udinese aren't budging at all. Frustrated, Alvarez tries a long range shot that whizzes far over the crossbar.
  • 16'
    And how did Milito miss that?! Zanetti plays a wonderful ball into the Udinese box and it lands right at Milito's feet. With space and time he takes a shot but it fails to even test Handanovic!
  • 15'
    Udinese take a very quick thrown in: Di Natale tries to play Torje in behind the defence but the pass is overhit. Julio Cesar is able to scoop it up easily.
  • 14'
    Cambiasso does very well to cover for Samuel, who was temporarily out of position, and prevent Di Natale's pass from getting through. Neither side are holding onto the ball well at the moment.
  • 12'
    Julio Cesar does well to hold Torje's shot as he just managed to get his foot to the ball between Ranocchia and Samuel.
  • 11'
    The speed of that attack was breath-taking: Udinese are opening Inter's defence with two passes, whereas the home side, with all their possession, are having a tougher time doing likewise to Udinese.
  • 10'
    Benatia plays a pass back to Handanovic after Pazzini's turn put the defender in trouble, but the goalkeeper is forced to clear the ball out for a throw in. Nothing comes of it and Udinese counter again, with Torje getting to the byline and whipping in a fantastic cross that just misses Di Natale!
  • 9'
    Basta is down after another nasty challenge from Chivu, and the only reason the Inter player isn't in the book yet is presumably because his challenges have come so early in the game. It was another elbow, albeit Basta did make a meal of it.
  • 8'
    Basta is very lively on the right flank as he attempts to drive his side forward relentlessly. Milito tries a first time volley from a very wide angle after a long ball from Zanetti but his shot sails very far off target.
  • 6'
    Udinese's first attack is dangerous! Only a slip at the end prevented a shot there. The home side immediately counter but their cross is poor.
  • 5'
    Solid from Inter thus far in the match- the home side are definitely on top and Udinese have yet to truly wake up. Torje is back on the pitch, his injury seemingly taken care of, and he forces Motta to play the ball straight out of bounds.
  • 4'
    Milito lays the ball off for Pazzini outside the box, and the Italian takes a strike but his shot is blocked by the Udinese defense.
  • 2'
    Chivu goes into an aerial challenge with a flying elbow and whacks Torje on the mouth. The Udinese player is bleeding and has to be taken off the pitch. Nasty from the Inter defender there, and lucky to avoid a yellow.
  • 1'
    And we're off! Both sides are playing in their traditional kits- Inter black and blue and Udinese black and white. The home side win a corner less than 30 seconds into the game and it takes a flying Handanovic hit to parry the ball away.
  • Mere minutes away from kick-off now. Will Udinese be able to capitalize on an Inter team deprived of Sneijder and Lucio? Can Inter break down the best defensive unit in Serie A this season?
  • Udinese have a few injuries of their own to deal with- as Domizzi, Coda, and Barreto are all out for the match, as well as Abdi. Romanian winger Torje will slot in as a trequartisa behind the ever potent Toto Di Natale. Udinese (3-5-1-1): Handanovic; Benatia, Danilo, Ferronetti; Basta, Isla, Pinzi, Asamoah, Armero; Torje; Di Natale Subs: Padelli, Badu, Ekstrand, Pasquale, Doubai, Fabbrini, Floro Flores
  • The line ups are in. The home side have decided to bench Zarate and go with Alvarez, Pazzini, and Milito up top. Ranieri has given a rare start to Marco Faraoni in midfield, although the 20-year-old usually plays as a fullback. Interesting tinkering as ever from Ranieri! Inter (4-3-1-2): Julio Cesar; Zanetti, Ranocchia, Samuel, Chivu; Faraoni, Thiago Motta, Cambiasso; Alvarez; Pazzini, Milito Subs: Castellazzi, Cordoba, Stankovic, Poli, Zarate, Castaignos, Nagatomo
  • However both sides head into the match on form after winning their last matches. Udinese recorded a solid home win over Roma with two second half goals, and Inter manged to triumph away at Siena thanks to a late stunner from Castaignos.
  • Inter however have been rather poor at home this year, winning twice, drawing once, and losing twice. The team have scored less than a goal per game at the San Siro and have allowed six in five matches.
  • The away side may be higher on the table, but there are a few things Udinese must watch out for, chief amongst them being match fatigue, given their Europa League exploits this past Wednesday. The side have only won a single game away from home all season in six attempts, against Lecce, and have allowed five goals whilst scoring three.
  • Francesco Guidolin also said the game was the most difficult of Udinese's season, and the coach stated that he sees an Inter side getting back on track. The Nerazzurri have not failed to score at home against Udinese since 1957!
  • Pre match, the Inter tactician praised his side's adversaries, claiming the game would be the most difficult of his tenure thus far. Inter are not used to beginning the season so poorly, but can take solace in the fact that they're record against Udinese has been very strong in recent times.
  • Welcome to's match coverage of Inter-Udinese! It's an absolutely massive clash at the San Siro tonight. The third placed visitors travel to Milan in hopes of continuing their title challenge, but Claudio Ranieri's men have been resurgent in recent weeks and will be disparate to gain points, being already 13 behind first placed Juventus.