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  • June 7, 2014
  • • 21:45
  • • Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
  • Referee: R. Salazar
  • • Attendance: 45379

Live Commentary

  • That's my cue, bye for now!
  • More frustration for England, who dominated long periods of this game, but cold not pull out as winners. They've now drawn both games in this stopover in Miami. The 45 minute delay for a thunderstorm certainly didn't help, but with Honduras down to 10 men for a large part of the second half, it generally wasn't good enough from Hodgson's men. Honduras were dogged defensively, which should serve them well in what looks like a tough group.
  • 90' + 2'
    Some later fluttering in injury time come to naught as Honduras hold on for the draw! Goalless at full time.
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionE. Izaguirre Mario Martínez
  • 90'
    LALLANA! Late chance for England as Wilshere feeds Barkley, who tees a ball into the box for the Southampton man. They've both been excellent, the two young midfielders off the bench. However, Valladares is off his line quickly to block Lallana's attempted finish!
  • 88'
    Time really ebbing away here as Honduras enjoy a rare counter attack, led by Izaguirre, but he cannot shake off the attentions of a crowd of players. How would England have reacted if Honduras had scored?
  • 87'
    SubstitutionR. Espinoza Juan Carlos García
  • 86'
    Espinoza has had an excellent game for Honduras, playing with commitment in both halves of the field. And he goes off to a warm reception from the Honduran contingent in the stands, as Garcia replaces him for the final stretch. A bit more defensive, that change.
  • 84'
    England continue to dominate the ball in the final stages here, but at the end of the day, it's not looking like they have that one goal in them. Honduras have done almost all the hard work and are nearly there.
  • 83'
    SubstitutionJordan Henderson Frank Lampard
  • 82'
    Veteran on here, as Henderson departs for Lampard, who comes on for his 105th international cap. He's set to leave Chelsea this summer too, and this may be one of his final appearances for the national team. End of an era feel to it, don't you think?
  • 80'
    OVER THE BAR! Henderson is fed by Barkley, after the Everton midfielder linked well with Lallana. The Liverpool man decides to take matters into his own hands with a long range effort, but it's well over the bar in the end. Time starting to run out here for the Three Lions.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionDanny Welbeck Rickie Lambert
  • 78'
    Baines has sneakily been involved in a few tussles with the Honduras players, and the referee decides to step in this time, booking the Everton left back for a clumsy challenge on Wilson Palacios. After so long with a clean disciplinary record, England have picked up three yellow cards in a relative hurry.
  • 77'
    Yellow Card Leighton Baines
  • 76'
    Jerry Palacios replaces Bengston, joining his brother Wilson on the pitch. Furthermore, it's an interesting change from Hodgson, as Joe Hart sprints off, giving the gloves to Fraser Forster.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionJ. Bengtson Jerry Palacios
  • 75'
    SubstitutionJoe Hart Fraser Forster
  • 74'
    Looks like both managers are preparing some substitutions. Despite the delay earlier, both sets of players who have been on from the start are really starting to feel the effects of this demanding game.
  • 72'
    HE'S MISSED AGAIN! Sturridge just can't seem to get it right today. A sweeping attack from the Three Lions sees Wilshere and Henderson link excellently. Johnson collects the through pass out wide and lofts in a dangerous ball, but his Liverpool teammate heads over from point blank range!
  • 70'
    Yellow Card Gary Cahill
  • 70'
    Cahill now joins the increasing throng of players in the referee's notebook. He went up for a high ball, but barged into the back of Bengston, right in the view of the match officials.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionCarlo Costly E. Delgado
  • 68'
    Great chance for England now to push for a goal that will most likely win this game. Suarez reacts to the sending off, hauling off strikey Costly for Delgado. Very much what we have, we hold from the Honduras coach.
  • 66'
    Yellow/Red Brayan Antonio Beckeles
    RED CARD! Beckeles picks up his second booking of the game thanks to a flailing arm in a high challenge with Baines. Not a whole lot of complaints from Honduras, and it was a bit reckless for him to go in so fully in that challenge, given that he so recently picked up a yellow.
  • 64'
    NOT BAD! Ezpinoza takes charge of the set piece himself and has Joe Hart rooted to the spot with his effort...that flashes a few feet wide of the far post. He's been heavily involved in this game, the Wigan man.
  • 62'
    Chavez is limping, and is taken off as a precaution for Najar. Moments later, with play resumed, Lallana becomes England's first booking of the game for a foul on Espinoza. Free kick for la Bicolor now.
  • 61'
    SubstitutionMarvin Chávez A. Najar
  • 61'
    Yellow Card Adam Lallana
  • 60'
    UNORTHODOX SAVE! Lallana attempts to wriggle through inside the area past three players. He loses the ball in the crowd, but it pops out to Welbeck, who races onto it and strikes, only to see it rebound off the torso of Valladares! He did make himself big there, the keeper!
  • 58'
    Four bookings for Honduras and none for England rather tells the story of the Central American's approach to this game. They've certainly not shied away from any challenges, and Suarez has this side really getting stuck in. However, a few of those tackles have been reckless.
  • 56'
    TERRIFIC TACKLE from Izaguirre! Wilshere sparks the counter attack with a lovely run forward, and deftly pings a ball forward for Barkley to chase. He's only got one man on him, but that man is Izaguirre who, on a yellow, still slides in to win the ball excellently right inside his own box.
  • 54'
    Right now England are dominating all of the ball, but are struggling to create genuine chances around the box despite a lot of positive buildup play. Composure has betrayed them on the finish, with Sturridge sending another effort off target with his right foot from 20 yards.
  • 52'
    The challenges have been coming in thick and fast from Honduras. Beckeles lunges in late on Sturridge, who avoids picking up a further knock on his already tender ankle. It was a reckless bit of play from the right back, and he deservedly gets booked for the act.
  • 51'
    Yellow Card Brayan Antonio Beckeles
  • 50'
    Bernardez is booked after reacting too late to Barkley's turn, hacking down the young midfielder. England though soon give the ball away twice in midfield rather carelessly. Baines then steps across Chavez whle sprinting back, fouling the Honduran, though he avoids a similar fate as Bernardez.
  • 49'
    Yellow Card V. Bernárdez
  • 48'
    WILSHERE! A lovely one two at the top of the box involving him and Sturridge sees the substitute take a shot with his right foot, curling it wide of the far post. He hit that well, and I wager that had he used his stronger left foot, then Valladares might have had something to do.
  • 47'
    No to be outdone, Luis Suarez has also brought on Jorge Claros for Luis Garrido, who was on a yellow card for a bad foul on Gerrard.
  • 47'
    Hodgson has taken off Gerrard and replaced him with Everton midfielder Ross Barkley. Also, Wayne Rooney's game has ended, as he has been taken off, with Jack Wilshere coming on in his place. The Arsenal man has struggled for fitness all season so this will be an important 45 minutes for him to get through.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionWayne Rooney Ross Barkley
  • 46'
    SubstitutionSteven Gerrard Jack Wilshere
  • 46'
    SubstitutionLuis Garrido J. Claros
  • 46'
    Here we go again.
  • So for the second time this game, the referee signals for an interval, some 22 minutes after the first restart. Only this time, it's a planned one. For those just tuning in, a thunderstorm had the game suspended for the best part of 45 minutes. As it stands though, it's goalless at the break.
  • 45'
    That's enough for the referee, who signals for half time.
  • 43'
    PALACIOS! Not too far away from the former Tottenham man. Jagielka gives the ball away near the top of the box and with no foul forthcoming, Espinoza and Palacios scramble to bring it under control. The latter wins out, and after faking a pass, drags a shot with his left foot that is about a foot or two wide in the end.
  • 41'
    Lallana takes a ball on the turn excellently, shifting the ball behind his feet to set up the shot on his left foot about 20 yards out from goal. He fires away, and it takes a deflection that has Valladares scrambling, but it flashes just wide of his left hand post! Close shave!
  • 39'
    WELL TIMED CHALLENGE from Figueroa, who slides right into Lallana just inside the box, but crucially, he gets ALL of the ball despite leaving the Southampton man on the ground. England now have the momentum, attempting a series of advances into the attacking third.
  • 37'
    In the last five minutes or so, it's been Honduras who have looked the more settled side, giving England something to think about with their direct approach. Espinoza, who has been heavily involved in play since the restart, catches Johnson, and he's a little slow in getting back up from that one.
  • 35'
    No dice from Chavez, who curls it about two feet off the top corner. Hart looked to have seen it all the way too.
  • 34'
    Espinoza throws himself at an aerial ball ahead of Henderson, who cannot control his momentum. Nor for that matter, can Lallana, and they both sandwich the Wigan Athletic man, sending him to the turf. Foul, and what looks like a very interesting free kick chance...
  • 32'
    DIRTY FROM IZAGUIRRE! Moments after making a solid defensive play, the Celtic left back fouls Sturridge near the corner of the box, then with the Liverpool man down on the deck, he aims a very obvious kick into his side! Both sets of players come together, but the referee only shows Izaguirre a yellow card. I've seen a lot worse given for a lot less.
  • 31'
    Yellow Card E. Izaguirre
  • 31'
    Gerrard clips one of his trademark Hollywood passes from deep inside his own half, that finds Rooney well on the right hand side. He tries to touch it right away into the path of Sturridge, but Izaguirre is there to get his body in the way and win possession back for Honduras.
  • 29'
    Joe Hart with some confident footwork to free himself from some Honduras pressure, but overall, it's been a very scrappy restart to the game. A lot of mistakes, a lot of giveaways, and it's clear that the teams are still trying to shake off the lethargy of the break.
  • 27'
    Garrido goes full into Gerrard with a lunging challenge that could have left the England man with a real bruise. Make no mistake, it was a poor tackle, and the referee flashes a deserved yellow card right in his face.
  • 26'
    Yellow Card Luis Garrido
  • 26'
    Espinoza has to retreat to the touchline to take some time to recover after sustaining a twinge to his ankle in a challenge against Lallana. He looks like he'll be alright to continue, but down on the other end of the pitch, Sturridge is moving rather gingerly with an ankle knock of his own. Two important players for both sides in pain.
  • 25'
    BACK IN ACTION! Valladares boots the ball back into play from a goalkick to a loud cheer from the stands.
  • 24'
    Both teams are now fully engrossed in an on-pitch warmup session, with the Honduras team striking some unorthodox downward dog poses - for you yoga practitioners out there. We're mere minutes away from the restart in a delay that has encompassed about three quarters of an hour.
  • 24'
    Joe Hart has started to re-warmup in goal, getting himself used to the soggier surface. Quickly following is the rest of the England team and the subs out onto the pitch. We're set to continue here, and the official word is that the match will restart in about 10 minutes!
  • 24'
    Word is that the thunder and lightning has started to dissipate. It's been well over half an hour now. If the game was to resume in the next few minutes, how will that affect the players? Surely some of them had already started to tune out from this game and cast their thoughts on the journey to Brazil. Plus, we have a suddenly soaked playing surface to deal with.
  • 24'
    England do have their charter flight to Brazil in about four and a half hours. How long will they wait this one out? To be honest, with the conditions not letting up one bit, I don't think that half an hour will be enough to get play resumed. And given that the tournament starts in less than a week, there's no chance of a replay.
  • 24'
    It's still pouring down over the stadium here as fans scramble for the exits here. There's still a few soldiers in the stands though, enjoying every second of this weather, dancing and waving. For their sake, I hope that play will get started again. But with reports of flooding in some areas of the stadium, it's still up in the air.
  • 24'
    Ricardo Salazar, the referee, has just notified us that we're currently 10 minutes into a half hour stoppage, at which point the match officials will asses the situation. It was clearly a safety first decision by the referee.
  • 24'
    The supporters have been instructed to vacate those exposed seats in the stadium and take shelter under the nearest cover. Nearly the entire top tier of the Sun Life Stadium has been vacated. These tropical storms are usually rolling - passing through an area quickly, and as such, there's no real concerns of the game being suspended outright.
  • 24'
    This is not uncommon weather for these residents of South Florida, but the match officials are taking no chances with the safety of the players. It has been a sweltering day in Miami, and the inevitable rainfall has bought some real stormy weather overhead. Welcome to the tropics folks!
  • 24'
    BREAK IN THE GAME. With storm clouds and lightning rumbling overhead, the referee has decided to call the players off the field. They all head back to the dressing rooms, and it's not sure at the moment when or if this game will resume. Word is that it's a half hour stoppage.
  • 23'
    SHOULD BE THE OPENER! A scintillating move by the Three Lions has left Honduras counting their blessings! Lallana latched onto the ball on the break, and he squared a low ball into the box that was deftly dummied by Welbeck, leaving Sturridge free to have a shot on goal. However, he shanks it wide!
  • 21'
    Honduras are holding a very deep defensive line, but I've noticed that they are quick to close down the man on the ball once he gets within 25 yards of goal. They clearly recognize the threat of men like Sturridge and Lallana when they have the space to run at defenders.
  • 19'
    A really promising free kick on the right corner of the box is rather disappointingly whipped right into the first defender by Gerrard. Lallana attacks the loose ball right away with a volley from 20 yards, but I'm afraid that not even Bruce Lee could have adjusted his body to get his leg over that ball in time. Too high and a goalkick.
  • 17'
    Another half chance for Hodgson's side as they attempt to fashion a shooting opportunity on Valladares' goal. However, the ball coming in from the right is not controlled with the requisite first touch by Rooney and, doubling back to catch up with it, he is eventually robbed of possession.
  • 15'
    There's been a lovely back and forth tempo developing to the match here, a real no-pressure friendly atmosphere. England have had the better chances and have generally been in charge, but the team from the Americas have also showed their danger on the break and down the flanks.
  • 13'
    Valladares is not exactly leading by example there, as he spills his second shot of the evening. Rooney lashes in a 25 yards free kick that the keeper allows to slip out of his gasp and, fortunately for him, Sturridge is caught offside on the ensuing rebound. Hardly exuding confidence, is he? England would do well to test him more and make him earn his corn.
  • 11'
    Gerrard plays a rather hopeful ball into the area that still manages to find Welbeck, who had angled himself very late into a good position. However, given time to think about his next course of action, he ends up losing the ball and Honduras can clear their lines.
  • 9'
    Now it's Honduras' turn to show some purpose in the final third. Suarez usually has this team playing with a lot of energy and hustle, and they've already forced England to give up possession a few times in the middle. It will be important for them to manage their energy levels wisely in this heat though - they won't want to burn out before the tourney's even started!
  • 7'
    Honduras win a corner, which is lofted right into the six yard area. The ball is met by Cahill first, but he can't direct his clearance sufficiently away from Hart's goal. This allows Bernandez the chance to snatch at a free half volley inside the box, but the angle was always against him, and the ball duly sails into the stands.
  • 5'
    STINGER! England are really beginning to get into their stride here in the Sun Life Stadium, as a move on the edge of the box tees up Welbeck for a strike which he catches with considerable power. However, in position is Valladares, who tries to smother the ball, spills, but is saved by Garrido arriving first to clean up the rebound.
  • 4'
    Rooney finds some space out wide and sweeps a chest-height cross into the 18 yard area, but Figueroa is in position to boot the ball clear awkwardly but effectively. Bet Hodgson won't want Rooney camped out on that flank pinging in crosses for too long.
  • 3'
    England bouncing possession back and forth amongst their defenders, as Honduras keep eight outfield players well inside their own half at all times. There's no real opening yet for the Three Lions to advance the ball into the attacking third, in fact, they've barely crossed the halfway line.
  • 1'
    Here we go!
  • The anthems ringing out in a typically warm evening in Miami. We're edging closer to kickoff...
  • Don't sleep on Honduras though. Playing in their third ever World Cup, the Central American outfit defeated two Concacaf heavyweights in USA and Mexico en route to qualifying. They will face off in Group E against Switzerland, Ecuador and France - a tough ask for la Bicolor. But hey, if the France of the 2010 or 2002 World Cup, or even Euro 2008 show up, then anything's possible!
  • It was a frustrating experience for the Three Lions and their fans during their 2-2 draw against Ecuador last time out, and you get the feeling that tonight's lineup more closely resembles the one that will take the field against Italy in a week's time.
  • Wayne Rooney is the only constant from England's win over Ecuador as Hodgson has shaken things up, naming 10 changes in his starting lineup from that game, and playing the same XI that easily swept past Peru 3-0 a week ago.
  • Some very familiar opponents for many members of the England team tonight in the Honduras XI. Stoke's Wilson Palacios and Wigan's versatile Roger Espinoza have all been handed starts by coach Luis Fernando Suarez. Also featuring are Emilio Izaguirre of Celtic, and Maynor Figueroa, who plays his football for Wigan Athletic.
  • That hands the initiative to players like Danny Welbeck and Raheem Sterling to cement a starting berth, with the former named in Hodgson's XI this evening. Daniel Sturridge is also in the attack after his wonder goal against Peru, while Liverpool pair Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson resume their club midfield alliance in the centre of the park for England.
  • The good news for the Three Lions is the sight of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain inside the Sun Life Stadium walking unassisted. Roy Hodgson has already stated his intent to delay the decision on his inclusion until 24 hours before their tournament opener against Italy, when he must decide to stick with the Ox or call up a replacement.
  • HONDURAS: Valladares, Beckeles, Bernardez, Figueroa, Izaguirre, Chavez, Garrido, Palacios, Espinoza, Bengtson, Costly.
  • ENGLAND: Hart, Johnson, Baines, Gerrard, Cahill, Jagielka, Henderson, Rooney, Lallana, Sturridge, Welbeck.
  • Hello and welcome, as we trail into the last few warmups before the World Cup kicks off. Today, England play Honduras. Bringing you all the action, I'm Keeghann Sinanan.