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WC Qualification South America

  • November 11, 2011
  • • 20:00
  • • Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Capital Federal, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • • Attendance: 27592

Live Commentary

  • Bolivia pick up their first point of qualifying as they draw Argentina 1-1. A great result for the visitors, a terrible one for the hosts. Please stick with for the match report and player ratings, providing by Daniel Edwards. I'm Roger Gonzalez, and it's been a pleasure.
  • 90' + 4'
    Game over! Argentina and Bolivia tie 1-1! What a result for the visitors.
  • 90' + 3'
    Argentina can't get a clear look on goal as Sabella sprints to find a ball for the throw-in. Crosses are cleared time and time again.
  • 90' + 1'
    PASTORE!!! Gago fights off two defenders to play a lovely pass to the PSG man on the right, but the midfielder drills a curling shot wide of the goal!
  • 90'
    Four minutes of added time as Argentina do nothing with the corner.
  • 89'
    Pastore tries his luck from the top of the box but Arias saves comfortably. Moments later, Lavezzi wins a corner off a cross as Bolivia head the ball out.
  • 88'
    Another dangerous cross from the right, Zabaleta sends in a ball to Higuain, but Pipita's header goes wide of the the right post.
  • 86'
    Great tackle by Clemente on Segovia puts Argentina on the counter, but Vargas shuts down Higuain on the left to neutralize the attack.
  • 85'
    Argentina are desperate as the final minutes arrive. Pastore passes around with Gago as they look for their golden winner. Theh ome side must be careful, because the counter is there for the visitors.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionP. Escobar J. Chávez
  • 82'
    SubstitutionJavier Mascherano José Sosa
  • 82'
    Lavezzi!!!! A cross from Zabaleta on the right finds the Napoli star at the back post, but his header to the far post flies wide! What a chance wasted!
  • 80'
    Romero cuts off a cross on the right side by Segovia as Argentina go on the counter.
  • 78'
    Marcelo Martins comes off for Augusto Andaveris.
  • 77'
    SubstitutionMarcelo Moreno A. Andaveris
  • 77'
    Messi sends a ball into the left side of the box to Higuain, but the Real Madrid star is ruled offside.
  • 75'
    Messi! A run at the top of the box sees him shoot from the left side, looking for the upper-left corner, but the shot fiies wide! What a miss!
  • 73'
    Messi. WOW. The Barca star controlled the ball in the middle of the box after a touch from Pastore, but the ball hit his right foot before he could fire with his left, sending an ugly show way, way wide.
  • 72'
    Argentina are playing down the right, looking to earn three points at home. Bolivia have played well defensively and are just under 20 minutes away from escaping Buenos Aires with a point. Will either team find a winner?
  • 69'
    Hectic sequence sees Higuain attempt a poor, slow shot alone at the back post that is saved. Seconds after, Messi sends Zabaleta through, but the defender is denied by Arias, who dives to touch the ball, which deflects off the defender and out for a throw-in.
  • 68'
    Yellow Card Clemente Rodríguez
  • 68'
    Pastore tries his luck off the corner, but his bullet from the right is saved well by Arias, who punches it out.
  • 67'
    Lavezzi! Messi finds his teammates on the right, and the striker's low shot is deflected out from the corner at the near post! Lovely chance for Argentina there, and another one coming.
  • 65'
    Messi is fouled near the corner, and his cross on the free kick finds Lavezzi, but the former San Lorenzo star can't make solid contact, popping the ball into the air where Arias skies to grab it.
  • 63'
    The definition of an impact sub is Lavezzi, while his teammate Demichelis exemplifies what has been wrong with Argentina in recent years. Nonetheless, the home side have tied the game with around 30 minutes to go.
  • 60'
    Goal Ezequiel Lavezzi
    GOAL ARGENTINA! LAVEZZI ON HIS FIRST TOUCH! Gago sends the ball to the Napoli man at the top of the box, and the striker does the rest, finishing with his left foot low into the left side of the net! 1-1!
  • 59'
    Yellow Card Jaime Robles
  • 59'
    SubstitutionRicardo Álvarez Ezequiel Lavezzi
  • 58'
    Lavezzi comes on for Ricky Alvarez.
  • 57'
    Yellow Card Marcelo Moreno
  • 56'
    Goal Marcelo Moreno
    GOAL BOLIVIA!!! An error by Demichelis! Marcelo Martins steals the ball from the veteran defender on the left, beating him and Burdisso to cut in and out at the left side of the goal before firing home into the net! 1-0 Bolivia!
  • 54'
    SubstitutionE. Rojas R. Segovia
  • 54'
    Messi is taken down at the top of the box, but no foul is awarded. Play continues as Bolivia clear.
  • 53'
    AngeloBenjy, an Argentina supporter, writes on Twitter: We only need to convert our chances. Hitting the post should motivate them. Come on Albiceleste.
  • 51'
    The fans applaud Clemente for his effort. Argentina are trying to move forward but the positioning of the Bolivia defenders has been superb.
  • 49'
    Nothing but physical play in the early moments of the half. The balls has yet to be settled down as the teams exchange tackles.
  • 47'
    Throw-in to Bolivia in their defensive half after Lavezzi couldn't get a head to Pastore's cross.
  • 46'
    Here we go!
  • The second half is about to begin.
  • The second half will be begin shortly. Argentina have looked much better than Bolivia, but what matters it the score, where neither team have anything to show for it. From the Monumental, it's Argentina 0-0 Bolivia at the half.
  • What are your thoughts on the first half? What changes would make? Send them on Twitter to @RCGonzalez10
  • 45' + 1'
    Flores, again, denies Messi with a tackle at the top of the box as the first half ends. Evo Morales must be happy, as the Bolivian president predicted his nation escaping Argentina with a point. After 45 minutes, his pick looks solid.
  • 45'
    One minute of added time in the Monumental.
  • 42'
    What was Messi thinking? Alvarez sends him through towards the by-line, and instead of crossing low, he goes for the chip to the far post. The ball results in a goal kick. v
  • 40'
    Flores shuts down Messi with a lovely timed tackle. The game is more open by the minute with the counter there for both.
  • 38'
    First chance on goal by Bolivia, who have only 30 percent of the possession. Escobar tries a low effort at the top of the box, but it rolls comfortably to Romero.
  • 36'
    Sabella is looking angrier by the second. All the luck to Bolivia in the first half.
  • 35'
    PASTORE! Off the post! A long shot from the top of the box by the midfielder goes low, hitting the right post and out. Argentina get the ball back as a flurry of passes fails to produce a quality shot until Higuain puts the ball in the net, but a foul is called prior by Gago, leaving the scoreline at 0-0.
  • 32'
    Another combination, this one with Zabaleta and Messi, sees the Barca man send Pastore through, but the former Palermo star's shot was so poor that it resulted in a throw-in.
  • 31'
    A lot of credit needs to go towards Clemente, who is having a fantastic game. The Boca man sends in a cross from the left after a lovely through ball by Messi, all started by the dashing run down the left side from the defender.
  • 28'
    Messi! A great play by Gago ends with the ball at Messi's feet at the top of the box. The Argentina star invades the area and takes a chance on goal from the left side, but Arias stops it well with a dive to his right.
  • 25'
    Frustration builds for Argentina after a combo by Clemente and Messi sends the attacker into the box, but the Bolivia defenders remain strong after the Barca man can't work his magic, clearing the danger.
  • 22'
    Messi's shot hits the wall. Terrible attempt. Well, in a game that should be 1-0, Bolivia escape danger, and they have nobody to thank but the ref.
  • 21'
    GOAL ARGENTINA! Higuain! OH NO! The ref calls the foul on Messi before the ball found the Real Madrid striker in the box. What an error! Free kick outside the box. Unbelievable call. Still 0-0.
  • 18'
    A cross from the left by Bolivia targets Martins, but Clemente Rodriguez does well to defend the powerful attacker, using his body to shield the ball and eliminate the threat.
  • 16'
    Dangerous free kick comes in after Messi is fouled 32 metres out. The Barca man takes it, sending in cross that finds the chest of Alvarez, then finding the by-line. Wasted chance for the two-time World Cup winners.
  • 14'
    Alvarez starts the break by finding Pastore on the left, but the Inter midfielder gives it away after a return pass as Flores clears.
  • 11'
    Corner to Argentina after Gago finds Pastore in the middle of the pitch. The tall midfielder tried to send Higuain through, but the ball was cleared out in the box. On the corner, a cross finds the head of Burdisso, but he did not make good contact, sending it past the by-line.
  • 8'
    Messi is sandwiched at the top of the box, and no foul is called. A bit of a surprise there, as the Barcelona star split defenders before being taken down. Bolivia catch a break.
  • 7'
    Gago attempts to send Messi through, but the former Real Madrid man's pass finds Arias.
  • 6'
    Flores takes down Gago in the attack half with a little clip at the feet. Free kick to Sabella's men, who look to play Pastore on the left.
  • 4'
    Screams of "ole" rain down on the field, at least I think, as Argentina touch the ball around at the back. Could simply be screams of "oh" with Demichelis holding the ball, frightening the fans.
  • 2'
    Gutierrez fouls Zabaleta after a combination by Messi and the Man City defender. Free kick in the attacking half for Argentina, but the home side decide to play backwards.
  • 2'
    Argentina begin with great energy. A lovely combination of passes, led by Messi, sees the ball switch from the right to left, ultimately ending in a Rodriguez shot from outside the box, one that flies over the goal.
  • 1'
    The match has begun! 90 minutes of lovely World Cup Qualifying!
  • National anthems being played in front of a small crowd. A workday in Argentina, not many people in the stands. Some will certainly be trickling during the game. The match is minutes away! Be sure to stick with us after the game for the match report and ratings, provided by Daniel Edwards. Here we go!
  • Interesting to see Gago in the middle of the pitch, but with Ever Banega injured, the Roma man get the start, looking to prove his worth. As for Aguero, the Man City star suffered a muscle strain on Thursday in practice.
  • The contest will be underway shortly. Send your predictions on Twitter to @RCGonzalez10
  • No real surprises in Bolivia, but the same can't be said for the home side. Alejandro Sabella opts for Clemente Rodriguez in the back, taking place of Marcos Rojo. Many Argentina fans will be pleased to see Javier Pastore in the starting XI, taking place of Sergio Aguero, who is out injured.
  • For Argentina: Romero; Zabaleta, Demichelis, Burdisso, Rodriguez; Gago, Mascherano, Alvarez; Messi, Higuain, Pastore.
  • The starting XI for Bolivia: Arias; Vargas, Mendez, Rivero, Gutierrez; Edivaldo, Robles, Flores, Cardozo; Escobar; Martins.
  • As we take a look at the standings in qualifying, Argentina are in second with three points, though they are joined by five others with the same amount. Bolivia bring up the bottom with zero points from two games.
  • The starting XI for both teams will be in shortly. As always, send you messages on Twitter to @RCGonzalez10
  • It's a gorgeous day here in Argentina. Little bit of wind and lovely temperature making for a great scene at the stadium.
  • Welcome ladies and gentleman to's LIVE coverage of World Cup Qualifying. From the Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina take on Bolivia in the third round of matches. I'm Roger Gonzalez, and I'll be providing updates from the game.