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Primera División

  • May 15, 2011
  • • 20:00
  • • Estadio Alberto Jacinto Armando, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Referee: P. Loustau

Live Commentary

  • That's it from me and, I hope you enjoyed a gripping Clasico and will join me in raising a glass to Martin Palermo; whatever you say about his football abilities, you have to respect the old warrior.
  • Palermo is in tears as he talks to the press. "I will remember this game forever," the veteran goal-scorer affirmed.
  • "It was incredible... we didn't play brilliantly, but it was a deserved win" Riquelme stated. Now Palermo
  • The River players meanwhile skulk back to the dressing room, can't really blame them for making a rapid exit
  • Palermo is back on the pitch as the home team celebrate, while the Bombonera erupts once again.
  • 90' + 7'
    After that unwelcome delay the free kick ends up behind Lucchetti's net, and after seven minutes of added time the final whistle blows 2-0 BOCA JUNIORS!!!!!
  • 90' + 5'
    What a shame. Ugly scenes at the end earn Almeyda and Clemente Rodriguez a red card, the River man gestures at the home fans as he leaves furious down the tunnel
  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow/Red Matías Almeyda
  • 90' + 4'
    Red Card Clemente Rodríguez
  • 90' + 4'
    Last chance for a River consolation, another close free kick
  • 90' + 3'
    As the last minute approaches, Boca fans are wasting no opportunity to remind their rivals of their relegation worries. There's even a ghost in the stands with a big B on the front
  • 90' + 1'
    We're in injury time now, game over for the Millo. Riquelme is the next man for an ovation as he makes way for Ricardo Noir
  • 90'
    SubstitutionJuan Román Riquelme Ricardo Noir
  • 90'
    Viatri tries to beat the River defence on his own, but doesn't quite have the legs and is stopped 30m out
  • 88'
    "Whoever's not jumping, is going down'' is the shout from the Boca fans, and 45,000 people oblige by bouncing up and down while the River contingent suffer
  • 87'
    Fabian Monzon has also been excellent on the left, and pulled off an outstanding flick to further bamboozle the River attack
  • 84'
    SubstitutionPablo Mouche W. Erviti
  • 84'
    The game is slowly winding down, and the Palermo eulogies have already started on TV Publica. Mouche comes off for Erviti, he had a fantastic game
  • 83'
    Yet another dead ball chance for River, and yet again it comes to nothing. More Boca holding has the Millo very upset
  • 81'
    SubstitutionMartín Palermo Lucas Viatri
  • 81'
    An incredible reception for the Titan, every Boca fan on their feet as he leaves his last clasico. He even got a hug from Riquelme
  • 80'
    Lucas Viatri pulls on his shirt in the Xeneixe dug out, wait for the applause as Martin comes off
  • 79'
    The Boca defence has been relentless today, hardly giving River a sniff despite some excellent build-up play. Lucchetti punches safe a swinging free kick
  • 77'
    Shouts of "Ole" are already beginning as Boca keep the ball and toy with their opponents
  • 75'
    A little bit of handbags between Almeyda and Monzon, frustration is starting to get to the Millo men
  • 74'
    Pavone is furious at an offside call, but replays suggest that he was just off
  • 73'
    Just over 15 minutes left, time is running out for a dramatic comeback
  • 71'
    Yellow Card Matías Almeyda
  • 71'
    The ball bounces everywhere but is eventually cleared, and 'Duracell bunny' Mouche's storming run is stopped by Almeyda to earn him a booking.
  • 70'
    The Bombonera crowd smell victory despite River being in possessionl. Ojo eh, dangerous free kick earned by Funes Mori for the away team
  • 69'
    And Caruzzo sends the number 10's ball into row z under heavy pressure from the defence
  • 68'
    It feels like we've had 200 corners today, Riquelme forces another on the left
  • 67'
    Quick bit of trivia, 'Manu' at 18 is the youngest River man to play at the Bombonera since one Javier Saviola. Corner claimed masterfully by Lucchetti
  • 66'
    The Millo are throwing the dice, sacrificing Walter Acevedo for the more attacking Manuel Lanzini
  • 65'
    Carrizo just had a run-in with a 'helper' who refused to give up the ball, and administered a swift slap in the face to the Boca man behind the goal
  • 64'
    SubstitutionWalter Aníbal Acevedo Manuel Lanzini
  • 64'
    The kick is dealt with, but a loose ball runs to Pochi Chavez who fires wide.
  • 64'
    At the resulting corner Boca's surly number 10 takes his time, and earns a booking
  • 63'
    Yellow Card Juan Román Riquelme
  • 63'
    Oooooh beautiful play by Boca. Mouche and Roman set up a one-two, and Pablito gets into the box and forces a save from Carrizo
  • 61'
    More danger from River, Funes Mori's shot is deflected behind. Again though, Boca are flawless at the set-piece
  • 60'
    Riquelme just took out his left shin pad and stuffed it down his shorts, before letting it drop on the pitch. Not sure why...
  • 59''s Paraguay correspondent Ralph Hannah wonders how on earth River find themselves two down, and he has a point
  • 57'
    River are back down in the Boca half, but cannot break through no matter how hard they push
  • 55'
    MOUCHE..... NO!!! A great flick by Colazo finds the striker unmarked, but he hits wide. Almost 3-0, more awful defending from the Millo
  • 53'
    UUUUFFFF!!! Pavone does well to skin the defence, but his shot is cleared off the line by Monzon
  • 52'
    And Lucchetti saves Boca!! The keeper is having a blinder, and gets down to deny Lamela from close-range
  • 51'
    ALMOST!! Lamela hits well and Lucchetti has to tip over the bar. Corner River
  • 50'
    Nothing comes of that, but another free kick for a foul on Adalberto Roman
  • 49'
    Yellow Card Matías Caruzzo
  • 49'
    Caruzzo earns a yellow for cutting down Funes Mori on the edge of the area. Danger for Boca...
  • 48'
    Lamela heads just over for River, you get the feeling that the away team's salvation lies on his young shoulders
  • 47'
    Both teams declined to make a change in the break
  • 46'
    River kick off and immediately go on the offensive. Boca steal however and steam straight forward with Riquelme and Mouche
  • The teams are back out, can River do something special or will Buenos Aires be blue and gold tonight?
  • A Boca win meanwhile puts them on the verge of Copa Sudamericana qualification, a scenario unthinkable just a few matches ago
  • A River loss puts them deep in relegation trouble. If Olimpo beat Independiente later both grandes fall into the promocion playoff with five games left
  • Palermo has netted in four consecutive matches for Boca, after a 14hr dry spell. He was always going to score in his last clasico, it was basically written in the stars
  • My flat in Buenos Aires is divided, with one occupant a Boca fan and one for the Millo. You can imagine which one currently has his head buried deep in his hands, and which one is mercilessly taking the p***
  • The scoreline is definitely misleading, River have been more than competitive. Two amateurish pieces of defending though have cost them dear in this opening half.
  • The pictures coming from Futbol Para Todos tell it all after the first period. Monzon and Palermo delighted, Lamela hiding his face in anguish
  • 45' + 1'
    An attack spearheaded by Palermo and Mouche comes to nothing, and Lousteau blows for half time
  • 44'
    Boca though are looking very happy on the counter, even if it means playing around rather than through Roman
  • 43'
    Two minutes plus injury time remaining, and River are at least showing some sign that they have settled after a devastating three minutes.
  • 42'
    FUNES MORI!!!! The striker hits well, but Lucchetti rejects the effort and Boca are back on the counter
  • 42'
    Boca however are holding and shoving a lot in set-pieces, a penalty could have been given on a handful of occasions
  • 41'
    How toothless do they look up front though? Two crosses come in, with no real danger
  • 40'
    Ouch! Lamela is pole-axed 30m from goal, and River have a free kick opportunity on the left touchline
  • 39'
    Mouche is having a storming game, and threatens again before his run is cut short just shy of the River area
  • 38'
    Funes Mori and Lamela try to create some sparks down the left, but nothing materialises. It's infuriating how often Fujimori throws himself to the deck, resistance of paper the kid
  • 37'
    The goals have dealt River a hammer blow, and they look all over the place right now. They need to regroup before half time to have any chance of taking something from the match.
  • 35'
    Here we go, another set piece. Thankfully for River it passes safely for a goal kick
  • 34'
    The Bombonera has exploded in cheers, they are on top of the world
  • 33'
    I don't wish to claim psychic powers, but I foresaw a haunting seconds before the first goal. Pavone drags wide for River
  • 31'
    Goal Martín Palermo
  • 31'
    Another set piece, another goal- and who else but San Martin? The number nine loops a header over JP's head and is mobbed by his team mates, River in all sorts of trouble
  • 30'
  • 30'
    Now Boca have the wind in their sails, Mouche is running like a champion and the Xeneixe have a dangerous free kick...
  • 28'
    Own Goal Pablo Carrizo
  • 28'
    Unbelievable!!! The usually flawless Carrizo somehow palms a Mouche corner into his own net. A delighted Monzon celebrates with a backflip.
  • 27'
  • 26'
    This game is so far getting won in the middle, Almeyda and Acevedo doing sterling work. We all know though that River lack firepower, will it come back to haunt them?
  • 25'
    River definitely on top at the moment, but they're getting hit hard. Gonzalez Pirez received a tasty smack in the face at the last corner. Welcome to the Superclasico pibe
  • 24'
    Aaaaay! Pavone gets a bit of space and shoots, but Caruzzo blocks well to make it a corner. Nothing comes of it
  • 23'
    River and ex-Boca defender Maidana is injured and comes off, replaced by youngster Leandro Gonzalez Pirez
  • 22'
    SubstitutionJonathan Maidana Leandro Martín González Pirez
  • 21'
    Lamela clean through with Lucchetti, but given a marginal offside and the game is called back. Looked level to me
  • 19'
    Funes Mori wanted a penalty, but it was an optimistic shout as El Mellizo went down rather readily. Good pressure from River
  • 18'
    A decent run by Lamela gives River a long-range free kick, but the number 10 fires straight into Lucchetti's arms. It was a long way out though
  • 16'
    Yellow Card Leandro Somoza
  • 16'
    Encouraging to see both teams favouring playing the ball on the deck, as it should be on a beautiful La Boca afternoon. No clear-cut chances yet though
  • 14'
    ROMAAAAN!!! The veteran picks up the ball in the area after great work by Monzon, but can't kill it and the danger passes
  • 13'
    Yellow Card Juan Manuel Insaurralde
  • 12'
    Roman threatens from outside the area, but shot is blocked. Isaurralde then earns the first yellow card of the match, unlikely to be the last...
  • 10'
    Scuffed by the teenager, but almost falls in River's favour before Insaurralde scrambles clear
  • 10'
    Corner for River after neat work down the right, let's see what Neymar/ Lamela can do...
  • 9'
    Mouche's doing his usual ferreting down the right and puts in an interesting cross, but it's too high even for El Titan Palermo
  • 8'
    'Coco' Lamela's hair by the way becomes more and more Neymaresque every day. Not a good thing
  • 7'
    A decent start here, Somoza registers a long shot but it flies high and wide
  • 6'
    Lamela's free kick propelled towards goal by Maidana, but Lucchetti is equal and picks it out
  • 6'
    Lovely play by young Lamela to wriggle free of his marker 30m out, but he cannot develop the move
  • 4'
    River's Pavone is cut down in the far left corner, and gingerly gets back to his feet as Lucchetti clears for Boca
  • 4'
    No danger though, cleared well
  • 3'
    First corner of the day in Boca's favour, after good work from Mouche. Riquelme to take..
  • 1'
    AND WE'RE OFF!!!
  • Patricio Lousteau is our referee for today, after Hector Baldassi was stricken with Appendicitis on Saturday
  • One from @Rupert_Fryer, who thinks young Roberto Pereyra is a quality player for River. Agreed, rupert
  • If any followers want to impart a pearl of wisdom about the upcoming 90 minutes, feel free to send me a tweet at @DanEdwardsGoal
  • And the River lineup, you ask? Carrizo; Maidana, Ferrero, Román; Ferrari, Acevedo, Almeyda, Pereyra; Lamela; Funes Mori & Pavone
  • And here they come!! A sea of blue and yellow tickertape floods the stands as San Martin Palermo leads his team out. This is his last clasico ever, remember.
  • While we wait, this is the confirmed Boca XI: Lucchetti; C Rodríguez, Caruzzo, Insaurralde, Monzón; Chávez, Somoza, Colazo, Riquelme; Mouche & Palermo
  • Five minutes before kick off and River Plate are already on the pitch, we're waiting for the Xeneixe to appear to get the ball rolling so to speak. A wonderful sound emanating from the Bombonera, which is packed to the rafters
  • Señoras y señores, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2011 Clausura Superclasico between Boca and River!