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Serie A

  • November 27, 2010
  • • 17:00
  • • Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris, Genova
  • Referee: P. Mazzoleni
  • • Attendance: 26820

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 4'
    And that's it! All square at Marassi. Sampdoria 1-1 Milan. Robinho for the Rossoneri, Pazzini for the home side.
  • 90' + 2'
    Ronaldinho long for Ibrahimovic... Curci catches.
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionC. Seedorf Ronaldinho
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionKevin-Prince Boateng Mathieu Flamini
  • 90'
    There will be four minutes of injury time.
  • 89'
    Non-stop intensity as we approach injury time. Sampdoria fans make themselves heard, hoping it makes their team fortune.
  • 87'
    Cross from the right... Ibrahimovic's header is comfortably gathered by Curci. Milan are running out of options, and time.
  • 86'
    SubstitutionDaniele Mannini Pietro Accardi
  • 85'
    Five minutes remain. Sampdoria shielding a late charge from Milan, but how long until the crumble... Boateng's cross is wayward, Sampdoria take a breather.
  • 83'
    Milan win the corner with Robinho. Seedorf's cross is woefully short though.
  • 81'
    Brilliant dummy from Robinho who cuts inside, but fires a right-foot rocket wide of the far post.
  • 79'
    Milan free-kick as Gastaldello fouls Ibrahimovic. The Rossoneri hold and maintain possession with some slick passing. Just over ten minutes to go. Who can find a winner?
  • 77'
    Great move from Milan... Seedorf surely for 1-2... No! He hits the ball into the hands of a grateful Curci who saves again. What a massive miss by the Dutchman from Ambrosini's pass.
  • 75'
    Seedorf finds Robinho on the edge of the box... he shoots with his right... Curci makes the save.
  • 73'
    Free-kick Milan as Mannini fouls Robinho. Taken quickly, but called back by the ref. Seedorf takes it again, Robinho with the cross... cleared.
  • 71'
    The two Sampdoria changes have given their side a new life. They look fresh. Milan by stark contrast have gone stale.
  • 69'
    OHHHHHHHHHHH! Wonder save from Abbiati to keep Milan in the game from Pozzi. Koman with the cross, Pozzi angles his header towards the top corner, only for Abbiati to extend his arm and tip it out. The resulting corner is cleared.
  • 67'
    SubstitutionGuido Marilungo Nicola Pozzi
  • 67'
    Pazzini wins another corner. Milan are struggling no. The corner is long, but Marilungo fouls Nesta, and the free-kick is Milan's.
  • 65'
    SubstitutionStefano Guberti V. Koman
  • 65'
    Ibrahimovic knocks it down for Ambrosini who goes for the volley, but drags it well wide of goal. No danger.
  • 64'
    Seedorf turns and crosses... no, it's a weak one.
  • 62'
    Sampdoria fans have been given a voice. They appeared quiet a few minutes ago. Not anymore as the echoes of enthusiasm resonate around Marassi.
  • 60'
    And Sampdoria have found a way back in as Milan fall asleep on the corner. Just when the Rossoneri thought they were in command, Samp bite back.
  • 59'
    Assist Daniele Gastaldello
  • 59'
    Goal Giampaolo Pazzini
  • 59'
    Abbiati gives away a throw with a poor clearance. It forces Milan into trouble as Nesta conceeds a corner on Marilungo from the quick throw. Samp on the up... corner comes in... GOAL! SAMPDORIA EQUALISER WITH PAZZINI WHO IS DEADLY IN THE SIX YARD BOX 1-1.
  • 57'
    Good move from Sampdoria as Pazzini looks for Volta, but he is just caught offside. Good line from Milan who are defending well. It's an open phase of the game.
  • 55'
    Ibrahimovic finds Ambrosini who knocks it square to Robinho... cleared by the Blucerchiati. Corner to Milan... Seedorf crosses, Curci saves.
  • 53'
    Both teams closed up. Neither side are creating anything worthy of mention.
  • 51'
    Nesta looks for Boateng by launching it long... Curci comes out to gather though as he reads the trajectory well.
  • 49'
    Seedorf cuts inside and shoots with his left... easy for Curci.
  • 47'
    Ibrahimovic teeds up Seedorf, but his cannon stings Lucchini and rolls out for a corner... Cleared by Mannini.
  • 45'
    Milan restart and Robinho is in the thick of the action again as Seedorf feeds the Brazilian, but Lucchini contains him.
  • Milan are ahead at half-time. They have had the possession and chances, and so deserve to be ahead. It could have been more, but Sampdoria have done well to limit the damage. Robinho's goal three minutes from the whistle is has caused the division.
  • 45'
    Mazzoleni blows his whistle to bring the first half to a close. Milan ahead at the interval following Robinho's goal three minutes ago.
  • 43'
    Assist Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 43'
    Goal Robinho
  • 43'
    Milan have got what they deserve. Sampdoria have held on, but Rossoneri pressure has edged them ahead.
  • 42'
    GOAL! And Milan's effort has paid off! Robinho gives them the lead. Ibrahimovic works the ball back to the Brazilian who times his run to perfection and hit's a graceful half-volley past Curci from close range!
  • 41'
    Loose ball falls to Gattuso in front of goal as Sampdoria fail to clear a corner... no! The midfielder scuffs and slices the ball high and wide. What a wasted chance! How many do Milan need to score?
  • 39'
    It's just hit and hope from Sampdoria as Palombo's long ball is easily dealt with by Thiago Silva. The homeside have everyone behind the ball and Milan close in.
  • 37'
    Seedorf goes long for Ibrahimovic, but his cross does not have the stamp of power as the chance fizzles out.
  • 35'
    Ten minutes until half-time. Gattuso turns it for Robinho; Lucchini just about does enough to clear.
  • 34'
    Milan still have a strong hold on the game. Sampdoria suffocated as they continue to struggle. Ibrahimovic clears a cross from Guberti.
  • 32'
    Good ball from Marilungo who picks out Pazzini on the edge of the box, but Thiago Silva does enough to put off the striker who looks a little isolated up front.
  • 30'
    Seedorf finds space, turns and shoots low with his right... Curci flies across to his post and needs two attempts to save the ball. Milan continue their relentless attack, but they are leaving themselves dangerously exposed at the back. Any Sampdoria counter attack could be lethal.
  • 28'
    Milan have eight players in Sampdoria's half every time they attack. The Rossoneri mean business, Sampdoria hang on for life as another shot from Robinho is charged down.
  • 26'
    Milan still leading the crusade as their charge at Sampdoria shows no sign of stopping. The home side are doing well to cope though.
  • 24'
    Free-kick Milan as Boateng is dragged down. Milan in charge and in control as Seedorf feeds Ibrahimovic... Robinho with the shot... ohhh! Sublime save by Curci who plucks the right-foot curler from out of the top corner. Great save.
  • 22'
    Marilungo does well to dribble and he feeds Guberti, but his cross is woeful and goes behind goal. Sampdoria won't be scoring if they play like that.
  • 20'
    Milan are looking comfortable and happy to play possession football. Sampdoria have rarely threatened as Allegri tells Seedorf to get more involved attacking-wise.
  • 18'
    Sampdoria cannot seem to break down Milan in the final third. The Rossoneri are very compact and are playing a high line. Abate and Gattuso double up on Guberti and win back possession.
  • 16'
    Great skill from Robinho who creates problems for Sampdoria as Tissone brings him down. It's on the edge of the box... Seedorf wants it, but Ibrahimovic is there too... The Dutchman takes it, but it deflects off the wall and goes out for a corner.
  • 14'
    Free-kick Milan as Gastaldello fouls Ambrosini... Ibrahimovic wants to shoot, but it is around 35 yards out and central... He goes for it... the ball bounces in the box, but Curci saves low to his right.
  • 12'
    Gattuso fouls Guberti... Free-kick to Sampdoria. Palombo will cross it in from the left... watch out for the target men... Ziegler takes it... Ambrosini heads clear from Gastaldello.
  • 10'
    Guberti with the cross... Abbiati gets there before Marilungo who is close to getting a flick. Good save from the goalkeeper.
  • 8'
    The fans are in good voice as Ibrahimovic looks for Boateng, but Lucchini cuts it out. Milan look clumsy on the ball as Nesta covers on Marilungo. The Rossoneri are showing lots of aggression. It's clear they want to win.
  • 6'
    Ohhh! Boateng stings Curci's hands with a left-foot rifle. Milan corner. Seedorf knocks it long, but Volta clears and the chance breaks down.
  • 4'
    Gattuso fouls Pazzini. Free-kick is taken quickly, but Milan win it and break with Ibrahimovic, but his run is stopped by Palombo. The pitch is slippery and controlling the ball seems hard for the players. It's going to be one of those nights.
  • 3'
    The pitch at Marassi is looking very poor tonight as Guberti wins a throw. Milan are compact and tight, placing pressure on Sampdoria in the early exchanges.
  • 1'
    And we have kick-off. Sampdoria get the game underway on Paolo Mazzoleni's whistle. Milan show aggression instantly as Robinho has a shot save after 45 seconds.
  • SAMPDORIA 4-4-2: Curci; Volta, Lucchini, Gastaldello, Ziegler; Mannini, Palombo, Tissone, Guberti; Pazzini, Marilungo.
  • MILAN 4-3-1-2: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Bonera; Gattuso, Ambrosini, Boateng; Seedorf; Ibrahimovic, Robinho.
  • Hello and welcome to's Live commentary of the Serie A week 14 clash between Sampdoria and Milan. The big absentee as we all know is Antonio Cassano. He has been excluded from the squad following his feud with club chief Riccardo Garrone. No Andrea Pirlo for Milan, so Kevin-Prince Boateng drops into midfield. Ronaldinho is on the bench.