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WC Qualification Europe

  • September 7, 2012
  • • 19:45
  • • HDI-Arena, Hannover
  • Referee: B. Madden
  • • Attendance: 32769

Live Commentary

  • An inspired Mesut Ozil grabbed two second half goals to seal the win for Germany here. I've been Alex Mott, thanks for joining me.
  • 90' + 2'
    And that's it. The referee blows for full time, and the scoreline here in Hannover is Germany 3-0 Faroe Islands.
  • 90'
    We'll have two minutes of added time here.
  • 88'
    Oh dear. Schurrle attacks down the left. Crosses to the far post, where Faero heads back to the edge of the area. Khedira runs in to hit it first time, but his shot goes about a mile over the bar.
  • 87'
    SubstitutionMario Götze Julian Draxler
  • 86'
    There's really very little to say at this moment in time. Germany are keeping the ball at will, and the Faroe Islands are letting them have it. It's as simple as that.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionJohan Edmundsson Klæmint Olsen
  • 83'
    CORRR! I'll tell you what. That is some effort from Christian Holst. The Silkeborg midfielder has a speculative shot from 35 yards for the Faroe Islands, but the effort is spilled by Neuer, and nearly backspins into the net. The Bayern keeper stops it just in time though.
  • 81'
    The corner's taken, this time by Schurrle, but once again, the Faroe Islands clear the danger.
  • 80'
    It's Lahm posing the attacking threat now. The Bayern full-back gets the ball on the right-hand side of the area, and goes for the shot across goal. The effort is deflected though, and goes out for a corner kick.
  • 78'
    That's taken again by Ozil, but this time Nielsen comes out and punches away the danger.
  • 77'
    The corner comes in from Ozil, but it's headered behind by Baldvinsson for another set piece.
  • 76'
    And it's Schurrle now, trying to add his name to the score-sheet. The Leverusen forward goes on a surging run down the left, but runs out of legs slightly inside the area, and sees the ball knocked from under his feet out for a corner.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionMiroslav Klose Lukas Podolski
  • 74'
    Mesut Ozil has been the best player on the pitch by some margin. The Real Madrid man has been exceptional tonight.
  • 72'
    Assist Marco Reus
  • 72'
    Goal Mesut Özil
    GOOAALLL! And it's that man Ozil again. Receiving the ball from Reus on the edge of the area, he takes a touch, before slipping it under Nielsen from 12 yards out.
  • 69'
    It's the substitute Schurrle now with his first touch. The Leverkusen man plays a one-two with Ozil on the edge of the area, but as he receives the return ball, his touch is a poor one and goes out for a goal kick.
  • 68'
    SubstitutionThomas Müller Andre Schürrle
  • 66'
    OHHH! Again, another great effort from Ozil. Cutting in from the left, the 23-year-old shot from the edge of the area, only to see his effort tipped around the post by Nielsen.
  • 65'
    SubstitutionSímun Samuelsen Hjalgrím Elttør
  • 64'
    Almost a moment of pure class from Reus there. On the left-hand touchline, the Dortmund man cut inside, slipped a pass into the path of Klose, but the Lazio forward wasn't quit quick enough to get on the end of it.
  • 62'
    It's yet another chance for Die Mannschaft. This time, Khedira crosses from deep on the right-hand side. His pass goes towards Ozil at the far post, but the Madrid man isn't quite tall enough to get on the end of it.
  • 59'
    OFFFF! Another effort from Ozil. This time, he gets the ball 25 yards out, smashes it first time, only to see his effort go just wide of the right-hand post.
  • 57'
    It's still all Germany, and you have to wonder now, are the floodgates going to open?
  • 54'
    Assist Thomas Müller
  • 54'
    Goal Mesut Özil
    The corner comes in, but it's cleared by Lahm. It goes out towards Ozil, who gives it to Muller. The Bayern man gets the ball on the right-hand side, takes it to the byline, cuts it back to Ozil, who VOLLEYS HOME FROM 12 YARDS. 2-0. Thank you very much.
  • 53'
    For the second time this half, the Faroe Islands are counter-attacking. Olsen this time crosses from the left, but it's blocked by Mertesacker for a corner.
  • 52'
    This time it's taken in a more orthodox fashion by the former Bremen midfielder. It goes towards the head of Hummels, but the Dortmund defender puts it over the bar.
  • 51'
    Germany win a corner on the right. It's played short by Reus to Ozil. The Madrid man has it on the edge of the area, but his shot is blocked behind for another set piece.
  • 50'
    Germany come forward now with Muller. The Bayern man plays it into Klose, who tries to flick it back to the 23-year-old, but it doesn't quite come off, and the Faroe's clear.
  • 48'
    Surely not? The Faroe's are on the counter-attack. Edmundsson is flying down the left, but his eventual cross is poor, and Neuer collects easily. That was more like it.
  • 47'
    The second half has begun how the entire first half played out. It's all Germany, and it doesn't look like letting up.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionDaniel Udsen Súni Olsen
  • 46'
    We're back. And it's Germany who will kick us off, going from right-to-left in their white shirts and black shorts.
  • It's 1-0 to the Germans, and only Gunnar Nielsen knows how. The Faroes goalkeeper has been immense. Low's side should be about seven up, but how will the minnows cope in the second half? I'll be back in 15 minutes, but in the meantime, hit me up @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • And that's it! The referee blows for half time, with the scoreline here at the AWD Arena: Germany 1-0 Faroe Islands.
  • 45'
    It's whipped in from the right by Benjaminsen, and it goes towards the head of Baldvinsson. Unfortunately, he can't quite get enough power on the header, and it is cleared easily by Hummels.
  • 44'
  • 43'
    As Olsen's side try to counter, Lahm makes a late challenege on Hansson, and receives a yellow card.
  • 42'
    Yellow Card Philipp Lahm
  • 42'
    Gotze is again at the heart of everything Germany are doing well. That time, he skipped past two players, and tried to smash a cross-shot across the six yard box. No one was there though, and the Faroe's come out with the ball.
  • 40'
    It might be all Germany, but the Faroe's are still showing some heart. Khedira there, tried to surge forward from midfield, but Benjaminsen tracked back and put in a wonderful sliding challenge.
  • 38'
    The corner comes in, but it's cleared. Germany come again though, and Reus gets to the byline to cut a ball back for Klose. The Lazio forward is all alone inside the six yard box, but he blazes it over the bar.
  • 37'
    It's Klose this time, attacking down the right. He clips a cross in towards the far post, but the Faroese right-back Naes heads it behind for a corner.
  • 35'
    It's just the final ball that is letting down Germany here tonight. About three times there, a slipped pass from Ozil or Muller was slightly over or underhit. Get that right, and it could be a cricket score.
  • 33'
    Between 2004-2009, the Faroe Islands went 34 games without a win. I don't think they'll be getting one here either.
  • 31'
    Germany are coming once more. This time, Muller has it on the right-hand side, he lays it back to Khedira, who gives it square to Ozil. The Madrid man is in no rush to get a second, and plays it bak to Hummels. And Germany start again.
  • 28'
    Assist Mats Hummels
  • 28'
    Goal Mario Götze
    OH. WHAT A GOAL THAT IS! Mario Gotze runs from 25 yards out. Skips around four Faroe Island defenders, and slots it across goal, into the bottom left-hand corner of the net. 1-0.
  • 27'
    The corner comes in from Gotze on the right-hand side, but Naes clears with a good header.
  • 26'
    And again, Germany strike at goal. And again, Nielsen saves. This time, Hummels storms forward, lays in Klose, but the Lazio man fires it right at the Man. City man, who palms it around the post for a corner.
  • 24'
    Is it going to be one of those nights for Germany? They honestly could be 4-0 up by now. And yet, somehow, they're not.
  • 23'
    ANOTHER GERMAN CHANCE. And I'll tell you what, Gunnar Nielsen is having the game of his life. Again, Lahm crosses the ball. This time, Reus strikes it, but the keeper tips around the post brilliantly.
  • 21'
    OH, how have Germany not scored? Gotze wriggles his way past three Faroes defenders, gets to the byline, and cuts the ball back for Muller. The Bayern man strikes it first time from six yards, but Nielsen palms it away.
  • 19'
    OHHHH! What a chance! A superb cross from Lahm on the right-hand side goes towards the head of Klose, who gets up, and puts it over the bar from 10 yards. Of all the players.
  • 17'
    In all fairness to the Faroes, they're being incredibly disciplined at the back. Just there, Lahm had the ball on the right-hand sideline, but couldn't find an option, as the men in blue had nine men behind the ball.
  • 15'
    I'm not quite sure what to tell you. Germany are passing at will, and it looks like a matter of time before Joachim Low's side open the scoring.
  • 13'
    The corner comes in from the right-hand side, but again Nielsen is strong, and punches away this time. He really is playing well, the keeper.
  • 12'
    It's still all Germany, as Badstuber puts in a teasing cross from the left, but Nielsen tips the ball away for a corner.
  • 10'
    Another chance for Germany. This time, Lahm lays Khedira in, inside the area. But the Real Madrid man's shot-on-the-turn can't find the target.
  • 8'
    OHHHH. First chance for Germany, but it's a great save from Nielsen. Reus was slipped in by Ozil, on the right-hand side of the area, but the Dortmund forward couldn't quite get his shot past the Manchester City keeper.
  • 7'
    This is in no way sarcastic, but the Faroes are doing quite well here. Some nice interplay between Holst and Edmundsson saw the minnows up within 25 yards of the German goal, but Hummels was there again to shepherd away any danger.
  • 6'
    I hope you're not midway through a sip of water.....because of the Faroe Islands ARE IN GERMANY'S AREA. Not for long though, as Mats Humels heads clear.
  • 5'
    Ozil takes it, but the shot clips the top of the wall, and goes straight into the hands of the keeper.
  • 4'
    Yellow Card Rógvi Baldvinsson
  • 4'
    It's already looking ominous for the Faroes. Muller there skips past Baldvinsson, who brings him down on the edge of the area and concedes a free kick.
  • 3'
    Lahm is playing at right-back tonight, and is already causing problems. There, he bombs down the right-hand side and puts in a cross, but Nielsen comes out and collects well.
  • 2'
    And they have immediately given it away. A long ball from Hansson goes out for a throw in, and Low's side have possession for the first time. From the throw, Maertesacker sees the run of Klose, but the Lazio man is given offside.
  • 1'
    Here we go then. Faroe Islands get us underway, kicking from right-to-left in their all-blue kit.
  • The Faroes have already belted theirs out, now its Germany's turn to sing their anthem. And the crowd are loving it.
  • Here we go then. The players are leaving the tunnel, and are preparing to belt out the national anthems.
  • 10 minutes until kick off here in Hannover, and the atmosphere is bubbling under nicely. How do you think the match will go this eveving? Get hold of me @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • Faroe Islands (4-5-1): Nielsen; Naes, Baldvinsson, Faero, Justinussen; Udsen, Benjaminsen, Hansson, Holst, Samuelsen; Edmundsson
  • TEAM NEWS: It's attack, attack, attack for Germany. Klose, Reus, Gotze, Muller and Ozil all start. It's not looking good for Lars Olsen's side At the back, Schmelzer was meant to start, but a late injury has seen Mertesacker come in at centre back. Germany (4-2-3-1): Neuer; Lahm, Hummels, Mertesacker, Badstuber; Khedira, Gotze; Muller, Ozil, Reus; Klose
  • In case you were wondering how one-sided tonight's game could be, a quick check of the odds shows me that the Germans are 1/100 to win!
  • As always, I'd love to hear what you think's going to happen here in Hannover tonight/ How many are Germany going to win by? 4? 6? 8? Let me know @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • A quick look through the squads for tonight's game makes for interesting reading. Germany have only called up one recognised striker in Miroslav Klose, and the Lazio striker is the only man in the squad over 30. Faroe Islands meanwhile are full of over-30's: Frooi Benjaminsen for example, is 34, the captain and the team's top-scorer. With five international goals.
  • I say stranger, but if the Faroes beat Germany tonight that'll be the strangest. The Nordic minnows have won just four international games since the turn of the millennium and are currently 153 in the Fifa World Rankings.
  • Faroe Islands have played Germany just twice in their history, losing both encounters and scoring just one goal. However, their coach is Lars Olsen, and he was the captain when Denmark upset the odds to beat the Germans 2-1 in the Euro 1992 final. Stranger things have happened ladies and gentlemen.
  • Die Mannschaft qualified for that tournament with 10 wins out of 10. And their last defeat when qualifying for a major tournament - last defeat - came in October 2007! Just let that wash over you for a moment.
  • This is Joachim Low's side's first competitive game since that loss to Italy in the semi-finals of Euro 2012. Remember? Balotelli, shirt off, etc. Well that defeat brought to an end their world record 15-match winning-streak in competitive internationals.
  • Good evening everyone, and welcome to's LIVE, play-by-play, coverage of Germany vs Faroe Islands all the way from the AWD Arena in Hannover. I'm Alex Mott, and I'll be your commentator for tonight's Group C clash