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Copa America

  • July 17, 2011
  • • 20:00
  • • Estadio Ciudad de La Plata, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires
  • Referee: S. Pezzotta

Paraguay won 2 - 0 on penalties

Live Commentary

  • The Copa has been blown wide open by today and yesterday's events. Will Sergio Batista and Mano Menezes be in employment for much longer? Can Uruguay step up and assert their position as the third best team in South America?
  • Well, that was undeserved. Paraguay didn't trouble Julio Cesar at all, but football's a cruel sport, but there's no excuse to miss your penalties (and your normal time chances) like Brazil did. and they were punished by Paraguay.
  • Fred... Misses. Wide. Brazil are out. The holders are out.
  • Christan Riveros... Scores! 2-0
  • Andre Santos... Skies it.... Paraguay have a great chance now.
  • Estigarribia... scores! 1-0 to Paraguay!
  • Thiago Silva... Misses! Saved by Villar!
  • Can Paraguay take advantage? Barreto... Misses! Wide.
  • Brazil up first And Elano... Misses... Sending it well over.
  • 120' + 7'
    Pen SO Miss Fred
  • 120' + 6'
    Pen SO Goal C. Riveros
  • 120' + 5'
    Pen SO Miss Andre Santos
  • 120' + 4'
    Pen SO Goal Marcelo Estigarribia
  • 120' + 3'
    Pen SO Miss Thiago Silva
  • 120' + 2'
    Pen SO Miss Edgar Barreto
  • 120' + 1'
    Pen SO Miss Elano
  • 120' + 1'
    If Paraguay win this, it will be entirely down to Justo Villar. Brazil know this game should have been over after 90 minutes...
  • 120' + 1'
    And that's that. The game has gone to penalties - like Argentina's game yesterday. Surely we're not going to see both the hosts and Brazil eliminated before the last four?
  • 120'
    Paraguay have a chance to snatch a victory with a set piece.
  • 120'
    Julio Cesar tries his best to make a hash of Barreto's free kick, but the linesman saves the Inter goal keeper with by blowing up for half time.
  • 118'
    We almost had one of the most undeserved last minute goals the Copa will produce. Estigarribia picked out Haedo Valdez at the far post, but Valdez's volley goes well wide.
  • 117'
    Brazil can't find a way through the Paraguay defence for love nor money - they have all then men behind the ball now.
  • 115'
    Paraguay can sense that their best chance to win this game will be on penalties, and are conservatively passing it around at the back.
  • 113'
    Lucas goes on a good, brave run, but soon finds himself surrounded by four Paraguay defenders, who remain as solid as ever. Looks like penalties now, to be honest.
  • 111'
    SubstitutionAlexandre Pato Elano
  • 111'
    Yellow Card Marcelo Estigarribia
  • 110'
    Estigarribia goes on a brave run from the edge of his own box to the Brazil by-line, and loses the ball to Thiago Silva. He attempts to win the ball back, but Thiago Silva dives, and buys a free kick off the referee, who books Estigarribia.
  • 108'
    Andre Santos is on the ball after Perez takes him down with a cynical challenge. The free kick finds Lucio, who tries to do step overs in the box, but fails.
  • 107'
    Brazil are turning on the heat as they look for a winner. Perhaps they don't fancy playing Villar on penalties when he's in this vain of form.
  • 106'
    Paraguay kick off the second half of extra time. For what it's worth, Lucas Leiva and Alcaraz wouldn't miss the final, just the semi final after that little incident.
  • 105'
    Brazil have one Lucas still on the pitch, and he gives Villar a goal kick, although he thinks it should be a corner.
  • 103'
    Red Card A. Alcáraz
  • 103'
    Red Card Lucas Leiva
  • 102'
    AND BOTH SIDES ARE REDUCED TO TEN MEN! Lucas and Alcaraz start a scrap over a bad challenge on Lucio. Lucas Leiva and Alcaraz have been sent off and the games back in play.
  • 100'
    SubstitutionGanso Lucas
  • 100'
    Pato is played through and when it looks as though he might have an opportunity to attack, Veron cuts it out.
  • 99'
    Nervous, nervous moment for Paraguay. Paulo Da Silva makes a hash of clearing a Ganso cross, but as Brazil players appeal that he's hit it with his hand, Da Silva (rightly) indicates the ball hit him in the mid rift.
  • 98'
    Estigarribia gives the ball away, to Maicon, but Paraguay get bodies back before Brazil can properly launch a counter attack.
  • 97'
    Justo Villar has been on fantastic form all day and yet again, he plucks the ball out of the air after an Andre Santos cross.
  • 95'
    And the free kick goes far too far and Maicon and Ramires clear it away with aplomb.
  • 94'
    Ramires comes in with a clumsy tackle on Perez, which results in a free kick for Paraguay - they were good from set plays against Venezuela, but they haven't have much of an opportunity here.
  • 93'
    Very slow start to extra time. Many of the players looked as though they were affected by cramp as the second half came to an end - a lot of tired bodies out there in La Plata.
  • 91'
    And we're about to kick off for the first half of extra time. Paraguay's barriers will surely be broken by Brazil, who have been the much better, if a little wasteful.
  • 90' + 4'
    And that's that. This game will be decided by extra time, and possibly penalties.
  • 90' + 3'
    Deep into the third minute of stoppage time, Lucas pulls the ball back towards Fred, but it's cleared out emphatically for a corner.
  • 90' + 1'
    We're into stoppage time, and Brazil have a corner. Maicon takes it short to Robinho, whose cross towards Fred is cleared away to Santos, whose cross goes into Villar's hands. Two minutes of stoppage time left.
  • 90'
    Paraguay have come to life (comparatively). Haedo Valdez takes a shot from distance, and it drifts wide.
  • 89'
    Julio Cesar finally has a save to make - Perez plays in Barreto, who shoots from distance, but it takes a hefty deflection and trickles easily into the Inter man's hands.
  • 87'
    Paraguay conceded late against Brazil and Venezuela. Will their curse strike again with only a handful of minutes left to play her in La Plata?
  • 83'
    SubstitutionL. Barrios Hernán Pérez
  • 83'
    Brazil are appealing the Fred's header crossed the line, but it looks as though the officials made the right decision. We're having a delay in play as Andre Santos receives treatment, presumably for cramp.
  • 83'
    FRED! One step closer for Brazil as Fred beats Villar from a corner, but Barreto is there on the line to keep his side on level terms. Not a bad first contribution from the ex-Lyon striker.
  • 81'
    PATO! The AC Milan striker runs free of the defence, forces another great save from the feet of Villar, but as the ball falls back to him, he can only head it into the side netting. Paraguay living precariously.
  • 80'
    SubstitutionNeymar Fred
  • 80'
    Neymar is withdrawn after his injury, and is replaced by Fred - the man who denied Paraguay three points last weekend.
  • 79'
    Andre Santos takes another shot, this one goes along the ground - but it's comfortable for Villar, who wouldn't miss that one if he was blindfolded.
  • 77'
    We're into the last quarter of an hour - still no way past Villar and co. for Brazil and still not a save to make for Julio Cesar.
  • 75'
    Neymar breaks down the right and sends in a poor ball which falls behind the Brazilian runners. Meanwhile Neymar is down and Brazil have a corner, which Ganso swings into Villar's hands.
  • 73'
    Brazil almost make Paraguay pay. The set piece finds its way to Pato, who controls the ball on his chest before smashing the ball goalwards - Villar makes his third great save of the game, coming out quickly to deny Brazil an opener.
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Elvis Israel Marecos
  • 72'
    Before he's even touched the ball, Marecos picks up a booking for a late tackle on Robinho. Exactly the same as when Barreto came on.
  • 71'
    SubstitutionA. Torres Elvis Israel Marecos
  • 71'
    We've had a slight delay in play as Torres has picked up a knock. He's been replaced Elvis Marecos, and the game resumes.
  • 69'
    Neymar takes on Da Silva on the left hand side of the box, but is too flashy with his dribbling gives it away. Very poor there from Neymar.
  • 68'
    Ganso finally comes alive with a superb volley from the edge of the box which Villar gets down well to save. The corner is cleared by Haedo Valdez, though.
  • 65'
    Yellow Card Edgar Barreto
  • 63'
    SubstitutionEnrique Daniel Vera Edgar Barreto
  • 60'
    Yellow Card Maicon
  • 59'
    Under pressure from Neymar and Robinho, Justo Villar sends out a horrible clearance. Luckily for the veteran 'keeper though, it finds his own man. Meanwhile Maicon has been booked for doing almost nothing. Poor decision from the referee.
  • 57'
    Yellow Card Andre Santos
  • 57'
    Paraguay have a free kick right on the edge of the box after Andre Santos bundles over Haedo Valdez. The free kick doesn't beat the wall, and Ramires, who has been as lively as ever for Brazil, runs the ball into the Paraguay half.
  • 55'
    Neymar takes a pop shot from about 25 yards with his left foot - it was a good effort too, going narrowly wide across the face of goal.
  • 54'
    Vera fouls yet again - it's only a matter of time until he gets sent off. Meanwhile Neymar is stading over a free kick, which he passes to Maicon - who attempts to shoot and completely miscues it.
  • 52'
    Andre Santos fires in a wild shot from about 35 yards - it's gone high and wide.
  • 51'
    Ramires powers through the defence, and the ball makes its way to Pato, who fires one across the face of goal. Brazil playing with more impetus so far this second half.
  • 48'
    Maicon plays a great ball to Ganso who mis-controls it. He gets a second bight at it, and picks out Neymar, whose shot beats Villar, but is saved on the line - great defending.
  • 46'
    And the teams are back out for the second half - Paraguay have got the game back under way.
  • This is the third quarter final of the tournament - and all of them have been a stalemate after the first half - are we heading for extra time, like Colombia v Peru, or even penalties like Argentina v Uruguay?
  • Paraguay's defence has looked solid so far when Brazil have the ball, but when they've been passing it around the back, they have looked complacent on more than one occasion, being caught out by Brazil's back line. Brazil have been better on the counter attack that in their previous games, but they'll need to turn up the intensity to get past their opponents.
  • 45' + 1'
    We have one minute of stoppage time, and Estigarribia takes out Neymar to bring the half to a close. 0-0 at the break, will Brazil turn it on in the second half?
  • 44'
    Riveros comes in with another unnecessary tackle - this time on Ramires. Paraguay employing yet more rough tactics to break Brazilian rhythm.
  • 40'
    Ramires plays a fantastic through ball to Andre Santos, but unfortunately, the Fenerbahce full back skies his shot well over the bar. Not the player Brazil would have wanted in and around the six-yard box.
  • 39'
    Valdez and Vera double team Neymar. Vera really needs to be careful, a couple more like that and he may well find himself receiving a second yellow card.
  • 38'
    Robinho plays a ball over the top for Pato to chase, but Alcaraz steps up at the right moment and plays the AC Milan star offside.
  • 36'
    Veron has been caught in possession once more, this time by Robinho. Unluckily for Brazil, Ramires' pass, which would have pierced the back-line, strikes Robinho on the way through.
  • 35'
    Villar is up, and the game is back in play. Julio Cesar has the ball - it may well be the first time he's touched it.
  • 32'
    Vera is really walking a tight rope today. He pulls gives away another free kick, and almost pays for it, as Andre Santos' cross finds Lucio, who stretches, and forces a fantastic save from Villar, who has taken a knock for his trouble.
  • 31'
    Maicon, who was on fantastic form against Ecuador, has sent in yet another wild cross. Not a good performance from the Inter man so far, but still better Dani Alves was in the first two Brazil games.
  • 30'
    Much better delivery from Brazil, but the free kick, which was sent in towards Lucio, is well dealt with.
  • 29'
    Robinho has incurred the wrath of the Paraguayan fanbase, throwing himself to the floor rather theatrically after minimal contact from Vera. Ganso stands over the free kick.
  • 27'
    And the chance of the match so far. Robinho, Ganso and Neymar combine, and the Santos forward tries to tuck it into the goal, but sends it wide. It should be 1-0 to Brazil after that chance.
  • 26'
    Meanwhile, Brazil look unfazed by Paraguay's abortive attempts at attacking. Alcaraz sends in a poor cross which Lucio kicks away. Thiago Silva has had a great game to at the heart of the Brazil defence. Paraguay giving away a lot of fouls, at the moment.
  • 24'
    Every time Brazil go forward, they find it hard to break through the defence because Paraguay are defending with a very deep line. The Selecao might start to get frustrated here.
  • 22'
    Yellow Card Enrique Daniel Vera
  • 22'
    Neymar does brilliantly to win the ball and launch a quick counter attack. Robinho plays in Santos, but he wastes his opportunity to cross. Brazil have a free kick, after Neymar was pulled back, leading to a booking. Neymar's delivery from the set piece is poor, though.
  • 19'
    Valdez tries to play in Barrios at the other end, but Lucio nips in and takes the ball before the Dortmund star can reach it. Barrios takes out Lucio, then complains that the Brazil skipper is diving.
  • 18'
    Neymar and Andre Santos contrive to waste the corner. Neymar is being booed by sections of the crowd.
  • 16'
    Neymar sprays it out wide out wide to Maicon, who wins a corner. Villar punches it clear, but Brazil have another corner.
  • 15'
    Andre Santos turns Vera with a clever flick, but is quickly brought down.
  • 14'
    An update from's Andre Baibich in the stadium: Great atmosphere at the stadium, with Brazilian fans pretty confident in their team. "The champions have arrived", they were chanting before the match. Maybe Argentina's defeat lifted the Brazilian fans confidence.
  • 13'
    Brazil beginning to make inroads into Paraguayan territory, but the defence are as strong as ever.
  • 10'
    Ramires tries to play the ball to Ganso, who goes down under a strong challenge from Torres. No free kick, but we'll see a lot of that - Paraguay are a physically strong side.
  • 9'
    Estigarribia attack down the left, but Maicos susses him out. Brazil have a free kick deep inside their own territory, but Robinho wastes Lucio's long ball.
  • 7'
    Pato tries to play in the ball to Ganso, but the ball breaks to Neymar, who volleys it over.
  • 5'
    Whenever Brazil have the ball at the back, Paraguay press them well. Estigarribia crossed the ball after one such occasion, but Brazil get it away. Maicon, who was on great form against Ecuador sends in a wild cross, which has no discernible target.
  • 3'
    Brazil finally starting to attack, with Andre Santos showing some neat footwork. Ramires fires a shot over from about 25 yards. An early warning shot.
  • 2'
    Estigarribia makes a run, but a crunching tackle from Ramires stops him in his tracks. Brazil have possession at the back, but Lucas Barrios goes down, causing a slight delay. Lucio is not happy - he thinks the Dortmund striker is making a meal of this.
  • 1'
    And Paraguay have got the match started.
  • Brazil have a corner, which Neymar pulls back for Santos, whose ball to Lucio is headed away.
  • Sensing the danger Vera was in, the Paraguay boss has withdrawn him. Ironically, his replacement, Barreto has picked up a booking for a cynical challenge on Neymar within a minute of coming on.
  • Maicon makes a good run into a threatening area, and sets up Robinho, who takes a pop shot from the edge of the box which goes narrowly wide - good play from Maicon at last.
  • With over a quarter of an hour of the second half gone, Paraguay are no closer to forcing Julio Cesar into a save.
  • The teams are out and we're awaiting kick-off.
  • An interesting little fact concerning Brazil. Although they were convincing victors in the last two editions of the Copa, they failed to get through the group stage unbeaten in 2007 and 2004. Ironically, the team that beat them in 2004 was Paraguay.
  • So, with Argentina's premature exit last night, surely Brazil are the favourites to make it three Copa America wins in a row? Can they get a result against their neighbours who almost pulled off a shock last time these two sides met eight days ago? If you have any thoughts, predictions, questions, anecdotes or musings, feel free to contact me via twitter (@eniskoylu).
  • Meanwhile, their rivals line up with: Justo Villar; Alcaraz, Veron, Da Silva, Torres; Vera, Christian Riveros, Caceres, Estigarribia; Valdez, Lucas Valdez
  • The line-ups are in. Brazil start with Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Thiago Silva, Andre Santos; Lucas, Ramires, Ganso; Robinho, Pato, Neymar
  • Good evening and welcome to's coverage of the Copa America quarter final match between Brazil and Paraguay. Brazil's finally came alive against Ecaudor in their last game, but both Julio Cesar and Lucio looked dodgy, meanwhile, Paraguay gave away a 3-1 lead in the dying moments against Venezuela.