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Ligue 1

  • August 19, 2012
  • • 20:00
  • • Stade François Coty, Ajaccio
  • Referee: C. Turpin
  • • Attendance: 9402

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 6'
    That's it, and a funny ending in Corsica. But PSG's comical attacking display will serve as some concern for Carlo Ancelotti, with games against Bordeaux and Lille to come in the next few weeks. But until then, goodnight.
  • 90' + 5'
    And it's over, as quick as it began. FT - Ajaccio 0-0 PSG.
  • 90' + 4'
  • 90' + 4'
    Funnily enough, the lights are coming back on. If the game hadn't been delayed twice due to the drinks break, it would've been finished a while ago. Anyway, we should be restarting soon.
  • 90' + 3'
    Little bit of delay as the lights go out on PSG's game with Ajaccio, and more importantly, their chances to win. Experiencing a 10-minute delay in Corsica.
  • 90' + 2'
    THE LIGHTS HAVE GONE OUT! Floodlight failure, and the game has been stopped.
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionJavier Pastore Guillaume Hoarau
  • 90' + 1'
    Free-kick delivered in from the wing, and it's over-hit to the point that it evades Sakho. Into the first of five minutes added on in Corsica.
  • 90'
  • 89'
    Pastore makes it a 3 v 2 situation as PSG surge forward, but he runs wide of the mark before being fouled just outside the area. Free-kick, and he's off for Hoarau. Leonardo and Nasser Al-Khelaifi look on disappointingly.
  • 88'
    Chance for Ajaccio as Eduardo and Diarra attempt to steal a late winner, but the strength and sheer power of Sakho limits their advances, at the other end, there's a counter-attack.
  • 86'
    The game has significantly lowered its tempo, with both sides running down the clock in the hope that they can force the opposite side into a mistake, as Diarra blocks a ball from Maxwell. Jallet's cross is headed away by Poulard.
  • 83'
    Ajaccio holding their own well, as PSG struggle to manouevre outside of their box. Fousseini Diawara has been a rock in defence tor Alex Dupont's side.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionJohan Cavalli Paul Lasne
  • 81'
    Cavalli off for Lasne, with the game entering its final nine minutes or so. Pastore's corner is deep, and met on the volley by Jallet, and it soars over the bar.
  • 80'
    RED CARD - Carlo Ancelotti is sent to the stands, following Lavezzi. PSG manager losing it at the minute, kicking a bottle on the pitch in frustration at the referee's decision.
  • 79'
    Carl Medjani is replaced by Arnaud Maire. On the field, Verratti attempts to thread a ball in towards Gameiro, but it is poorly executed.
  • 78'
    SubstitutionCarl Medjani Arnaud Maire
  • 78'
    There's been 11 red cards in the first two weeks of the new Ligue 1 season already. Lavezzi's red card is also his first out of two games in Ligue 1 - he only received 1 in 156 in Serie A.
  • 77'
    GAMEIRO! First real shot on target for PSG in this second half. A stinging shot from the substitute is parried by the Mexican international. Another substitution is prepared. Chantome's corner is cleared.
  • 76'
    Eduardo and Belghazouani attempt to combine, with the latter firing from distance, which is blocked by two players. 15 minutes or so to go.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionBenjamin Andre Chakhir Belghazouani
  • 75'
    Verratti on to replace Nene, who unsually has had a poor game this evening. He looks disappointed at being replaced, whilst Andre is replaced by Belghazouani.
  • 74'
    SubstitutionNené Marco Verratti
  • 74'
    Chantome ghosts into the area after a lovely ball from Nene who lobbed it over an unsuspecting defender. Poulard is on hand to clear it away.
  • 73'
    Marco Verratti will make an appearance, as Carlo Ancelotti readies another substitution. On the field of play, the hosts are patiently knocking the ball around the defence, waiting for the chance to present itself.
  • 71'
    The game is back underway, and entering the final twenty minutes or so at the Stade Francois Coty. Ajaccio looking good to hold their own and claim a shock point.
  • 69'
    The game is stopped once more for the mandatory drinks break imposed due to the hot weather in France. We are to get underway in a minute again.
  • 68'
    Jallet's cross just epitomises the Parisian play this evening - imaginative, yet lazy. A cross aiming to pick out Gameiro sails far over the bar.
  • 67'
    If PSG fail to win this game, they would be already four points behind Marseille, Bordeaux and Lyon with their next games against title rivals Bordeaux and Lille. Tough times for the capital club.
  • 66'
    Opta on Twitter: 1 - Ezequiel Lavezzi and Jérémy Menez exchanged one pass in the first-half. Tricky.
  • 65'
    SubstitutionJérémy Menez Kevin Gameiro
  • 64'
    A disappointing Jeremy Menez taken off for Kevin Gameiro. Menez missed that howler in the first half, if you can remember.
  • 62'
    Ajaccio have their umpteenth corner of the game, and again it causes a little bit of problems for the defence as Menez clears away hurriedly. The same player then launches an audacious shot which sails over the bar.
  • 60'
    Boos ring all around the stadium after Andre is treated to on the pitch. The Argentine has had a poor game so far, with none of the visitors having a profound impact on the game, despite their obvious talents.
  • 59'
    Red Card Ezequiel Lavezzi
    RED CARD FOR EZEQUIEL LAVEZZI! Shocking tackle from the Argentine on Benjamin Andre, and he is rightfully shown the red card.
  • 57'
    The visitors are having a little trouble trying to contain the Corsicans who are growing in confidence with every attacking opportunity.
  • 55'
    Yellow Card Clément Chantôme
  • 55'
    Yellow Card Johan Cavalli
  • 55'
    The hosts are very much the dominant side at the moment, with a free-kick being deflected off the wall and out for a corner. Ajaccio's corner headed away by Sakho, before Diawara is called offside.
  • 54'
    Another bit of handbags between the two sets of players, and a double booking as Clement Chantome fouls Cavalli, before the latter stands up to protest the decision.
  • 53'
    EDUARDO! OFF THE POST! Two massive chances in two minutes for Ajaccio who are still without a goal. A wonderful ball into the Brazilian who fires past Sirigu into the bottom left-hand corner, but it's back off the post.
  • 52'
    DIAWARA! Just wide, couldn't quite get to it and turn it in past Sirigu. Mere centimetres in that after a great delivery from the free-kic. PSG's defence is static as Diawara is denied.
  • 50'
    Lavezzi with a wonderful one-two with Pastore, who fails to get ahead of Bouhours who intercepts with a decent sliding challenge. The resulting corner is easily cleared away.
  • 49'
    Questions over the referee's decision to not award a free-kick there, after a lesser infringement was acted upon earlier. Inconsistency from Clement Turpin, and it leaves Menez bemused.
  • 48'
    A lovely pinged ball from Maxwell deep on the left flank aims to catch out Ezequiel Lavezzi, but the Argentine is beaten to the aerial ball by Yann Poulard.
  • 47'
    An early chance from the visitors as Menez lays off Pastore who jinks past two defenders before curling the ball inches wide of Ochoa's goal.
  • 46'
    UNDERWAY IN THE SECOND HALF. PSG get us underway, attacking from right to left.
  • I'll be back in 15 minutes for the second period, in the mean-time, get your comments in @goal_intl on Twitter, and in the comments section below.
  • A pretty uninspiring first half in terms of gilt-edged chances at Stade Francois Coty, but Ajaccio have marshalled themselves well in the first 45 minutes. PSG recovered from a sluggish start to finish strongly, but should've been ahead after Jeremy Menez's howler.
  • 45'
  • 44'
    Wayward cross flies over Sirigu's net harmlessly from the boot of Cavalli, but Eduardo purposefully tried to look for a penalty which was instantly dismissed. Should be the last action of the first half.
  • 43'
    Jallet bursts through the midfield before spraying a ball wide to Chantome. The midfielder opts for a first-time cross which is powerfully batted away by Ochoa.
  • 42'
    PSG often lacking in the end product as another cross into the box is headed in, with no-one able to position themselves correctly and get a touch of the ball. PSG in the ascendancy though
  • 41'
    Poor shot from Andre who capitalises on a wayward header by Sakho and fires instantly towards goal. High, wide and not at all handsome.
  • 39'
    The visitors are improving as Menez cuts in from the wing before being dispossessed by Poulard. Ajaccio still the dominant side in the middle of the park with Yohan Cavalli proving to be an inspirational force.
  • 38'
    Yellow Card Yoann Poulard
  • 37'
    CHANTOME! Nervy moment for the hosts as a free-kick is not dealt with properly. Pastore keeps the ball in, before laying off a header from Chantome which is saved on the line by Ochoa.
  • 35'
    Lovely bit of skill from Nene to take the ball away from his marker, as PSG are awarded a free-kick after a late tackle from Yann Poulard on Jeremy Menez. Harsh foul, but an even harsher yellow card.
  • 33'
    Ricardo Faty attempts a tame shot from distance, with Salvatore Sirigu easily holding his own against the volley. 0-0, twelve minutes until the interval.
  • 31'
    Ohh, what a poor challenge from Nene who clatters into Diawara to stop Ajaccio from hitting on the counter-attack. Corner easily dealt with, and poorly executed before Diawara attempts to race away before being stopped by the Brazilian.
  • 30'
    Free-kick whipped in by Nene who picks out Alex. However, Diawara heads away to hand PSG a corner.
  • 29'
    Still 0-0 in Corsica, with Ajaccio doing well to limit PSG's creativity, despite that harrowing Menez miss. Free-kick from distance awarded to les Parisiens.
  • 27'
    MENEZ! WHAT A SAVE FROM OCHOA! Lovely cross in from the right by Nene who drives in low for Jeremy Menez. The ex-Roma winger attempted a tap-in, but it was masterfully saved by Ochoa who blocked it with the tip of his leg before being cleared. SUPERB!
  • 25'
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  • 23'
    Les Parisiens struggling to negotiate a way past the hosts, with the final ball sorely lacking in their play. Lavezzi looks a little isolated.
  • 22'
    A mini-break halfway through the first period with the players given a chance to take in some water. Conditions in France are not ideal, with the heat hitting up to 35C.
  • 20'
    Jallet suspect in defence, and he is rightly dispossessed by Diarra who capitalises on his momentary lapse. PSG regain the ball, but fail to make something serious of it.
  • 19'
    Yellow Card Javier Pastore
  • 19'
    NENE! Long-range free-kick from the Brazilian, and it dinks off the wall and over the bar there. Sure it took a deflection, but the referee gives a goal-kick to the hosts.
  • 18'
    Yellow Card Fousseyni Diawara
  • 17'
    Javier Pastore attempts to create the first real chance for the visitors, but the ball is met by the hand of Fousseini Diawara. Pastore creates a handbags moment by calling for Diawara's handball, and both players subsequently are booked.
  • 15'
    PSG's tactics look a little surprising after their high-octane passing game last week against Lorient. They look a little lethargic, even sombre in their attacking forays. A long ball from the halfway line into Ezequiel Lavezzi is easily intercepted by Ochoa.
  • 14'
    Corner to Ajaccio, headed away by Jallet before being knocked back in by Samuel Bouhours. Javier Pastore attempts to trick his way out of the box, but almost dispossesses himself before being reprieved by the referee's whistle.
  • 13'
    Interesting early statistics from the game. Ajaccio lead possession by 60% to PSG's 40%, with the visitors failing to pose any threat to Ochoa at the other end.
  • 11'
    Ancelotti cuts a frustrated figure on the touchline as Ajaccio spurn yet another chance in the opening ten or so minutes. Corner whipped in from the far right, and it's headed over the bar by Faty.
  • 9'
    Tad bit of nervousness in the PSG half as Ajaccio run clear in the form of Diarra who attempts to lob the ball over Sirigu, who blocks it before catching the ball over the line. Corner given, but failed to be taken advantage of.
  • 8'
    Nice movement on the wing by Sigamary Diarra who ghosts past his marker and lofts a ball into the box before being cleared by an alert Sakho.
  • 7'
    Much of the play is being centred around the Ajaccio box at the opposite end, but les Parisiens are not posing that much of a threat. Easily cleared by Guillermo Ochoa.
  • 5'
    Ajaccio have seen more of the ball in the first few moments as both sides look to assert their authority on the game. Nevertheless, it's a poor pass to lose possession from the Corsicans.
  • 3'
    Diawara and Pierazzi enjoying a good spell in the opening minutes, before the latter is taken down by Nene. PSG happy to be patient in the opening stages.
  • 2'
    A fairly energetic start from Alex Dupont's side, who are pinging the ball into the box on more than one occasion. A wayward strike from Ricardo Faty is fired over Sirigu's bar.
  • 1'
    WE ARE UNDERWAY! Ajaccio get us started in the final game of the weekend.
  • The teams are out, Ajaccio in white attacking from right to left, with PSG in their famous navy blue. 9,000 in attendance at the Stade Francois Coty.
  • Tonight's referee is Clement Turpin, who brandished eight red cards last season, the joint-second most of any referee in 2011-12, only surpassed by Ruddy Buquet.
  • Fun fact number one this evening (hopefully, there'll be a few more!) - Ajaccio's budget for the season (all of their operations) is around the €20m mark, roughly about the same as Zlatan Ibrahimovic's transfer fee.
  • Five minutes to go before kick-off in the final game of Ligue 1 Round 2. Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux and surprisingly promoted Bastia with maximum points thus far. Carlo Ancelotti will be hoping that his side can kick-start their season with a convincing performance and three points.
  • PSG prevailed in both encounters last season, as a late surge in form from Ajaccio meant they avoided the drop, but just what can they get from tonight's encounter against a side reaching for the stars? Tweet me your predictions at @goal_intl.
  • TEAM NEWS: Mehdi Mostefa misses out after being sent off last week against Nice, but the big news is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is sidelined with a bruised foot. He was the inspiration last weekend for Les Parisiens, but Javier Pastore returns from suspension to feature.
  • PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN: Sirigu; Jallet, Sakho, Alex, Maxwell; Matuidi, Chantome, Pastore, Menez, Nene; Lavezzi
  • AC AJACCIO: Ochoa; Medjani, Poulard, Diawara, Bouhours; Faty, Andre, Pierazzi; Cavalli, Diarra; Eduardo
  • AC Ajaccio began their new season under Alex Dupont with a convincing 1-0 away victory to Nice, with Eduardo bagging their only goal. Despite winning, they have only one point in the table after being deducted two by the LFP in the close-season.
  • Lorient were the visitors on matchday one, and shocked their wealthy opponents by taking a well-deserved 2-0 lead against Ancelotti's men. Gregory Bourillon's red card, coupled with Zlatan Ibrahimovic's double saw the sides share the spoils.
  • PSG's new era saw the signings of world-class stars Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Thiago Silva swap Serie A for the French capital, and with the likes of Marco Verratti and Lucas Moura (in January) strutting their stuff in Ligue 1, they are rightly considered as favourites. However, their opening round made for an enthralling encounter..
  • I'm Mohammed Ali, and I'll be bringing you LIVE updates. I'd love it you could get in touch PSG & Ajaccio fans - send your messages, predictions, opinions and more via Twitter to International at @goal_intl. Team-lineups to follow shortly.
  • Good evening, and welcome to's LIVE text commentary from Ligue 1 this evening. Paris Saint-Germain take on Ajaccio at Stade Francois Coty on the Corsican island. It makes for an interesting game this evening. Stay put for official team news.