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February 28, 2010 2:00 PM GMT
Stadio San Siro - Milano
Referee:‬ Banti‎
90′ +4
I'm Rick D'Andrea, and it has been a pleasure bringing you this one. Hope you enjoyed it. Good afternoon.
90′ +4
And that is it here at the San Siro. The referee has blown full-time here, and Milan take all three points from this one. 3-1 the final score, with Pato scoring a brace and Borriello the third goal. Valdes made the game more interesting 10 minutes into the second half with a goal, but it was a strong performance by the Rossoneri, who claimed the points.
90′ +3
Thiago Silva receives an accidental boot to the face by Chevanton, but the Brazilian is okay to continue
90′ +2
A dangerous-looking cross by Garics towards Chevanton in the middle of the area, goes over his head, and Abate clears.
90′ +1
Four minutes of stoppage time is awarded by the fourth official
Some lightning speed by Abate along that right flank, allows Gattuso to get his shot off on goal, but it goes straight into Manfredini's foot, and cleared. On the counter, Atalanta earns themselves a corner kick, but do not take full advantage of it.
Bonera and Abate combine on the right wing, to create some space for the pass to come into Ronaldinho. The Brazilian gets his shot off, but it is deflected into the hands of Consigli.
Good save by Abbiati, as the shot from Padoin looked like it could have gone in from 30 metres out. He may not have had much to do this afternoon, but was ready when called upon
Five minutes to go in this match, and Milan lead 3-1. Anything is still possible for Atalanta, can they come back?
Abate flies past Bellini on the right wing, and looks to put in a cross, looking for Huntelaar. But Manfredini is there, and headers away. Another chance for Milan to extend their lead.
A costly yellow card for Gennaro Gattuso means that the midfielder will not be available for selection next week for the Rossoneri, as they take on Roma.
Yellow Card Gennaro Ivan Gattuso
Not good for Milan and the Brazilian, as the stretcher makes another appearance. Abate comes on, replacing him. Pato stands up on the sidelines, and looks to be walking towards the dressing rooms. A positive sign for Rossoneri fans
Substitution Alexandre Pato Ignazio Abate
Valdes is taken down by Gattuso, going for a run towards goal. The delivery by Chevanton caused major headaches for Abbiati, as no-one could get to it, and it forces the keeper into a diving save to his left...Pato now has the chance on the counter to go for a run, but it looks like he has done his hamstring, whilst going on the counterattack.
Chevanton on, Tiribocchi off for Atalanta
Substitution Simone Tiribocchi Ernesto Javier Chevantón
The Nerazzurri are looking ominous with this charge up the pitch, but it is the experience of the Milan defence that clears once again.
Substitution Marco Borriello Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Huntelaar on, Borriello off for Milan
Atalanta are trying to press forward, through Valdes and Garics, but the former is shut down by Nesta, who take care of the situation.
Ceravolo is in some pain, holding his left knee. Looks to be serious, as he clashed with Gattuso, contesting for the ball. The stretcher is out, and the player is being taken off. He is in some anguish.
Atalanta coming forward along the right flans through Volpi, looking for Tiribocchi, but it is Abbiati who collects, and halts any danger from occurring
Another corner for Milan, as Ronaldinho swings in a curling free kick, aiming for the back post and Thiago Silva.
Substitution Diego De Ascentis Sergio Volpi
Yellow Card Paolo Bianco
Paolo Bianco receives a yellow card for holding back Borriello
De Ascentis off, Volpi on for Atalanta
Substitution Massimo Ambrosini Gennaro Ivan Gattuso
Ambrosini off, Gattuso on for Milan
Still it is Milan, who are looking to kill the match off with a fourth goal. A series of passes by Jankulovski and Ronaldinho on the left, is intercepted by Valdes, and out for a throw-in, Atalanta's way. They can clear any danger with this throw.
Yellow Card Thomas Manfredini
Goal Marco Borriello
PENALTY! Milan are awarded a spot-kick after Bonera is brought down in the box by Manfredini. The right-back made a run into the box, spotting Pato on the edge of the area. The return pass from Pato sends Bonera to the ground...Ronalidinho steps up, but his shot is stopped by Consigli, choosing to go low and to his left, but the follow up is there by Borriello, who scores!!!
Missed Penalty Ronaldinho
On the hour mark, it is 2-1 in favour of Milan. What can happen in the last half-hour?
Garics almost puts the ball into his own net, as a cross from Bonera comes right across goal. The Austrian international didn't properly clear, as it hit him on the knee, but it went out for a corner.
Goal Jaime Valdes
VAAAAAALLLLLDDDDDDDDEEESSSSSSSS...GOAL! He has put his side right back into the game. The ball was loose, after the ball bobbled up from his run in the middle. His drilling right-foot shot went right past Abbiati, and made it 2-1
Yellow card to Padoin, as Beckham steps up to take the free kick. His short pass to Bonera, is blocked, and the attack stopped.
Yellow Card Simone Padoin
Ball almost broke through for Ronaldinho on the left, but Garics was able to get his body in front of the ball, and save his team from another attacking opportunity.
Borriello....Couldn't keep his header down, but it was a good chance to go three up for the Rossoneri.
Referee banti didn't like the lunge by Massimo Ambrosini on Diego De Ascentis, and has awarded a free kick. No card, but the Milan player was lucky. It wasn't a nice looking tackle.
Atalanta have another chance to get on the scoreboard, but Ceravolo's shot from 25 metres out goes straight into Nesta.
Atalanta earn themselves a free kick early in the second half from the right, but the cross goes straight to Abbiati
The players are back out from the dressing rooms, and in position. Atalanta to get us under way in the second half. Milan lead 2-0. Can the away side come back in this one, or will Milan go ahead even further?
45′ +2
Just as the away side get past the halfway line, referee Banti calls for half-time, and Milan take a 2-0 lead into the second half, with Pato scoring a brace. Ronaldinho has looked extremely dangerous for the Rossoneri, whilst for Atalanta, Doni and Tiribocchi are the two that have caused headaches for Abbiati. See you in 15 minutes, when we return.
Two minutes of stoppage time, as Milan earn themselves a corner.
Milan want to put this match beyond any doubt before half-time, as Ronaldinho spots Borriello in space. His first-time through-pass to the Italian international sees the linesman call offside
Doni...Almost, forcing Abbiati to dive to his right... His booming shot from in front of goal almost brought his side back into the contest, but the ball went wide.
Pinto off, Ceravolo on...The player did not recover from his earlier tackle.
Substitution Adriano Ferreira Pinto Fabio Ceravolo
Goal Alexandre Pato
What a chance for Ronaldinho, as he is spotted in space, but the Brazilian cannot capitalise on his opportunity, and the Orobici clear the danger for the present moment.
Ambrosini sends a daisy-cutter across to Ronaldinho, who makes a run into the box from the left flank, earning his side a corner. What can they do?
Atalanta are struggling to get the ball out of their own half. Milan are pressing high in defence, looking to maintain some pressure. Pirlo's venemous shot goes high, as the Orobici allow the playmaker too much room on the edge of the area.
Milan now want to affirm their lead, and will start their attack from defence via Abbiati. His clearing kick, though is sent back the other way, and the Italian international will have another chance to get his team out of trouble.
TIRIBOCCHI...offside, as Atalanta look to equalise.
Goal Alexandre Pato
Beckham's first-time pass to Ronaldinho takes the Brazilian wide, who takes two defenders away. His backheel for Ambrosini allows him to fins some space, and spot up Pato. On the bounce, Pato gets an awkward shot off....BUT IT IS A GGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! And Milan hit the lead!
Atalanta have another chance to score with this corner. They couldn't break the deadlock with several opportunities prior, but will try using a dead ball.
Pinto is down, and struggling to get up. The stretcher comes onto the pitch, and the player is taken off the ground to receive treatment.
Corner for Atalanta, and the away side can't put the ball in the back of the net. But there is a counter from Beckham, who went for a run along the right, passes in board to Ronaldinho. Whilst taking two defenders with him, he puts a through-pass to Borriello, who shoots well-wide with his left foot. A real chance for Milan to take the lead.
Still 0-0 after 25 minutes, but Milan are now starting to slowly turn up the heat on Atalanta.
Ambrosini manages to get an early cross in for Pato, who earns his side a corner. From the corner, the ball is allowed to run, and it is Ronaldinho, who attempts the scissor kick in the six-yard box. But it goes straight to Consigli, who is forced into a close save, right on the line.
Valdes is down, injured. Beckham went in with a heavy tackle, and the player has stayed down.
A good opportunity beckoned for Milan, as they stretched Atalanta wide along the right. Bonera timed his run to get his cross in, but it was headed away by De Ascentis. Only going as far as Beckham, the Englishman gets another chance to hit the target, but this time, it is properly cleared.
Atalanta look to press and go forward, but De Ascentis' pass looking for Tiribocchi is intercepted by Pirlo, and Milan regain possession. Can they do anything this time?
Another offside decision given against Pato. His second against him for the game.
TIribocchi gets his shot blocked by Nesta, as it was a two-on-two opportunity for the away side. Coppola ran along the right , and managed to get a low cross into the forward, but his shoit went straight into the defender. Good chance for Atalanta
Beckham earns the Diavoli a free kick, as Valdes bumps the England international off the ball. The cross comes in, but it is too long for any of his team-mates to do anything dangerous, as Consigli catches.
Custodian Andrea Consigli will start the Orobici's attack from defence, as the ball trickles to the goalkeeper.
Milan try again to come forward, through some slow build-up play, but just as they get something going, Jankulovski takes the ball for an Atalanta throw-in.
Pirlo is shown the first yellow card of the match for bringing down Bianco rather clumsily
Doni has a crack on goal, receiving a pass from Coppola, and quickly turning and swinging his right leg. He makes a good connection on the ball, but it travels too high and wide
Yellow Card Andrea Pirlo
Delightful little chip by Doni, searching for TIribocchi, but the forward had to beat two Rossoneri defenders, and Nesta helps get the ball to Abbiati, who clears. Good chance for Atalanta.
Milan look to work the ball forward through Pirlo, working the ball around the ground. Ronaldinho has come up the ground, trying to help out, but it is to no avail.
And it is Valdes who fires a left-footed thunderbolt from directly in front. But just wide. Abbiati had to dive to make sure that it was going out.
Abbiati gets an early touch in the match, with Bonera providing a backpass to the Milan shot-stopper, so that he could clear. But it is Atalanta who are pressing.
And here we go. Milan have the kickoff
The players are in position, and everything is ready to go. Referee Banti will get this one under way shortly.
Atalanta clear, and press forward, seeing if they can get back into this match.
GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Pato gets his second of the day, and extends their lead. Ronaldinho gets his chip-cross in from the left, spotting Pato, who calmly rounds Consigli, and puts it in the back of the net. His 12th goal for the season makes it 2-0.
Milan, last week, put on a show, as they dismantled Bari 2-0. But the Rossoneri also had to play a midweek fixture against Fiorentina, and barely won 2-1. Atalanta, on the other hand, suffered a 1--0 loss at the hands of Chievo. What will happen today? Stay tuned, as the match starts in approximately 10 minutes.
Good afternoon and welcome to Goal.com's live coverage of Milan versus Atalanta. I'm Rick D'Andrea, and will be bringing you play-by-play action from this one.
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