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  • April 23, 2011
  • • 14:30
  • • Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt am Main
  • Referee: J. Drees
  • • Attendance: 51500

Live Commentary

  • FULL TIME IN FRANKFURT!!! An amazing game comes to an end with Ricardo Clark down inside the box after a clash with Butt. Both sides are debating the various decisions with each other and the officials. Ultimately it is a result, which satisfies no-one and perhaps in the financial capital of Europe, Bayern have lost out on an awful lot of money that comes with the Champions League. Thanks for joining us today. Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen.
  • 90' + 4'
    SubstitutionMartin Fenin Caio César
  • 90' + 4'
    Caio fires the free-kick into the three-man wall and it ricochets out of play for a Frankfurt throw.
  • 90' + 4'
    The unfortunate Fenin is sacrificed for the final seconds and Caio comes on for the home side.
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Luiz Gustavo
  • 90' + 3'
    One last chance for Frankfurt? Luiz Gustavo is booked for a nudge on Fenin and Eintracht have a free-kick. The defender is now suspended for next week's home game against Schalke.
  • 90' + 2'
    Bayern pour bodies forward like there is no tomorrow but Ribery cannot direct Mueller's cross towards goal and Frankfurt are relieved to have a free kick inside their own box.
  • 90' + 1'
    Yellow Card Martin Fenin
  • 90' + 1'
    For the record, Martin Fenin has been booked for his protests upon the penalty decision. And now Christoph Daum has been sent to the stands after Jochen Drees consulted with his fourth official. The drama just has no bounds this afternoon.
  • 90'
    SubstitutionTheofanis Gekas Marcel Heller
  • 90'
    Bayern of course need the three points to overtake Hannover and Gomez shoots wide with a tame shot on his left foot! There will be four minutes of stoppage time.
  • 89'
    Assist Luiz Gustavo
  • 89'
    Penalty Goal M. Gómez
  • 89'
    TORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BAYERN!! Mario Gomez sends Fahrmann the wrong way and equalises for Bayern. Fahrman moved across his line, dived to his right, but Gomez put it to his left, not being put off by the escapades of Fahrman. 1-1!!!!
  • 88'
    PENALTY BAYERN!!!!!! Frankfurt's turn to harry the referee!!! What a crazy, crazy game this is!!! Jochen Drees is surrounded by furious Eintracht players. It is an atrocious decision - Luiz Gustavo goes for the ball and collides accidentally with Fenin. Perhaps the pressure of the earlier Bayern protests got to the referee.
  • 87'
    Superb punch clear from Farhmann and an even better block from Ricardo Clark to keep out Kroos' ensuing shot. AND AN INCREDIBLE STOP FROM FAHRMANN!!! Gomez with the left-foot piledriver, which was flying at the speed of light - Incredible reflexes from Fahrmann!
  • 86'
    Klose's shot is blocked and Ricardo Clark shows his frustration as he fails to prevent a corner. Gekas is trotting back to do his defensive duties.
  • 85'
    Lahm launches the ball into the box and Rode heads clear for the umpteenth time. Bayern throwing everything and the kitchen sink (van Buyten) at the home side. And another cross is headed behind his own goal by Rode - Mueller's ball to the back post it was - superb work under immense pressure from Rode.
  • 83'
    This is an incredible game, which has more twists and turns than a classic novel. Mueller takes the ball down inside the box and blasts it towards goal. Marco Russ produces what appears to be a heroic block and then Ricardo Clark clears however the Bayern players to a man launch into a chorus of ferocious protests against the officials. There was no way Clark could have been penalised for handball on that occasion and the Bayern players are really losing it today.
  • 82'
    ANOTHER HORROR MISS FROM GEKAS!!!!! Daum is jumping and leaping around like a madman!!! He just cannot contemplate what he has just seen! Gekas misses from five yards out with the goal at his mercy! Superb play from Jung to find the unmarked Greek who had no-one anywhere near him!
  • 81'
    Marco Russ heads the ball away before screaming and shouting orders to his fellow defenders. He has been superb today and he does not want his side to give this away cheaply in the closing stages.
  • 80'
    False hope for Frankfurt as Gekas' limitations are exposed to the world - he has Ochs free at the far post but he disappointingly chooses to give Butt some catching practice with a tame left-footed cross. Up the other end, Gomez finds space and shoots into the side netting. The referee gives a corner much to Farhmann's disgust.
  • 79'
    Ribery with all his skill mesmorises two defenders before crossing on his left foot but Fahrmann makes a straightforward save at the near post.
  • 78'
    No sooner do I say that and Ribery unleashes a fizzing right-footed strike as just enough space opened up. Fahrmann flings himself to his right and makes an excellent stop to parry the ball away. Eintracht clinging on for dear life and a great block from Clark denies Ribery, allowing some pressure to be relieved! Real tension here in Frankfurt.
  • 77'
    Everyone back now for Frankfurt with the exception of Gekas. Ribery collects the ball after a stepover from Jochen Drees and he plays it to Kroos, who finds Mueller. Bayern continue to work the ball around without much danger in front of the home defence.
  • 75'
    Another heartstopping moment for Bayern as the Kohler's free-kick flashes across the face of the goal beyond the outstretched leg of Martin Fenin, who then sportingly helps Hans-Jorg Butt to his feet.
  • 74'
    Gomez falls to the ground in installments in the presence of Rode but the referee is not fooled at all. No complaints this time after Lahm is penalised for a foul on Fenin.
  • 73'
    Bayern want a free-kick for dangerous play, which is not forthcoming. Schweinsteiger, who has cut a frustrated figure for a while now in this game, then lets his emotions get the better of him with a needless foul on Schwegler. Those two have been engaged in a running battle all afternoon.
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Sebastian Jung
  • 72'
    Bayern have been rather underwhelming from set-pieces this afternoon and Ribery delivers another below-par free-kick into the box, which Fahrmann takes with comfort.
  • 71'
    UNBELIEVABLE!! Frankfurt counter and Fenin stands the ball up to Gekas at the back post. Four yards out, the Bundesliga's third top scorer somehow contrives to head over the crossbar, having timed his leap not quite to perfection. Could Frankfurt live to rue that?
  • 70'
    No nonsense from Marco Russ as he just puts his right foot through the ball to clear Ribery's cross into the crowd. Mueller looks to fashion some space but he is well blocked by Schwegler and then Jung robs Contento allowing Eintracht to counter...
  • 69'
    SubstitutionAnatoliy Tymoshchuk Toni Kroos
  • 69'
    Kroos will not take the free-kick - that responsibility falls to Daniel van Buyten who blasts his effort into the Bayern fans behind the Frankfurt goal. And there are plenty of glum faces in that particular section of the Commerzbank Arena!
  • 69'
    Tymoschuk runs off quicker than most subs as he is replaced by Toni Kroos.
  • 68'
    Jonker is going to summon Toni Kroos from the bench in an attempt to spark a revival for Bayern in this game. The champions are lacking any ideas and spark. Meanwhile, they win a free-kick when Klose is chopped down by Rode 30 yards from goal.
  • 66'
    Yellow Card M. Gómez
  • 66'
    Dr Jochen Drees has to be commended for not putting up with the petulant moaning of the Bayern players as he books Mario Gomez for dissent moments after Schweinsteiger went into the book. Gomez was penalised for backing into Benjamin Kohler.
  • 66'
    OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHOULD HAVE BEEN TWO!!! A superb delivery from the right courtesy of Benjamin Kohler with his left foot and Marco Russ was inches away from nodding the ball home at the far post!
  • 65'
    Yellow Card Patrick Ochs
  • 65'
    Yellow Card Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • 65'
    Schweinsteiger threatens to lose his cool after disputing Jochen Drees' decision to award Eintracht a free-kick as he felt that Ochs had taken a dive. The referee has no option but to book Schweini after he simply refused to put a stop to his dissent.
  • 64'
    In what was a frantic few seconds after Ribery had also gone down, it looked like Mueller was fouled by Schwegler and Bayern have good reason to feel hard done by.
  • 63'
    The Bayern fans are going berserk as the visitors are denied a penalty kick. Schwegler was the so-called guilty party with his challenge on Mueller but Jochen Drees had a good view of the incident and waved play on.
  • 62'
    Mueller was perhaps looking to cross but in the end he was unable to wrap his right foot around the ball. Frankfurt are looking a touch nervous at the back with a few unvonvincing clearances, which are inviting more pressure from Bayern.
  • 61'
    Thomas Mueller fires off a warning to Eintracht that they cannot relax for a second! He goes for goal from a tight angle from the right and Fahrmann is watchful at his near post to parry the ball around the post for a corner.
  • 60'
    Sebastian Jung is down and clutching his face after taking an accidental elbow in the face from Franck Ribery. It is Jung's 50th Bundesliga appearance today.
  • 59'
    Ribery is taken out by Rode and Bayern win a free-kick 30 yards from goal. Klose is penalised for an unfair challenge on Fahrmann who makes a superb take before he is bundled to the ground by the ex Bremen man. No bad intent of course from the man who is chasing Gerd Muller's goalscoring record.
  • 58'
    The home fans are in full voice and understandably so. Bayern really need a goal now and hope they don't live to regret that earlier Gomez miss moments into the second period.
  • 56'
    And not only are Frankfurt the worst attacking side in the league but Bayern have the best attack in statistical terms at least. However, their tempo has been too low so far and like against Nuernberg, they are being punished despite having been the better side.
  • 55'
    At the other end, Bayern have a free-kick just outside the box. Ribery curls it around the wall but also over the crossbar.
  • 54'
    Assist Theofanis Gekas
  • 54'
    Goal Sebastian Rode
  • 54'
    Andries Jonker has dispensed with his blazer and he'll be getting hot under the collar now. As it stands, Hannover will be in pole position for the last Champions League spot with three games to play. Will Jonker now get the sack?! Depends how consistent Uli and co are!
  • 53'
    TORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR EINTRACHT FRANKFURT!!!!!!!! You couldn't write this script!!!!!!!!!!! Sebastian Rode is the hero for the home side! And what must Uli Hoeness be thinking now?! Gekas chested the free-kick down into the path of Rode, who struck his volley into the corner beyond an unsighted Butt!!! Not bad for a goalshy team at home eh?!
  • 52'
    Tenacious work from Benjamin Kohler stops Gomez in his tracks. Bayern come again with Lahm who darts inside but he is foiled by Schwegler. And Eintracht can counter with Russ and then Jung, who is fouled by Luiz Gustavo. The ex Hoffe man takes one for the team.
  • 50'
    Terrific right-wing cross from Sebastian Jung, which arced beautifully in its flight and was just as importantly headed away from Gekas by van Buyten otherwise Frankfurt were in for the opening goal.
  • 48'
    There is a stoppage in play after Martin Fenin goes down coming off worse in an aerial battle with Tymoschuk but the Czech striker is able to soldier on. He didn't look happy with the Ukrainian but Jochen Drees chose to take no sterner action.
  • 47'
    What a chance for Bayern! Lahm's superb through ball picks out Gomez, who stays onside. His first touch takes it inside Rode but with all the hard work done, his shot is saved by the legs of Ralf Fahrmann. Definitely Bayern's best chance of the afternoon so far.
  • 46'
    Frankfurt have scored just three times in their last seven home games and won just once but a win today would have a significant impact on both ends of the Bundesliga table!
  • 46'
    Welcome back for the second half. No changes at the break although Amanatidis was preparing his shinpads and boots during the interval. We're underway again in Frankfurt.
  • Schweinsteiger is given a kick in the ankle from Schwegler as the 45 minutes are up and Bayern have one last chance to score before the half-time whistle. Alas, they do not and it's scoreless at the break. The visitors have had the better of the game so far and Eintracht's goal has led a charmed life. It would appear to be a matter of time before Bayern do score. Join us in 15 minutes to see if they do!
  • 44'
    Rode launches the ball long but can only find Lahm, who somewhat surprisingly, is dispossessed by the arch poacher Gekas, who is doing his bit for the team as prescribed by Daum.
  • 42'
    ...but Martin Fenin shows what he is made of with a powerful shot from just inside the box, which Butt palms away with two strong hands. The first time Eintracht have really tested the former Leverkusen goalkeeper, who has been recalled to the side under Andries Jonker.
  • 41'
    Ironic cheers from the crowd as Contento lets the ball slip from his grasp and allows it to go out of play for a throw-in. Christoph Daum looks in a pensive mood on the bench, perhaps realising that his team are fortunate to still be level...
  • 39'
    Ribery is beaten in a foot race by Rode and he shows his frustration by easing the Eintracht man to the ground, thereby conceding the free-kick.
  • 37'
    Ochs, who is a constant outlet for this Frankfurt side, lets the side down as he miscontrols the ball under pressure from Diego Contento. Contento is in for the injured Danijel Pranjic today at left-back after an impressive substitute performance last week. And for the record, Germany boss Joachim Loew is in the stands today.
  • 36'
    Lahm stands there as if to acknowledge his guilt as he trips Pirmin Schwegler not too far outside the box. The Swiss midfielder is marking his 100th appearance in the Bundesliga this afternoon.
  • 35'
    Fenin, who is showing flickers of brightness, does well to find Halil Altintop, who makes a difficult touch look easy as he brings it down superbly but he then proceeds to undo his good work as he loses out to Lahm.
  • 34'
    Fenin attempts the cross on his right from the left but Thomas Mueller is back and he makes the block. Bayern counter with Klose but the attack disappointingly breaks down at the hands of Tymoschuk.
  • 31'
    Persistance pays off for Fenin as he is able to cross at the second time of asking but Schweinsteiger does superbly to rob Schwegler of the ball. Seconds later, Ribery is clattered from behind by Sebastian Jung and Bayern win a free-kick.
  • 30'
    Superb defensive header from Luiz Gustavo at the near post after Koehler's cross as he gets there in front of Ochs. Frankfurt taking their hand off the handbrake for the first time there, committing a lot of bodies forward.
  • 29'
    Yellow Card Benjamin Köhler
  • 29'
    More sterling work from Mueller and Benjamin Koehler has to resort to foul play to stop the right-sided man - pulling him back and snapping at the Bayern man's heels. Justified yellow card.
  • 27'
    And a third player in quick succession takes issue with a call from the officials as van Buyten is flagged for offside. Eintracht are living dangerously at the moment though as I say that, Gekas shoots over the bar from just outside the box as the Bayern rearguard lose concentration.
  • 26'
    Ricardo Clark is this time unhappy with a decision as he is penalised for a foul on Mueller, when he clearly played the ball, but since it was a tackle from behind, the American has to be penalised. Fahrmann misses the free-kick completely and somehow no white shirt can make any contact and make it 1-0!
  • 25'
    A few minutes ago, when Bayern had two successive corners, there was a delay before the second. It appears that something was thrown from the crowd in Ribery's direction, which would explain the reluctance of the winger to get on with proceedings. Ribery is now incurring the wrath of the crowd as he complains to Jochen Drees after being penalised for a shove.
  • 24'
    Bayern wonder just how they managed not to open the scoring. Lahm's low cross from the right was just a little too much behind Gomez, who could not really wind up for the shot and the striker gets in a bit of a tangle.
  • 23'
    ...and that plan almost comes off to perfection. Ochs is the provider of width and he finds Halil Altintop twelve yards out. He skies over the crossbar due to the presence of Philipp Lahm. Otherwise, that would have been a glorious chance for the home side to take the lead.
  • 22'
    Ribery looks to slalom his way through three men however Ochs gets back and outmuscles the winger. Both sides are letting fly in the midfield with a few strong challenges coming in. Frankfurt are doing their best to be patient in midfield and then work out to the flanks...
  • 20'
    The best and the worst of Gomez in a few short seconds. Excellent run into the penalty box from the German international before he loses his balance at the wrong moment and skies his left-footed shot over the bar, albeit from a tightish angle.
  • 19'
    Ribery's corner is headed wide by Mueller at the back post off the head of Ochs. Second time around, there is a slight delay before Fahrmann punches away Ribery's delivery, which was an inswinger coming from the left.
  • 18'
    Mueller's far post cross finds Tymoschuk who pulled it back to Ribery. The winger's first-time shot did not come off. Eintracht briefly counter before Bayern come again courtesy of some magnificent skill from Muller down the right. He beat two defenders before reaching the penalty area where Marco Russ produced a desperate challenge to put the ball behind for a corner.
  • 16'
    Bayern look to redeem themselves with Ribery down the left. His cross looks for Gomez but evades the Bundesliga's top scorer, as well as Mueller who was coming in on the overlap at the far post.
  • 15'
    A rather sloppy period of play there. A hopeful punt forward from Clark was headed clear by van Buyten. Tymoschuk then produced a terrible pass deep into his own right-back area, which Lahm collected. Lahm returned the ball to Butt, who kicked it out of play!
  • 13'
    Eintracht go from almost losing the ball in midfield to winning a free-kick when Halil Altintop picks up an underhit pass before drawing the foul from Daniel van Buyten.
  • 12'
    Patrick Ochs shows his wares once more as he bursts past two challenges and speeds away down the right however his cross was again not of the highest quality. Gekas tries his best to retrieve the situation but Butt collects his ball back into the danger area without any problems whatsoever.
  • 10'
    Not the greatest of passes from Anatoliy Tymoschuk across to the right, which fails to find its target and it goes out of play. Bayern soon regain possession however and they are looking to launch again - Ribery has a shot blocked after he tried to work up a head of steam coming inside off the left touchline.
  • 8'
    Fenin looks to have the makings of a promising attack as he comes down the inside left channel but an errant first touch lets him down and van Buyten cleans up.
  • 7'
    Contento delivers a right-footed ball into the penalty box. Gomez and Mueller looked to get onto it but the ball evaded their outstretched dives. Bayern starting to turn the screw.
  • 6'
    Lahm surges past Kohler on the right flank before crossing into the box. There is too much on the ball but Ochs cannot keep the ball in and having got the last touch, concedes a throw to the champions.
  • 5'
    Sebastian Jung and Ralf Fahrmann combine to avert the danger. Klose bustled his way through two defenders with a little bit of good fortune. The ball broke for Ribery inside the penalty area but his shot was blocked behind for a corner.
  • 5'
    Ochs, a former Bayern youth player, looks to cross from the right and find Gekas as the back post but he gets too much purchase on the ball and it sails harmlessly behind for a goal kick.
  • 4'
    The first sight of goal for the home side! A cross from Benjamin Kohler from the left had Butt in all sorts of trouble. The goalkeeper got a touch to divert it away from goal. It came to Patrick Ochs on the right but he was unable to capitalise. Great atmosphere inside the stadium urging the hosts on.
  • 3'
    Good tackle from Clark in midfield to win the ball from Schweinsteiger but Eintracht are foiled by Luiz Gustavo as they look to bring it forward with a direct ball - the Brazilian getting in front of Gekas.
  • 2'
    Ralf Fahrmann comes off his line to collect a through ball looking for the flying Frenchman Franck Ribery. The former Schalke man has done superbly since replacing the veteran Ola Nikolov in goal for the Eagles.
  • 1'
    The pitch looks in superb condition on a wonderful sunny day in Germany, with the temperature around 23 degrees. Frankfurt win an early throw but Bayern have the ball back soon enough.
  • 1'
    Dr. Jochen Drees has completed the formalities in this wonderful Commerzbank Arena and he blows the whistle to get us underway. Bayern in white kick us off. Eintracht in red and black as usual.
  • Bayern Munich: Butt - Lahm, van Buyten, Luiz Gustavo, Contento - Tymoschuk, Schweinsteiger - Muller, Klose, Ribery - Gomez. Subs: Kraft, Badstuber, Ottl, Kroos, Breno.
  • Eintracht Frankfurt: Fahrmann - Jung, Russ, Clark, Kohler - Schwegler, Rode - Ochs, Fenin, Halil Altintop - Gekas. Subs: Caio, Kraus, Vasoski, Titsch-Rivero, Nikolov, Heller, Amanatidis.
  • After last week's stunning 5-1 win at home to Bayer Leverkusen last weekend, Andries Jonker embarks upon his first away game as interim coach. In his way are Eintracht Frankfurt, coached by Christoph Daum and not yet clear of relegation worries, especially if Wolfsburg or St Pauli win today.
  • Guten Tag und Willkommen to our coverage of Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich from the Bundesliga. We got off to an earlier start than usual in Round 31 with Hannover winning 3-1 in Freiburg on Thursday. They now go two points above Bayern and into third, therefore the champions need a victory today to return to third and the final Champions League spot.