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Serie A

  • August 30, 2010
  • • 19:45
  • • Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, Bologna
  • Referee: P. Valeri
  • • Attendance: 28439

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 6'
    Paolo Magnani is over the moon, and he is given a big hug by Viviano. From the Stadio Dell'Ara in Bologna, good evening.
  • 90' + 5'
    Di Vaio wins a free-kick for his side, as Samuel clipped him from behind. His shot from the free-kick cannot do anything, as Julio Cesar claims it. And that is the end of the match. 0-0 here. The crowd are in raptures.
  • 90' + 4'
    Sneijder's low drive takes a deflection off Portanova, and just gets it over the crossbar. Had Viviano stranded.
  • 90' + 4'
    Zanetti barges his way through the middle, and is brought down. This could be Inter's last chance. What can Snejider do? He is 35 yards out.
  • 90' + 3'
    Coutinho gives away the foul against Rubin, who stops an attack from the left from occurring.
  • 90' + 1'
    Della Rocca earns a free-kick for his side, and chooses to take it quickly, looking to take advantage of Inter disorganisation at the back. As this is occurring, the fourth official awards SIX minutes of injury time.
  • 90'
    SubstitutionGyorgy Garics Luca Siligardi
  • 90'
    Garics off, Siligardi on.
  • 88'
    Yellow Card Federico Casarini
  • 88'
    Sneijder's shot almost created a chance for Eto'o, as the bounce ahead of Viviano made him spill the ball out. He does receive a tap to the head for his troubles, as Eto'o looks to pounce.
  • 87'
    Chivu puts in an early ball, and Cambiasso almost latches onto the end of it at the back post, avoiding the offside trap.
  • 86'
    A mistake here by the Inter defence, but the linesman's flag is up for offside. Di Vaio was almost off and running.
  • 84'
    Coutinho is able to get away from his man, and deliver a cross into the middle, aiming for Biabiany, but Viviano anticipates and claims the ball in mid-air.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionDiego Milito Jonathan Biabiany
  • 81'
    Milito off, Biabiany on.
  • 80'
    Meggiorini and Sneijder both go down holding different parts of their bodies, after a clash, but both seems to be okay.
  • 79'
    Danger for Bologna, as Inter have now turned up the pace and look extremely dangerous going forward. Can Bologna hang on with 10 minutes to go, or will the Nerazzurri score?
  • 78'
    Some confusion as to what is going on. Mudingayi was coming off, but Di Vaio has walked over to the sidelines and said to hold off for the moment.
  • 75'
    Mariga is booked for a retaliation challenge on Portanova. The defender brought him down from behind, and the midfielder lashed out.
  • 75'
    Yellow Card McDonald Mariga
  • 74'
    Eto'o hits the bar! What a let off for Bologna. The Cameroonean dinks a ball over to Coutinho, who cannot get a first-time touch, but does manage to have a second effort and squares it back for the former Barca player, who volleys it straight onto the crossbar.
  • 73'
    Over the wall...but not past Viviano who made a spectacular save to his right, and punches it away.
  • 72'
    Eto'o goes down in a very dangerous position for someone like Wesley Sneijder to take a free-kick. On the very edge of the area. What can he do?
  • 69'
    Eto'o gets past two defenders, and finds Milito on the edge of the area. He himself is surrounded by just as many people, so decides to lay off a pass for Mariga, who can only cannon his shot into Portanova.
  • 68'
    SubstitutionH. Giménez Riccardo Meggiorini
  • 68'
    Giminez off, Meggiorini on.
  • 67'
    Casarini with a wonderful chance to latch onto a pass and have a shot, but seems fatigued, and lets it run past him.
  • 65'
    Here come Bologna on the counterattack via Britos, who fires an early ball in for Gimenez and Di Vaio running into the box, but Lucio tidies.
  • 63'
    Britos is spotted by the referee as being all over Milito, and can only award a free-kick. What can Sneijder do with it?
  • 62'
    SubstitutionAlbin Ekdal Francesco Della Rocca
  • 62'
    Ekdal off, Della Rocca on.
  • 61'
    SubstitutionGoran Pandev Philippe Coutinho
  • 60'
    Yellow Card Gaby Mudingayi
  • 60'
    Coutinho on, Pandev off.
  • 59'
    Mudingayi is shown a yellow card for an ugly challenge on Sneijder.
  • 59'
    Lucio, pushing forward, does the right thing and squares the ball up, but no one is able to get on the end of it.
  • 59'
    Eto'o driving forward on the left flank, is allowed plenty of room to shoot, and is able to earn his side a corner.
  • 56'
    Sneijder's shot from Milito's lay off skews off the side of his boot, but the last few minutes have been Inter's best for the match so far.
  • 55'
    Twisiting and turning, Eto'o makes some space on the left for himself and fires in a cross-come-shot at Viviano, who can only parry it away as far as Milito, but he is swamped by Felsinei defenders.
  • 54'
    A long clearing ball by Viviano was meant for Di Vaio, but the linesman saw the striker in an offside position.
  • 52'
    And again it is Milito that the Nerazzurri go through for their attacking options, as his diving header from inside the penalty area can only be directed at Viviano.
  • 50'
    Giminez latches onto a loose ball that comes off Mariga, pushing the Rossoblu forward. But he cannot get past Zanetti, who is able to show why he is such a good player.
  • 48'
    Milito...shoots, but straight to Viviano. The goalscoring machine had gotten on the end of a Sneijder pass, but could not finish off, allowing Viviano to make a comfortable save.
  • 47'
    Ekdal decides to have a shot, as he is left unmarked 30 yards out, but only manages to pull the ball, and out of play for a goal kick.
  • 47'
    Handball by Sneijder. Had his arm out and was hit by the ball, as he tried to control it.
  • 46'
    The second half kicks off.
  • 46'
    And here come the players from the dressing room, slowly making their way out.
  • 45' + 1'
    One minute of injury time, but the referee has spotted some blood coming out of Samuel's head, after he had a clash of heads with Di Vaio contesting for the ball. This might be the end of the half. And it is, as play ends on that note. 0-0 the scoreline at half-time, and Bologna have tested the Inter defence on several occasions, but the Nerazzurri are starting to find their way. Come back in 15 minutes for the second half.
  • 45'
    Sneijder....So close. He shows why he is so dangerous from a free-kick, as he had a great chance to score, but over the bar it just goes.
  • 44'
    Eto'o looked for his team-mate in Milito in the middle, thinking he would continue his run into the box, and cheekily floats a ball over the defence, but no luck in the end.
  • 42'
    Sneijder at the other end has a chance to shoot, as he is allowed some time and space on the bal, but cannot curl his shot past Viviano.
  • 41'
    Lovely through pass from Mudingayi to Di Vaio, allowing the striker to get to the by-line, and put in a cross for Giminez, who takes too long to get his shot off, and can only manage to put the ball over the crossbar.
  • 39'
    Inter have a corner, and the Dutchman Sniejder sends a ball to the back post. Viviano comes out to punch the ball away, but is left in no man's land, as he does not reach it, but the Bologna defence holds up and clears it.
  • 37'
    Yellow Card Andrea Esposito
  • 37'
    Ekdal exposes the shakiness of the Inter defence, as he is allowed to have his own way in the penalty box, but the defenders manage to clear the ball out, and the reigning champions have a counterattack opportunity. The ball reaches Sneijder, and Esposito takes him down from behind, and the referee has no choice but to show the yellow card. And Sneijder seems to be getting up gingerly.
  • 35'
    The referee has had to come over and calm down the Inter bench for a foul on Sneijder a moment or two ago. They were getting quite agitated.
  • 34' chance for Inter in the half. The Nerazzurri kept bringing the ball forward, and it finally fell to the former Parma player, who decided to shoot from within the box.
  • 31'
    Great defensive pressure placed on Lucio by Casarini. Kept on him, forcing the Brazilian to make a last-ditch clearance from almost inside his six-yard box.
  • 30'
    Corner to Inter. Sneijder delivers the ball into the middle, but Mudingayi is able to clear away the header, but only as far as Cambiasso, who tries to volley a shot home from outside the box, but it goes high and wide.
  • 28'
    Yellow Card Wesley Sneijder
  • 28'
    Yellow card shown to Sneijder. Just caught the back of Casarini and brought him to the ground.
  • 26'
    Bologna try to move the ball quickly forward, but Ekdal's pass ahead for Di Vaio is hit too hard, and Julio Cesar claims the ball.
  • 23'
    Sneijder shows us some brilliant piece of magic, as he turns Portanova inside out on the right flank, cuts back inside and delivers a cross for Milito, but Il Principe's first touch was lacking.
  • 22'
    Mariga's shot looks like it took a deflection of an oncoming Bologna defender, and the Nerazzurri have earnt their first corner of the season.
  • 20'
    Portanova almost makes clean contact with his head from the corner kick, but cannot get enough power behind it to direct it past Julio Cesar.
  • 19'
    After almost 20 minutes, both teams are still trying to find their feet. 0-0 the scoreline.
  • 16'
    Di Vaio with the corner, swings it into the middle, headed away by Samuel, but only as far as Garics, who prepares himself to have a long-range effort from 30 yards out directly in front. And it isn't too far away for the Rossoblu, going just wide of Julio Cesar's right-hand post. A bit of danger for the reigning champions.
  • 15'
    What a waste! A defensive blunder by the Nerazzurri should have been capitalised by Gimenez. Julio Cesar was clearly off his line, and Gimenez had an open goal to chip a ball into, but put too much power behind it.
  • 13'
    Pandev looks towards the linesman, thinking he had earnt his side's first corner, but the ref had other ideas. Goal kick to Bologna.
  • 10'
    Garics tries to square up a ball for Ekdal from the right, who manages to get on the end of it, but can only cannon his shot into a Nerazzurri defender.
  • 9'
    Free-kick to Milito, as Britos raised his foot and caught the Argentine high. Goes down in some pain, but looks to be slowly getting up.
  • 7'
    Milito is in the area one-on-one with Portanova, cuts inside onto his right, but fires the shot straight onto the shim of the defender.
  • 5'
    Here comes Bologna. Having struggled to get the ball past the half-way line in the first five minutes, they now have a chance to attack through Di Vaio. What can they do?
  • 3'
    Good quick, short passing by Inter, moving the home side around, not making them stay in the one position and get comfortable.
  • 1'
    The referee has already spotted a free-kick, not even 10 seconds in, and it is Sneijder to take it from a distance out. He will look to swing it into the middle for someone like Milito.
  • 1'
    The players are in position, and everything is in ready. Here we go!
  • Play will get started in the next 5-10 minutes, so stay tuned to's live commentary.
  • Good evening and welcome to the Renato Dell'Ara stadium in Bologna for the clash between Bologna and Inter. The home side has gone through a whirlwind 48 hours, sacking coach Franco Colomba prior to the start of the season. Youth team coach Paolo Magnani will be in charge of the side for this match. Inter will be looking to defend their Serie A title, and will dream of taking maximum points this evening.