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  • February 2, 2013
  • • 14:30
  • • Coface Arena, Mainz
  • Referee: M. Weiner
  • • Attendance: 34000

Live Commentary

  • Thanks for tuning in to's LIVE coverage of Bayern's 3-0 away victory over Mainz. I've been Simon Harrison, and I hope to catch you all next time!
  • Tuchel's men will have to do some soul-searching after that performance, as they were easily dominated by a Bayern side that didn't truly have to exert themselves too much. Their next game against Augsburg must be regarded as a must-win match now!
  • There goes the whistle! Bayern take the three points, winning 3-0 over Mainz. Two goals from Mario Mandzukic and a goal for Thomas Muller were enough for the league leaders, as the hosts failed to get out of the blocks.
  • 90'
    Zimling plays a clever ball over the Bayern defence, but Dante deals with it well. The Dane has probably been Mainz' best midfielder since coming on.
  • 88'
    Yellow Card Marcel Risse
  • 88'
    The linesman has to run onto the field to separate Risse and Alaba, after the Mainz winger made a late challenge on Dante. He picks up a yellow card.
  • 87'
    Dante fouls Muller on the edge of the box, allowing Ivanschitz an effort on goal. He fails to test Neuer however, as the ball skims the roof of the net. Not too far away, I guess.
  • 86'
    Robben breaks down the left, passing the ball to Schweinsteiger who turns a cross into the box. It fails to clear the first man however. Disappointing.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionShawn Parker Marco Caligiuri
  • 84'
    Van Buyten makes an important header to prevent the ball from falling to Parker in Bayern's penalty area! Despite being comfortably ahead, the Bayern defense have remained switched on.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionToni Kroos Luiz Gustavo
  • 82'
    Bayern will be streaking ahead in the Bundesliga with three points here, but their rivals for the title are yet to play this weekend. Only then will be know how valuable this victory truly could be!
  • 80'
    The Mainz outfit are playing as though they're waiting for the whistle. Bayern have looked very solid today, which to testament to why Neuer has almost had nothing to do. Dante and Martinez have been good in particular.
  • 78'
    Ivanschitz goes down under a heavy challenge from Van Buyten. That looked a bit painful, but the Belgian also won the ball.
  • 76'
    SubstitutionFranck Ribéry Arjen Robben
  • 76'
    SubstitutionMario Mandzukic M. Gómez
  • 76'
    Not a bad two substitutes! Both Robben and Gomez are set to take to the field! Two-goal Mandzukic is replaced.. no hat-trick for the Croatian!
  • 74'
    Oooh! Zabavnik goes close! Mainz whip a corner in, the ball evaded Neuer, but bounces wide with Zabavnik stretching! That was close indeed.
  • 72'
    It's now Mandzukic's turn to try for his hat-trick, testing Wetklo from range, but the Mainz keeper manages to parry the strike away.
  • 71'
    At the other end, the ball finds its way to substitute Zimling, and the Dane looks to be winding up for a shot, but Dante puts in a tremendous block to prevent the midfielder from getting a shot away!
  • 70'
    Muller tries some silky footwork on the edge of the 18 yard box, opening up his body and attempting to curl the ball into the far corner, but Pospech manages to put a block in.
  • 69'
    The game has really slowed. No chances for either side in the past five minutes whatsoever. Bayern are content to keep the ball, and Mainz look disinterested with having to press their opponents.
  • 66'
    Bayern weren't in a rush before their opening goal, and that mentality definitely hasn't changed since they've gone ahead. Heynckes' men look very relaxed.
  • 64'
    Oooh! Parker goes close! The youngster drags his shot wide of the post, but it had Neuer scrambling to his right!
  • 63'
    Zimling gives away a free-kick within 30 seconds of coming on. That might be what is required to stop Bayern from knocking the ball around in the centre of the park. Although, if the away side were forced into playing more direct football, Mandzukic could probably still hold his own upfront.
  • 62'
    SubstitutionElkin Soto Niki Zimling
  • 61'
    Tuchel is ready to throw combative new midfielder Niki Zimling into the fray, although I'm sure that at 3-0 down, the Dane will be unable to help his side mount a comeback.
  • 59'
    Kirchhoff does well to head another Muller cross away from danger, with Mandzukic lurking behind him on the penalty spot! Mainz look to have given up completely.
  • 57'
    Assist Philipp Lahm
  • 57'
    Goal Mario Mandzukic
    GOAL! Mandzukic is celebrating again! Muller gives the ball to Lahm on the overlap, the veteran full back lofts a ball to the back post and the Croatian heads home!
  • 54'
    Bayern have resumed their slow, steady build up play, and there's not a lot that the hosts can do about it. I don't think that Tuchel's teamtalk has inspired his players particularly, they're still second best in most challenges.
  • 52'
    Mainz have a lot of work to do now. Bayern are leading comprehensively and comfortably without really having to exert themselves. Surely the away side will take home the three points now?
  • 50'
    Assist David Alaba
  • 50'
    Goal Mario Mandzukic
    GOAL! Mandzukic scores! Alaba was set free down the left side by Kroos, cut into the box and then squared for the Croatian to stab home!
  • 48'
    Risse bursts down the right flank, whipping a ball inside to Ivanschitz, however he fires his effort horribly wide. Mainz haven't quite got going offensively, they've looked quite solid, but are toothless.
  • 47'
    Both Robben and Gustavo are warming up for the away side, one might be introduced into the action sooner than we might have thought. Balanced start to the second half so far.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionYunus Malli Marcel Risse
  • 46'
    And we're back underway once more! Can Mainz get back into this game? Bayern have only conceded once away from home this season, so it's a tough ask from the home side!
  • Mainz will need to buck their ideas up for the second half. If they made their passing that little bit crisper on the break, they could trouble the pairing of Van Buyten and Dante, neither have real pace. I think Mainz are desperately missing Szalai!
  • The half time whistle sounds! Bayern are deservedly ahead by one goal to nil against Mainz, thanks to a Thomas Muller goal, five minutes before the break.
  • 45' + 1'
    Malli breaks down the left flank, hoping to start a counter attack, but gives the ball away yet again. This is frustrating to watch.
  • 44'
    Mainz have been really wasteful when going forward. Too many counter attacks have petered out into nothing. Neuer has been relatively untroubled.
  • 41'
    Assist Toni Kroos
  • 41'
    Goal Thomas Müller
    That goal came from nothing! However, despite their lack of clear cut chances, Bayern deserve the lead. Great possession and a more composed use of the ball from the away side.
  • 40'
    GOAL! Thomas MULLER! Out of nothing, Muller is slipped through in behind the Mainz defence, takes the ball around Wetklo and passes the ball home from a reasonably narrow angle!
  • 39'
    Oooh! That's the closest Bayern have got! Martinez gets his head on the end of a Toni Kroos corner, but Wetklo is fortunate to be stood right behind it! The goalkeeper pats the ball down and collects at the second attempt!
  • 38'
    N. Muller fails to release Pospech down the right flank. They've really struggled to up the tempo when they're in possession. Their counter attacks are petering out far too often!
  • 36'
    Oooh! Malli goes close! The Colombian manages to wrap his foot around a cross, but Lahm gets a foot in to deflect the ball behind for a corner. Nothing comes from the delivery.
  • 34'
    Kroos finally puts in a decent free-kick delivery, however Wetklo is out quickly to punch the ball away from danger! Solid start from the Mainz goalkeeper.
  • 33'
    T. Muller is annoyed after Zabavnik seemed to bundle the Bayern winger out of play, however the referee awards a throw in to the hosts. He's not happy!
  • 31'
    Ribery crosses, finds Kroos in space in the box, but the midfielder fails to get control of the ball. Kirchhoof clears in bizarre fashion, flicking the ball over his head with his heel!
  • 29'
    Ivanschitz now fires an effort at Neuer's goal from 20 yards out, but drags his shot well wide of the post. This game is yet to come to the boil.
  • 28'
    Kirchhoff gives away another freekick, as he clambers onto the towering figure of Mandzukic. Kroos gets another chance to deliver, but can't even get it over the first man! Oh dear.
  • 27'
    Yellow Card Nicolai Müller
  • 26'
    Yellow Card Radoslav Zabavnik
  • 26'
    Kroos gets another free kick opportunity in a similar position to his last, and floats another delivery in search of Mandzukic. Wetklo rises highest to claim.
  • 24'
    Bayern pick up a free kick in a dangerous area, Kroos flights in it, but Mandzukic heads wide of the target! No shots on target yet, I don't think. Both keepers must be getting a little bit bored.
  • 22'
    Forget what I just said! Bayern are back in control of possession, with both Martinez and Schweinsteiger happy to sit deep. Heynckes clearly knows that there is no rush here.
  • 21'
    Oooh! Clever dummy by Soto allows Ivanschitz to get a shot away at goal, but Dante blocks! The home side are beginning to press..
  • 19'
    Ivanschitz whips in a free-kick, but the referee gives a free kick to the away side for a push by Kirchhoff.
  • 17'
    Ooh. Parker shots again, but fails to hit the target once more! Neuer is happy to watch the ball bounce past his post.
  • 16'
    Mainz almost manage to make a counter attack count, but Parker fires his shot into the legs of Bayern's defense. The ball bounces out for a corner, and Schweinsteiger clears the resulting set piece!
  • 14'
    Thus far, I would say that Bayern are edging the match on possession, however they haven't managed to unluck to Mainz defence yet. Mandzukic is yet to have a meaningful touch of the ball!
  • 12'
    Kirchhoff does well to dispossess Ribery on the edge of the Mainz area, and his challenge starts an unfruitful counter attack. No chances yet!
  • 10'
    Now it's Mainz' turn to have a taste of the ball. Kirchhoff pulls off some nice skill, but nothing comes of the hosts possession. A very slow tempo to this game thus far.
  • 9'
    A composed start from Bayern. Mainz are happy to hold their shape and press the opposition, and both teams are yet to carve out even a half chance.
  • 7'
    Great play from Schweinsteiger works the ball across to Kroos, as the German international lifts the ball cleverly over two Mainz players. Kroos puts a poor cross in from the byline, however.
  • 5'
    No chances for Bayern so far, however they've seen the majority of early possession. The away side look composed and focused on the task at hand this afternoon.
  • 3'
    Unlucky for the hosts, Malli presses down the left flank, and looked to be in a good position to put a cross in, but he make a feeble attempt at delivering the ball. He should've done better with that!
  • 2'
    Mainz are pressing early, as expected, but Bayern have still had the better of the ball despite the pressure from the hosts. Pospech makes an early foul.
  • 1'
    And we're underway!
  • Three Mullers are involved in today's action! Mainz are contributing two, in the forms of Nicolai and Heinz, while Bayern have Thomas. I'll be sure to include their initials so things don't get confusing!
  • Bayern starting line-up: Neuer, Lahm, Van Buyten, Dante, Alaba, Schweinsteiger, Ribery, Martinez, Kroos, T. Muller, Mandzukic.
  • Mainz starting line-up: Wetklo, Noveski, Pospech, Zabavnik, Kirchhoff, Soto, Ivanschitz, Baumgartlinger, N. Muller, Malli, Parker.
  • I'm Simon Harrison, and I will be the man in charge of keeping you updated with all of the action from Coface Arena, as Bayern look to try and extend their lead at the top of the Bundesliga, and Mainz attempt to push further ahead of Schalke.
  • Hello and welcome to's LIVE coverage of Mainz vs Bayern Munich! Both sides have had a good run of form lately, and therefore today's game promises to be a very interesting affair!