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June 20, 2010 7:30 PM BST
Soccer City, Johannesburg
Referee:‬ Stephane Lannoy (France)‎
25′ Luis Fabiano
51′ Luis Fabiano
62′ Elano
90′ +3
Substitution Robinho Ramires
IT'S ALL OVER IN SOCCER CITY!!!!! BRAZIL HAVE WON!!!!!! Goals from Luis Fabiano (2) and Elano have handed the 5-time champions the win, but Kaka's late sending off takes the shine from what should have been a routine victory. Thanks for joining us on Goal.com!!!!!!!
3 minutes of injury time now, and Ivory Coast are still pushing forward. Cesar has had to look sharp to clear the danger from a few crosses, but time will prove to be against them.
Yellow/Red Kaká
Keita has deliberately contrived to get Kaka sent off here, and the Ivorians have resorted to fouling, and ultimately cheating. It isn't pretty, and isn't good for the game. Moving into the closing moments.
It was inevitable - things have flare up here, and it has turned into a mass brawl. Replays show Keita ran into Kaka, and he has got him sent off - that is a ridiculous decision. Keita's behaviour is disgraceful.
Yellow Card Cheikh Tiote
Another meaty tackle, this time on Luis Fabiano from Tiote, and Dunga is animated on the touchline. No need for it, frankly, at this late stage of the game.
Yellow Card Kaká
Time running out on the Africans, but has Drogba's goal highlighted than that the Brazilian defence is not as secure as it might be thought? He drifted through all too easily, and his header was simple.
This would be quite a comeback if Ivory Coast could take anything from this match now, but to their credit, they are giving it a go. The introduction of Gervinho has given them a boost.
Goal Didier Drogba
GOOOALLLL!!!!!!!!!! DIDIER DROGBA!!!!!! IVORY COAST PULL ONE BACK!!!!! Gervinho ran almost the entire length of the pitch, Toure's ball in met the head of Drogba pefrectly, and he glanced neatly into the corner of the net. Supreme finishing from Drogba, but too little too late, surely?
Into the closing stages now, and Brazil have been much better in the second half. They have shown a degree of flair to match their diligence, and it makes them look to be an imperious force in this competition.
Yellow Card Popito
Keita leaves a boot in on Bastos, and is booked for his troubles. That was not a good tackle from Keita - he left his studs showing, and caught Bastos on the leg. Not the kind of challenges you would hope to see from the Ivorians, as frustration begins to boil over.
Substitution Emmanuel Eboue Romaric
Ivory Coast make another substitution, and bizarrely, it is Romaric, a defensive midfielder, who comes into the action. However, his first involvement is to fire in a low shot that Cesar did well to beat to safety.
Brazil are playing some lovely football now against a demoralised Ivory Coast side, who just want this match to end. Maicon enjoys a lovely nutmeg on the right wing, but his shot at goal whizzes wide.
Substitution Salomon Kalou Popito
Indeed, he isn't fit enough to continue, and has been replaced by Dani Alves. Elano has been able to get to his feet, though, which is a relief. It looked like a bad injury, but he should hopefully be ok.
Substitution Elano Daniel Alves
Ouch. Elano has been involved in a clash which sees him take a severe blow to the shin. He is still down at the moment. This is quite worrying for coach Dunga...
GOOOOALLLLLL!!!!!!!! 3-0 to Brazil!!!!! ELANO GETS HIS GOAL!!!! The former Manchester City winger meets an inch-perfect cross from Kaka, and slots the ball precisely into the corner of the net. Great finish, and Brazil have been ruthless in front of goal this evening.
Beautiful move from Brazil. Kaka and Robinho once again combined to good effect, and the formers' fizzing shot is straight at the goalkeeper, who beats the ball to safety.
Goal Elano
Elano wants to add to his goal in the first match versus North Korea, but this time his radar is slightly askew and his effort dips wide of the target.
Felipe Melo has been superb so far, as has the veteran Gilberto Silva, and they now can just slot in deep, in front of Juan and Lucio, meaning Didier Drogba has four men around him at all times. It's difficult to see how even someone as gifted as him can turn this match around.
It is a long way back for the African side now, against a Brazilian side as regimented as Dunga's. They need to get more support to Drogba - as soon as possible.
OOOOOOH!!!!! CHANCE FOR DROGBA! The captain leapt highest at the back post after evading Juan, but his header looped inches wide of the far post. Good effort from the Chelsea striker.
Substitution Aruna Dindane Gervinho
There was a hint of handball about Fabiano's control before shooting, but the Ivorian's didn't seem to complain. Fabiano's finish was clinical, though - he looks as though he may be getting back to his best.
Goal Luis Fabiano
GOOOOOOALLLLL!!!!!!! It's FABIANO AGAIN! 2-0 TO BRAZIL, AND IT'S WONDERFUL! He jinked through the defence, lobbing the ball onto his left foot, before drilling confidently into the corner. Great goal, and game over surely.
Maicon is down injured at the moment, after his run forward was halted in full flow, but he should be ok to continue.
The second half is underway in Soccer City. Let's hope for more goalmouth action.
Half time has arrived, and Brazil are not firing on all cylinders, but are ahead. Ivory Coast need to get Drogba involved - the Chelsea man has become isolated as the match has developed. Join us again in 15 minutes for the second half, LIVE!
Approaching half-time, and it's not been the spectacle we hoped, but Luis Fabiano's lash into the roof of the net has lit up the contest.
Kaka and Robinho are incensed as the referee stops the game as an Ivorian player is down injured on the near side, despite the Africans playing on when they had the ball and surrendered it back to the Brazilians.
Eboue lashes a shot at goal from way out, and although the ball clearly deflected off of the leg of Juan, the referee gives a goal kick. Sadly, though, as close as Ivory Coast have come in this first half.
Lucio somehow finds himself on the right wing, attempting stepovers and taking on two opponents, but in the end he concedes a free kick. Great to see him in that kind of attacking position, though.
Dindane appeals for a penalty as the ball pinballs around the area, while at the other end Fabiano's pass fell well behind Robinho and the chance was gone. Game opening up slightly.
Felipe Melo may have been criticised for his performances for club side Juventus this season, but he has been excellent so far in this match, snapping into tackles and winning the ball back for his team.
Eboue is next to give a free kick away, as the Elephants struggle to get the ball off the Brazilians. Not an easy task, you'll agree, and Dunga's side are very very adept at it.
Yellow Card Siaka Tiéné
Elano has been clattered on the touchline, and the Ivory Coast are just getting a little frustrated with how this half is taking shape. Brazil have been far from spectacular, but hold the lead, and don't look in any danger of relinquishing it.
Lucio goes down as if his leg has fallen off, despite there being no one near him. Two minutes later, he is fighting fit - absolutely no need for it, and it is extremely irritating from such an excellent player.
That was a great goal from Fabiano, whoe ends him nine-month wait for an international goal, and now Ivory Coast have it all to do.
Goal Luis Fabiano
GOALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! GOAL GOAL GOAL !!!!! BRAZIL TAKE THE LEAD!!!!! LUIS FABIANO! It's the first good move of the match, and it is Luis Fabiano who delivers. Interplay from Robinho and Kaka, and the latter plays a neat pass through to the striker, who rifles the ball into the net from a tight angle. Great hit!
Maicon is at least attempting to raise the tempo, by crossing the half way line, but his pass slipped into Luis Fabiano is far too hard for the Sevilla man, and it drifts harmlessly out of play.
Unfortunately, this has been a desperately poor encounter so far. Neither side can retain possession for long enough to build an attack, and it is all very messy. Not enjoyable to watch, either.
Brazil have made as underwhelming a start here as they did in their unconvincing defeat of North Korea in the opening match. They have shown little offensively, and Kaka has lost the ball almost every time he has had it.
Julio Cesar comes out to meet a teasing cross into the centre, and powerfully punches the ball to safety. Good goalkeeping under pressure from the Inter man.
First effort of the match, with Drogba curling a free kick at goal, but much like the rest of the long-range set pieces in the tournament, it goes miles over the crossbar.
There is only one team looking to go on the offensive at the moment, and that is the Africans. Eboue has went on a few deep runs, and is making good ground for his team. Brazil haven't arrived yet.
Drogba is looking to make his presence felt on the contest at every opportunity, playing on the shoulder of Juan, and hunting for a long diagonal pass into space.
Ivory Coast slightly on the front foot, and Brazil are surrendering possession too easily in the centre of the pitch so far, with Kaka in particular being a culprit.
Tentative start to the match from the Africans, who are wary of going a goal behind early. On the benches, Eriksson smiles while Dunga appears calm and collected, despite his questionable apparel...
Within the opening minute, a chance for Brazil. Robinho runs all of forty yards before unleashing a long-range shot, but his effort whizzes over the crossbar.
We are underway in Johannesburg. This has the potential to be one of the matches of the group stages - let's hope it lives up to the billing.
The atmosphere is building up nicely inside the stadium, with a colourful array of followers supporting both sides. It should be a carnival atmosphere inside the stadium.
We have the team line-ups for you: Brazil (4-2-3-1): Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Juan, Bastos; Gilberto, Melo; Elano, Kaka, Robinho; Fabiano. Cote d'Ivoire (4-3-3): Barry; Demel, K Toure, Zokora, Tiene; Eboue, Y Toure, Tioto; Dindane, Drogba, Kalou.
Good evening and welcome to Goal.com's live coverage of Brazil versus Ivory Coast from Soccer City. Many people believe the Elephants to be Africa's best chance of success in this tournament, but in Brazil they face a team whose record in this tournament is unparalleled. Stay with us to follow the action, at Goal.com!