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Club Friendlies

  • August 1, 2014
  • • 01:00
  • • Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey
  • Referee: J. Rivero
  • • Attendance: 25023

Live Commentary

  • That's about my cue folks, I've been Keeghann Sinanan and it's been a pleasure.
  • Hardly Bayern at their most vintage, but like so many times before, they found a way to win. Chivas definitely improved in the second half and created their fair share of danger, but could not profit when presented with chances.
  • Victory for Bayern in the first game of the Audi Football Summit. Pizarro was the match winner, with his first half finish from a corner standing as the only goal of the game.
  • 90' + 4'
    That's it! Full time here.
  • 90' + 3'
    Scholl seems determined to get his name on the scoresheet before all is said and done. He has a go from nearly 30 yards, but Michel doesn't have to move as it sails over.
  • 90' + 2'
    OFFSIDE, AND A GOAL RULED OUT! Shaqiri does well to draw three defenders at the top of the box, before slipping a deft pass into Scholl. The 18-year-old slots come confidently, but the flag is up, and replays suggest that he was just a step ahead of the last man.
  • 90' + 1'
    Into the first of three added minutes at the end of this game. Chivas look to be out of ideas and are fast running out of time. They need to get the ball forward as quickly as possible, but Bayern have a throw in their half.
  • 89'
    SubstitutionJavi Martínez Ylli Sallahi
  • 89'
    Substitution number five by Bayern, as Sallahi, with only one senior competitive appearance to his name (vs Augsburg last season), comes on for Martinez, who ran his socks off all game.
  • 88'
    Napoles has made a real impression since coming onto the pitch and for the second time, he gets the better of Rafinha. This time though, the Brazilian doesn't go down without a fight. He blatantly trips up the substitute and gets his name taken by the official.
  • 87'
    Yellow Card Rafinha
  • 87'
    Shaqiri is the one to take charge of the set piece but I guess the free kick was too close to goal even for his left footed aim, which did not need to bypass the wall. He gets it up, but can't get it down in time. Goalkick.
  • 86'
    Substitute Solis picks up the latest yellow card of the game for a clumsy lunge into Hojbjerg, who had him beat for pace. Deserved booking, and a free kick almost on the 18 yard line, dead centre.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionFranck Ribéry Diego Contento
  • 84'
    Yellow Card E. Solís
  • 84'
    It's the end of Lewandowski's evening as Lucas Scholl, son of former Germany and Bayern regular Mehmet Scholl, replaces the Pole. Ribery's also a departee, with the versatile Contento coming on in his stead.
  • 83'
    SubstitutionRobert Lewandowski Lucas Scholl
  • 82'
    That was BY FAR the best opening of this game outside of Pizarro's goal. Unbelievable really that Fierro hasn't profited, but all the praise should be directed to Winterfell, home of the Starke boy.
  • 80'
    MAGNIFICENT SAVE FROM STARKE! Napoles leads the counter brilliantly, advancing down the left and spotting Fierro in the box. His ball is perfect, over the jump of Alaba to find the striker inside the six yard area. He takes a touch and strikes, but Starke makes himself big to somehow divert it over the bar!
  • 78'
    All the noise in the stadium is in support of the Mexican side, who are still chasing this game. After a wobbly period, Bayern are attempting to return to normalcy with a series of passes amongst their defenders and midfielders to put the Chivas fire out.
  • 76'
    Nice try from Fierro! He had the beating of Alaba for pace, but the Austrian does well to catch up. However, the young striker is tenacious enough to win the ball back near the byline and immediately clips it into the six yard area, but there's no one there to profit!
  • 74'
    Ribery is fouled quite blatantly here after he was tugged back from advancing down the left. The referee brandishes a yellow card without much hesitation, it was that obvious.
  • 73'
    Yellow Card Jesús Enrique Sánchez
  • 73'
    Change of goalkeeper here for Chivas as Rodriguez replaces Michel. More subs in the offing from the Mexican side, with Toledo replacing Arce, while Napoles comes on for Bravo.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionF. Arce J. Toledo
  • 72'
    SubstitutionO. Bravo S. Nápoles
  • 71'
    SubstitutionA. Rodriguez L. Michel
  • 71'
    Shaqiri keeps trying to push the tempo and take on his man. In his latest foray down the right, he beats his first marker all ends up but can't catch up with the ball in time to take it past the second.
  • 69'
    Bayern certainly look a lot more natural with Shaqiri on the pitch. He's added the genuine wide threat that even Ribery could not always offer. That in turn has given Lewandowski leave to do what he does best, dropping deep in central positions to play with his back to goal.
  • 67'
    Smart play from Lewandowski, who drops off into a deep position to get the ball and run at the defence. He always has eyes for Rafinha though, and picks out the Brazilian's run with a great diagonal ball. Rafinha flashes a cross towards the far post, but there's no takers.
  • 65'
    Fierro in particular will be interesting to watch. The 20-year-old has been highly regarded for a long time, ever since winning the 2011 U-17 World Cup with Mexico. He's not broken into the senior El Tri side yet, but the future is certainly bright for the striker.
  • 64'
    SubstitutionI. Castro Jorge Enríquez
  • 63'
    SubstitutionA. De Nigris C. Fierro
  • 63'
    SubstitutionC. Rodriguez E. Solís
  • 63'
    De Nigris comes off and Fierro comes on for Chivas, while Rodriguez departs for Solis. There's just enough time for another Chivas change, as 23-year-old Enriquez comes on for Castro.
  • 62'
    Ribery has looked out of sorts in this second half. He led a three on two break for Bayern and had Shaqiri streaking free down the middle, but he kills the momentum of the attack with a poor pass. That's twice now he's failed to execute on very promising breaks.
  • 60'
    Lewandowski has moved centrally, allowing Shaqiri the responsibility to push high up the touchline and stretch the defence on the flanks, much like the Pole did at times in the first half.
  • 58'
    Here comes Shaqiri, who has already seen his name in lights this summer thanks to his hat trick against Honduras in the World Cup. He replaces Pizarro, who did his job as ever by putting the ball in the back of the net. Still the only goal of this match.
  • 57'
    SubstitutionClaudio Pizarro Xherdan Shaqiri
  • 57'
    Oh dear. Bayern have a great chance to break at pace down the left hand side. Hojbjerg tees it up well for Ribery to continue his run and he charges into the box. Only problem is he's left the ball behind in the care of the Chivas defence.
  • 55'
    Badstuber slots right into the back three. Instead of expanding to include the substitute, the early signs point towards Martinez pushing forward to assume the midfield role vacated by Rode.
  • 53'
    SubstitutionSebastian Rode Holger Badstuber
  • 53'
    Didn't take long for Pep to pull the trigger on a sub. On comes that man Badstuber to replace Rode, and also making an appearance is Shaqiri, whose arrival is imminent.
  • 51'
    This has been an excellent start to the second half for Guadalajara. They've kept Bayern defending for almost the entire period since the restart. Can they make their new-found dominance count?
  • 49'
    Rodriguez has two bites of the cherry to get a good ball into the area. He does a good job of getting in behind his man on the left, but his first cross is blocked, and his second attempt can't find a teammate before a defender gets to it!
  • 47'
    Both managers decide to save me some work, or at least spread it out over the second half. No changes for Bayern yet, and only one for Chivas. Off goes Pereira, who was flirting with a sending off, and into the fray steps defender Nestor Vidrio.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionJ. Pereira N. Vidrio
  • 46'
    Here we go again!
  • Still, Bayern have been the better side, with Chivas lacking direction on the rare occasion that they manage to enter the opposition half. It should be a concern for Guardiola that they haven't created more genuine chances though.
  • The Bavarians lack a cutting edge though. Ribery has occasionally threatened to burst into life on the left, but on a few occasions, he chose the conservative option when terrorizing the full back might have been more effective.
  • Plenty of possession for Bayern but only one goal at the end of it - from a dead ball scenario to boot. Pizarro headed in a corner early on to put Guardiola's men on the front foot.
  • 45' + 1'
    Sanchez switches the play to the left flank, but it's not brought under control by Rodriguez, going out for a throw. And with that, the referee decides that he's seen enough for one half.
  • 45'
    One extra minute confirmed to end this half, as Bayern push forward in search of a killer blow right at the end of this half. It doesn't look likely to come though, the players are barely breaking past jogging pace.
  • 43'
    There was a hint of an arm against a Bayern man that has Guardiola remonstrating furiously to the fourth official. Hojbjerg was the man felled, but replays suggest that the contact was innocuous. The referee again prefers to keep his cards in his pocket.
  • 41'
    PEREIRA IS LUCKY TO STILL BE ON THE PITCH! He gets involved in some afters with Lewandowski after a challenge, and shoves the Pole in plain sight of the referee. He's already on a yellow, remember, but the match official decides to be lenient. It is a friendly after all.
  • 39'
    Guardiola looks like he already has his mind on the second half, and the changes that he might make at the break. Bayern are missing a lot of players due to their respective breaks after the World Cup, but there's still a lot of depth to be had.
  • 37'
    Chivas are starting to manage a little more with the ball than frantically playing hot potato around the halfway line. They've even coaxed Pizarro back into his own half to do a bit of tracking!
  • 35'
    The game has hit a bit of a lull in recent moments. Chivas have wrested control of the ball back from Bayern but are having real trouble navigating around the opposition's high defensive line. It's forcing them into a lot of bad decisions, the kind you make after a heavy night out on the town.
  • 33'
    Lewandowski looks a little shot already. He's had a rather thankless task up front even with all of Bayern's possession. What a pickup he was for Bayern though from Dortmund - on a free transfer and with the added bonus of weakening your greatest domestic rivals!
  • 31'
    THERE'S ONE! Pizarro ties of the waves of mesmerizing possession and decides to take matters into his own hands. With a swing of his right, he drills a 25-yarder at goal that has Rodriguez scrambling and just whistles past the post!
  • 29'
    Chivas enjoy what was probably their best spell of the match in the last few moments. They fail to even come close to troubling Starke though. Not exactly a match chock full of goalscoring chances.
  • 28'
    Yellow Card Javi Martínez
  • 27'
    First sign of Martinez' weakness playing as a defender. Moving out to the right side of the back line, he gets done for pace by Reyna, and is forced to commit the foul. Deserved call, though the yellow card that followed was a little harsh.
  • 24'
    SHOULD HAVE BEEN TWO! Ribery is really starting to boss the left flank. He glides past two challenges and sweetly shifts his body to ping the ball low inside the area with his right boot. Pizarro is on hand to apply the finish, but he places it the wrong side of the post!
  • 22'
    Yellow Card J. Pereira
  • 22'
    First yellow card of the game and it unsurprisingly goes to a Chivas player. Pereira is the man cautioned, after trying in vain to cleanly tackle the streaking Ribery, who had him beat for speed.
  • 20'
    Chivas win the rarest of respites with a corner, but they can't get the delivery past the head of Martinez at the near post. Alaba and Rafinha aren't exactly the most dominant players in the air, so the Mexican outfit should be taking better advantage of their dead ball opportunities.
  • 18'
    One benefit of a five man midfield is the absolute suffocation that it offers due to the sheer weight of numbers in the middle. Bayern certainly don't need any lessons on how to monopolize the ball, but the initial concern would be the lack of penetration at the end of all their possession.
  • 16'
    A lot of Lewandowski's forays forward have come down the right hand side so far. He's often the first outlet down that flank, with Ribery doing the same on the opposite side. Pizarro is the one sticking centrally.
  • 14'
    The high pressure from Bayern is really unsettling the Chivas players. Lewandowski is leading the press from the front, and even the defensive line of the Mexican side is having trouble getting rid of the ball in a composed manner.
  • 12'
    Local fans at the Red Bull Arena will be eager to see if Julian Green gets a run out tonight. He's a big prospect in many US fans' eyes, especially after his extra-time goal for his country in their gripping 2-1 loss to Belgium in the World Cup just gone by. There's lots of talk of him going on loan for the upcoming season.
  • 10'
    Assist Franck Ribéry
  • 10'
    Goal Claudio Pizarro
    Simple as you like! The corner comes in from the left hand side, and Pizarro who latches onto Ribery's delivery to sneak a header in at the near post! There was a hint of a touch off a Chivas man, but there was no denying Pizarro there!
  • 9'
  • 7'
    Chivas are really struggling to avert the Bayern possession machine. Ribery has seen a lot of the ball on the left hand side and he's requiring a double team at every opportunity from the defence.
  • 5'
    Not the first time that the Red Bull Arena has seen some pre-season action this summer from European bigwigs. The main talk was the visit of Arsenal to play former legend Thierry Henry and his New York Red Bulls team. The MLS side were victors thanks to Bradley Wright-Phillips lone goal.
  • 3'
    You're not going to believe this, but Bayern are controlling all of the possession here. It's going to be interesting watching how Pizarro and Lewandowski dovetail up top. You would expect the former Dortmund man to be the more mobile of the two in terms of link up play.
  • 1'
    Here we go then!
  • Former Brazilian Bayern ballers Giovane Elber and Paulo Sergio join skiing champ Maria Höfl-Riesch to present the match ball to the referees to kick off the pre-match festivities. Which end right after. That was brief.
  • In the time-honoured tradition of pre-season, kickoff has been delayed. Bear with us folks, we'll be underway in just a sec.
  • Guardiola's three man defence did work to devastating effect against Wolfsburg last time out. Perhaps that's why he opted to continue with it instead of dropping one of his five midfielders to line up with Badstuber next to Martinez at the back, flanked by Alaba and Rafinha.
  • What surprises me the most about this Bayern team is the absence of Holger Badstuber from the starting XI. The defender is in DIRE need of match practice after missing the best part of the last two years with injury.
  • Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, described the US market as “one of the most important in the world." It's no wonder then that Bayern have several media and marketing events planned during their stateside stay. In the last few seasons we've seen so many European heavy-hitters tour the US pre-season for the very purpose of building their brand in a market that still has a lot of potential to grow.
  • This is the first of the two games that make up Bayern's Audi Summer Tour of the United States. They've also lined up a friendly against an MLS All Star XI in a few days, with their flights home booked for August 7.
  • Guardiola has given a chance to some of his fronge players and youngsters to make a name for themselves. Tom Starke is in goal, although to be fair he has little chance of displacing Manuel Neuer any time soon. Pierre Hojbjerg, Gianluca Gaudino, and two new boys in Sebastian Rode and Juan Bernat are all given a chance to impress in an inexperienced midfield.
  • Interesting lineup from Pep Guardiola, who opts to go with three at the back. Javi Martinez once again starts in defence, despite the widely held belief (and evidence) that he's much better off as a holding midfielder. Franck Ribery will continue to prove his fitness in midfield, while Claudio Pizarro will share the attacking burden with new signing Robert Lewandowski.
  • Chivas (4-5-1): A Rodriguez; Salcido, C Rodriguez, Pereira, Arce; Castro, Araújo, Reyna, Omar Bravo, Aldo de Nigris; Sánchez.
  • Bayern (3-5-2): Starke; Rafinha, Martínez, Alaba; Guadino, Rode, Bernat, Hojbjerg, Ribéry; Pizarro, Lewandowski.
  • Hello and welcome to another night of pre-season action, as Guadalajara take on Bayern Munich. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, your guide for all the action.