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3 vs 3
March 14, 2010 2:00 PM GMT
Stadio Olimpico - Torino
Referee:‬ Russo‎
90′ +3
Del Piero and Candreva gave the Bianconeri a three-goal lead after 10 minutes, only to see Maccarone and a brace from Ghezzal, including a penalty, equalise on the scoreboard. 3-3 is the final score. From the Stadio Olimpico here in Turin, I'm Rick D'Andrea. It has been a pleasure to bring you this six-goal thriller. Hope you have enjoyed it. Good evening.
90′ +3
And that is it for this one...The crowd is jeering the Juve players, as Alberto Malesani is screaming for joy. Juve have let a three-goal lead after 10 minutes evaporate, as Siena come back to claim a point from the Stadio Olimpico.
90′ +2
Siena seem to be slowing the play down, looking for the counterattack, whilst the Bianconeri want the lead at all costs. Camoranesi could not latch onto the pass by Melo, and the ball runs over the goal line.
90′ +1
Siena earn a corner. What can they do? Not much, as Larrondo's header goes wide of the target.
Into the last few minutes of the match, as Siena tries to attack. Three minutes given by the fourth official.
Chimenti clears for Juve, but a moment of bother for the shot-stopper occurred, as he almost mistimed his clearance.
Vergassola tried to charge down Del Grosso's clearance, but a foul was seen by the ref on Grygera, and a freekick given.
Almost a chance for Sissoko to get the lead, but the linesman has raised his flag for offside against Camoranesi.
Substitution Massimo Maccarone Paul Costantin Codrea
Header for Camoranesi, but over the bar. Odibe also falls down, claiming he received an elbow to the face by Melo.
Tziolis takes down Diego, and the referee awards a freekick. What will the Brazilian do?
Camoranesi swings in a cross from the right after receiving a pass from Salihamdizic, but Sissoko gets to the ball, but fould Cribari in the box at the same time.
A wasted opportunity for the Bianconeri, as some inaccurate passing sees the ball go out.
Diego is almost launched into space on the left by De Ceglie, but the ball runs out of play.
Corner for Juve, but the ref has seen a foul, and the freekick goes to the Tuscan side.
Siena have a throw-in, looking to find a way through. But Cannavaro earns a freekick, as Larrondo puts his arm across the Italian international's neck.
Substitution Alessandro Del Piero Diego Ribas
Yellow Card Reginaldo
Reginaldo is given a yellow card for his challenge on De Ceglie.
The match has now come alive, as Juve look to restore their lead. What will happen in the last 15 minutes?
Ghezzal walks up to take the kick. Into Chimenti's top-left corner. 3-3. Siena have levelled proceedings!
Penalty Goal Abdel Kader Ghezzal
PENALTY for Siena. Grygera was in no man's land, as Maccarone goes down in the box. The referee had no choice.
Siena look at come forward again, with Maccarone, swtiching it to Reginaldo, spots Rosi on the right, but his cross goes to Cannavaro, who clears away.
20 minutes to go...Can Juve hang on, or will Siena snatch another goal?
Yellow Card Mohamed Lamine Sissoko
Tziolis...HIT THE CROSSBAR! His venemous shot from well outside the box rattled Chimenti and the Juve defence. Would have been his first goal in the league. As this happens, Sissoko is awarded a yellow card for his sliding tackle.
Another chance for Juve, but Del Piero was one versus three, looking for his hat-trick. No luck. Maybe could have laid it off for Trezeguet.
Maccarone was almost in, as a long and purposeful ball spots the bald-headed striker again on the left. His cross was almost gotten on the end by Reginaldo, but Cannavaro clears for Juve.
And it is Siena again on the attack, switching from the left to the right, but some tidy defending has seen the ball go out for a goal kick.
Salihamidzic earns himself a yellow card, for a silly foul on Maccarone.
Yellow Card Hasan Salihamidzic
Del Grosso could have almost been given his marching orders, as he held back Camoranesi's shirt in a one-on-one situation.
Larrondo...free header...well wide, but the referee has spotted a freekick for Juve from the corner.
Juve have a chance through Sissoko and Del Piero, combining along the left, but Rosi shuts them down.
Siena almost silenced the home crowd, as Maccarone sends a whipped ball into the box from the left. The lay-off by Reginaldo was met by Ghezzal, but his drilled left-foot shot went wide of the mark. Great chance.
Salihamidzic tries a 1-2 combination with Camoranesi on the right flank, but Del Grosso anticipates the moves, and gets the ball out for a throw-in. Could have been dangerous, as the former Bayern man was hitting top speed.
Corner to Juve...What can they do from it?
10 minutes in, and Siena managed to cut the deficit to one, as the score is 3-2. Ghezzal with the goal only a minute into the second half.
Trezeguet, turns and his shot has no pace behind it, going straight to Curci. Candreva was able to deliver the cross, and the Frenchman got past his opponent, but could not score.
Sissoko seems hurt, like he received a slap to the face. As he recovers, Legrottaglie off, Salihamidzic on.
Substitution Nicola Legrottaglie Hasan Salihamidzic
Del Piero...his header should have been put away. Camoranesi's cross was perfectly weighted for the captain from the right wing, but could not get his hat-trick on this occasion.
Trezeguet again is able to get another shot off on target. His left-foot volley, this time, goes across goal. The cut-back was not an option, as no-one was there. Could have almost restored Juventus' two-goal lead.
Candreva and Del Piero exchange passes allowing Trezeguet to have a shot on goal from the edge of the area, but his looping attempt went high and wide. No luck this time
Yellow Card Cristiano Del Grosso
Goal Abdel Kader Ghezzal
Substitution Claudio Marchisio Mauro Camoranesi
Referee Russo gets the second half under way...and Ghezzal scores! We have a match on out hands. The crowd were not even sitting down and getting comfortable. Maccarone's shot rebounded off the post, and the follow up is there by Ghezzal. 3-2.
Camoranesi is on, Marchisio is off.
The players are all rested up after the interval, and are making their way back onto the pitch.
Nothing, as the referee sees a foul against Cannavaro.
45′ +1
Referee Russo has blown for halftime, after an entertaining first-half. 3-1 in favour of the home side. All three goals were scored in the first 10 minutes, by the first three real shots on goal. Maccarone managed to pull one back for Siena, but could have had at least one other clear-cut chance to convert. Stay tuned for the second half, to see what happens.
45′ +1
Maccarone will send the freekick into the box, seeing if the Robur can close the gap on the scoreboard. The one minute of stoppage time is almost over, as Chimenti clears the ball.
Substitution Francesco Pratali Michael Odibe
Pratali seems to be coming off, and Odibe comes on. He seems hurt after that clash a few minutes ago.
Injury Francesco Pratali
Del Piero and Pratali are involved in a tangle with the Siena player holding his left hamstring at the end of it. The Juve captain, in a fair-play gesture, puts the ball out.
Not much as the Tuscan side clear, and help the ball finish all the way back to Chimenti. Siena now have a free kick on their right flank, but no-one can convert it.
Tziolis brings down Sissoko on the right wing, along the touchline. What can Del Piero do from the cross?
Yellow Card Alexandros Tziolis
Late tackle by Pratali on Del Piero sees the Robur captain get a yellow card by referee Russo. He is holding his ankle, but seems okay. The home side's touchline, though, sees a few players warm up. As this is going on, Tziolis also receives a yellow card for protesting.
Larrondo earns his team a corner, after Reginaldo was allowed the space to run at the Juve defence on the right. No luck from the corner.
A series of passes in midfield sees Marchisio wind up with the ball on the right, looking to put Grygera through along the wing. But he overhits his pass, and runs out for a goal kick.
Chimenti's clearance went looking for Del Piero, but the ball went too long.
Siena star again from the goalkeeper, looking to go forward and reduce the gap once again. Pratali sees Maccarone on the left, and sends a long, hopeful pass out to him, but the striker cannot keep it in, and the chance is gone.
Marchisio earns Juve a freekick, and is holding his right leg. Seems okay, running off whatever knock he received by Ghezzal.
Candreva....Skipping along the touchline, getting around Del Grosso as if he was never there. The cross was looking for Trezeguet, but two stoppers were there to tidy up.
Juventus have rediscovered their composure, looking to create an attack, but the linesman ajudged the ball to have crossed the sideline, and it will be a throw-in to the Robur.
Siena try and go forward by Rosi and Tziolis, looking for Reginaldo, but no luck, as De Ceglie takes the ball, and looks to attack.
3-1 in favour of Juventus after 27 minutes...What a start to the match! Siena have had four extremely good chances to score, only managing to score once for it. The defending by the home side has been less than impressive, to say the least.
So close...some extremely poor defending by Juventus almost allowed Siena right back in this match, as Reginaldo was almost played in by Maccarone. Melo was dispossessed on the edge of the area, and the goalscorer placed a timely pass for his striking partner, but he could not finish off.
What a save by Chimenti! Diving to his right and plucking the ball out of mid-air. Larrondo was able to twist and turn himself to have a left-foot shot in the area, getting past two defenders, but the 'keeper was up to it.
Juventus seem to be playing scrappy, not keeping their two-goal lead intact. Chimenti screws up a backpass by not timing it, sending the ball straight up in the air, and Melo gives away possession too easily. Siena now have a corner. What can they do?
Cannavaro stops a promising surge forward by Siena, by clearing the switching cross by Del Grosso, looking for Rosi.
Substitution Albin Ekdal Marcelo Larrondo
Larrondo on, Ekdal off
GOAL...Massimo Maccarone has pulled one back for Siena, as Grygera makes a massive blunder and allows the hitman in to have a shot, and punishes them severely. Maccarone had the space and time to slot it past Chimenti, and drill the shot home.
Goal Massimo Maccarone
Siena have a chance to attack, and a good opportunity, as Rosi is fouled by Melo. Nothing can be done from the freekick, as it taken quickly, and winds up on the left to Del Grosso, whose shot is weak.
What a chance for Maccarone to get a goal back. Vergassola did all the hard work on the right, getting the ball in. All the striker had to do in the six-yard box was get past Chimenti, who was in sixes-and-sevens, not knowing what to do. But it went straight into his legs, and the defence is able to clear.
Goal Antonio Candreva
WHAT A SCREAMER BY CANDREVA! 3-0...With Siena pressing high, Candreva found some space in front of the defence. The bouncing ball fell favourably for the starlet, and his thunderous shot was unreachable! Top-right corner and a monster lead by the Bianconeri! Curci had no chance of getting to that one.
After a great series of passes, seeing the ball move from one side of the park to the other, Marchisio turns and cuts into the middle, turning his opponent inside-out. His left-foot shot goes straight into a defender, with the rebound falling favourably for Del Piero AGAIN...GOAL! 2-0 and goal number 301 for the Juve legend.
Goal Alessandro Del Piero
Del Piero is down, holding his head. Seems to be in some pain, but is standing up and has shaken it off.
Maccarone with the chance on the left, to see it he can equalise, but has to beat two defenders, and is dispossessed.
But not even two minutes in...GOAL to Alessandro Del Piero! 1-0, Candreva decides to go for a darting run towards the box, getting past two defenders. His shot rebounds off Curci, spilling for Del Piero, who slams the ball home for the Bianconeri.
Goal Alessandro Del Piero
Reginaldo tries to whip in a cross from the right wing, but the ball is blocked by Legreottaglie.
And it is the home side that attempt the first thrust forward, but a loose ball is won by Ekdal, and moves his team forward.
And here we go, with referee Russo about to get us under way in this one.
The home side come in this match with a 2-1 victory away at Fiorentina, whilst also winning 3-1 midweek against Fulham, whilst Siena drew 1-1 with Parma. What will happen today? Stay tuned, as play will get under way in approximately five minutes..
Hello and good afternoon to the Stadio Olimpico here in Turin, I'm Rick D'Andrea, and will be bringing you play-by play, live coverage of Juventus vs Siena.
Top Scorers
Player   Goals Penalties
Ciro Immobile Ciro Immobile
20 0
Luca Toni Luca Toni
Hellas Verona
18 2
Carlos Tévez Carlos Tévez
18 1
Gonzalo Higuaín Gonzalo Higuaín
17 5
Rodrigo Palacio Rodrigo Palacio
15 0